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One of the most fundamental skills in drafting, the ability to represent the shape of a design on a flat surface, is the basis for all drafting. Whether drawing a section or a 3D model, the ability to transfer the shape of a design from the flat surface of paper into three-dimensional space requires the skill of drafting. The drafting fundamentals are all the skills needed to interpret a design that is printed or drawn on paper, and transfer those skills into 3D space.

In the early years of drafting, most design projects were drawn with pencil on paper. The use of pen and ink followed, and finally pencil and ink as the last draft. In the modern era of drafting, a digital work station is used to create a design before transferring it into three-dimensional space. Today the tools and techniques of drafting are among the most important tools of the drafting trade, just as important to the modern drafter as a mechanical pencil.

This text provides a brief introduction to the world of drafting and the skills needed to practice the profession.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

This chapter provides an introduction to the world of drafting, and the skills required to practice the profession. This chapter also provides an overview of the various types of drafting, the practice of the drafting trade, and information on the employment outlook for the drafting profession.

The study of AutoCAD is an entry point for students, allowing them to discover the world of drafting and learning the core skills needed to practice the profession. The ability to transfer the shape of a design from paper to three-dimensional space is the basis of all drafting. Once that skill is mastered, the basic principles of drafting can be applied to most drafting projects.

The study of AutoCAD is also a gateway to the more advanced uses of AutoCAD. While basic drafting is best learned by applying the drafting fundamentals to an application that is accessible to beginners, the more advanced uses of AutoCAD demand a deeper understanding of AutoCAD and its workings.

2. The History of AutoCAD

AutoCAD is one of the most influential drafting applications in history. From its beginnings in 1982, AutoCAD has been an important tool for every type of drafting and for every type of work. AutoCAD was the first commercial CAD software, and the first to be able to produce 3D models. AutoCAD was the first program to use a coordinate system that applied to both 2D and 3D drafting. Many

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In June 2013, Autodesk announced the release of AutoCAD LT 2015, a version of AutoCAD that could run on a lower-cost tablet with limited input capabilities, and which could be used for 2D drafting.

Version history

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In the navigation panel select Open and select the 3dform_highlight.ncv file

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Workflow Updates

Drawings in review (optional)

The revamped drawing workspace and workflow center feature an integrated review application, providing a flexible new way to add notes or comments to your drawings.

Drawings in review are fully customizable. The toolbar now includes common tasks such as Undo, Repeat, Add to list and more. Drawings in review can be created from the map view using the Quick Edit menu.

Additional Enhancements

When multiple selected parts are being built in a single frame, the default view remains unchanged.

When drawing with zero tolerance, a new view is added to show the end of the drawing line, while showing the closest point on the wall.

Enhanced support for ladders and pick points.

Improved support for object BIM families.

New support for running CAD applications from the system tray and floating menu.

New support for dynamic stencils (moving and vanishing).

Virtual reality support for adding virtual fence lines.

On-screen measurement tool

Simplified Part Tools

The Move and Arrange toolset has been streamlined, including streamlined navigation, use and interaction with parts and boards.

A convenient area for choosing a new toolset has been added.

The Cross-Reference tool now moves the layer/object that it is currently cross-referencing for you, when you perform a new move or rotation.

The duplicated tools are now featured with a new button to quickly move the duplicated objects to a new location.

On-screen display enhancements

New icons in toolbars

The icon for the Undo feature has been revised, adding a red triangle next to the symbol.

The icons for the Cut, Copy, Paste and Share tools have been enhanced, including new symbols and icons.

Enhanced icons in toolbars

The commands for the Duplicate and Merge tools are now in a group called Reference, to clearly indicate the purpose of the tools.

The arrows used to represent reference objects and parts have been enhanced with a new symbol.

The Read tool now allows you to highlight text, as well as other items that you select.

Hiding the “Protection” bar

The “Protection” bar (the one that shows the “Fix for” problem and recent drawings) has been hidden for new drawings.

Enhanced help system

The “Document

System Requirements:

* Windows 7
* Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4 GHz)
* 2 GB RAM
* NVIDIA Geforce GTS 450
* 2 GB available hard disk space
* Web browser with flash support
* Intel i7-3612QM or better
* 19 GB available hard disk space
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