Inventor Professional 2016 X Force 2010 X64.exe.iso =LINK=

Inventor Professional 2016 X Force 2010 X64.exe.iso =LINK=

Inventor Professional 2016 X Force 2010 X64.exe.iso =LINK=


Inventor Professional 2016 X Force 2010 X64.exe.iso

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10 reasons for venture funding | Chartbeat

As the industry shifts to c-level funding, alternative platforms have risen to meet the demand, such as equity crowdfunding. Beyond these, venture capital investment continues to rise rapidly, a long-held belief in Europe but a developing story in the US, where VC investment has, in many cases, doubled in the last four years.

So, what makes it worth funding? Chartbeat founder and CEO Pete Blackburn tells his story of why he’s invested in startups.

1. «Big data» revolution

The industry is changing, with investment shifting from ‘big bang’ startups, where the company is built and launched, to ‘big bang’ data startups, where a product is built to be sold and the business is driven. This happens at a time when consumers are embracing the ‘big data’ revolution with the launch of Apple Watch and Amazon’s new video hub. This has, in turn, been followed by an increase in the number of companies using data to give customers real time feedback, to target advertising, and to offer a better service.

2. «Late stage» success

Venture capital funds are becoming the investment destination for companies that have had huge success but have yet to go public.

Blackburn explains:

«There’s no right time to go public, so for founders choosing to take this route, having raised $10m of VC funding is a huge boost to their ability to build their business. These funds are often taken by founders who have built a business and then have scaled out aggressively. They’ve also raised rounds of $10m or more at Series A or later, and now they’re ready to build the company to the next stage and the public market.»

3. Who else is investing?

Chartbeat is joining this trend and is the first company in its sector to go public. It joins other tech giants in the US who are investing in companies that are building on their back catalogs and have scaled.

4. Valuation

Venture capital firms are valuing their portfolio companies at levels that are »