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Selecting color with a color mask

The _color mask_ is a step in Photoshop that creates a transparent channel that keeps the color you select in your image. This channel doesn’t

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Today’s Photoshop Elements tutorial teaches you how to create surreal photo effects. Whether you want to enhance your digital photography or make an eye-catching design, Photoshop Elements has the tool you need to work with you. In this Photoshop Elements tutorial, you will learn:

How to create surreal photo effects

How to turn a photo into a surrealist version of itself

How to blur the edges of photos

How to apply different surreal effects in a single image

How to add fancy effects to photos

How to edit a photo to transform it into a surreal composition

How to use the filter effects in Photoshop Elements to enhance your pictures

Step 1: How to Create Surreal Image Effects in Photoshop Elements

To create surreal photo effects, you will need to edit your image to make the overall scene different.

Step 2: Open the Image

Once you have downloaded and opened the file, you will need to open it in Photoshop Elements. To do this, either double-click the file you downloaded or right-click and select Open from the top menu bar. Alternatively, you can use Ctrl + O to open your downloaded file and choose where you want to save the file to.

Step 3: Add a Gradient

You need to add a gradient to your image so that we can turn it into a surreal image. Photoshop Elements offers five types of gradients. You will need to choose a gradient style that fits your photo. You can find all the types of gradients available in Photoshop Elements in the Window menu.

Step 4: Select the Gradient Tool

You will find the Gradient Tool in the Toolbox or by selecting Tools > Gradient.

Step 5: Add a Gradient

First, you need to choose a type of gradient that does not exist in your image. When adding your gradient, choose the From Center option.

Step 6: Adjust the Gradient Tool

You will need to work with the Gradient Tool settings. You can find them in the Tool Options window. The icon for the Gradient Tool shows a pen with a blue arrow. For this tutorial, you need to click the arrow to set the shape of your gradient.

You can choose several different settings for the brush tip or change the size, angle, and spacing of the brush tip.

To create

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The Healing Brush performs several actions, such as filling in small holes, getting rid of tears or blemishes, and repairing pixels.

The eraser is great for polishing a rough image down. It will then retain the grainy feel and texture of the original. The Smudge Brush allows you to lighten or darken areas.
The brush variants are: Size, which determines how big the brush is, is so you can see it when you’re working on very small, tight areas.

The Shadow/Pencil Brush allows you to paint with shadows. You can also do a few other basic editing operations, such as paint with dark and light colors.
Brushes are also used to: add color, change color hue or saturation, change brush stroke width, remove highlights and shadows, paint with erasers, move objects and layers, and paint with watercolors.
The Rotate tool allows you to rotate any selected objects and layers (see Step 6). You can then paste the layers into a new document.
You can stretch (move) any selected layers and objects by drawing with the rectangular handles. You can also create and resave any layers (see Step 6).

The Paper Texture is great for applying texture effects. You can apply textures to objects (see Step 6).

The Tint tool allows you to add a color tint to any image (see Step 6). You can then paste the layer onto a new, blank layer (see Step 6) or save it.
You can apply a basic amount of the tint, such as: lighten, darken, or make the color more or less saturated.

The Eyedropper is used to sample an existing color from an image (see Step 6).
You can also add light or dark shades by clicking the back end of the color box while dragging down with the mouse. Lighten an image by dragging up, and darken by dragging down.

The Gradient tool allows you to make lines or curves with distinct areas that are connected or blended together (see Step 6). The Gradient Fill option allows you to place the gradient in an image.

You can quickly apply the gradient by either: dragging the ends of the gradient or by clicking on the canvas and then dragging along the line.

The Magic Wand is a quick and easy way to select a range of colors within an image (see Step 6). The Magic Wand also makes it easy to select other areas of

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