Real Warfare 1242 Serial Key Download 2022 [New] 💪🏿

Real Warfare 1242 Serial Key Download 2022 [New] 💪🏿

Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Real Warfare: 1242, is a strategy game that traces the next stage of the historical war between the Finnic, German and Rus tribes and the invading Teutonic Knights and the Swedish Empire. It sees the land torn apart by the struggle of human and nature factors that accompanied the chaos of warfare.
When the fighting between the diverse groups of tribes continues to the south, the arrival of Teutonic Knights along the Dvina River valley, makes the world tremble. They slowly, but surely, move towards the heartland of ancient Kievan Rus.
The historical battle that follows is one of the most turbulent in the Middle Ages. The clashes that will decide the fate of whole Europe often take place in cramped conditions with soldiers struggling for space. The battle is inseparable from the economic and natural factors. The effects of war affect the people and the nature, making it hard to imagine an earlier world that was more peaceable.
You, as a war strategist, will get to take control of the fighting forces of the Nevsky principality, commanded by the charismatic Prince Alexander Nevsky. You must employ your knowledge of tactics, strategy and psychology, and stop the invading Northern feudal forces.
You start by directing your army, considering four main factors: economy, morale, movement and military skills. As you use different strategies on each terrain, you must gather resources to create units, develop bases, and engage in battle.
As you play the role of the Prince, you must navigate through a complex game with twelve different nations fighting for the lands of Russia:
– The Ancient Finns (Northern Finland and Northern Karelia)
– The Finno-Karelian tribe (Northern Finland, Karelia and Northern Karelia)
– The Ancient Slavs (Vologda, Kostroma, Velikiye Luki)
– The Ancient Estonians (Northern Estonia, Karelia, Northern Finland)
– The Ancient Rus (Velikiye Luki, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Vologda, Kursk, Rylsk)
– The ancient Sweden (Northern Finland, Haparanda, Kökar, Karelia)
– The German Empire (Braunschweig, Ansbach, Halle, Eberswalde)
– The Teutonic Order (Erfurt, Deutschbrod, Pützchen, Falkenfeld, Wildenburg)
– The Teutonic state (Altburg,


Features Key:

  • Extensive online functions in AD-EASY difficulty
  • Updated offline combat functions
  • Social play in SMASH SIM
  • Up to 1-2-1 split-screen multiplayer
  • Traditional SNES control scheme

Gameplay :

  • Assault of the pirates on board the Death Star and strategic battles on the Death Star itself.
  • Reach the highest rank in battle and earn the best commanders possible.
  • Build the Death Star and track the progress to the Empire.
  • BATTLE OF THE BETA waves on the Death Star
  • From your base on the Death Star, you can destroy your enemies by repelling,
  • Rebel attacks, and even working together with AI and against friendlies.

Advantages :

  • Latest killing levels of the best game developers
  • Beautiful cinematic animation
  • Great sound effects
  • Full screen mode
  • Detailed graphics, hematite color scheme
  • Classic Gameboy sound

Important :

  • It is possible that the keys for the Grand Theft Auto 3 or 4, will not work unless they’ve been registered on the USB port on the PlayStationPortable.
  • The response of the browsers has been improved in the Multiplayer mode SMASH SIM.
  • We recommend that you remove temporary or latent data in the folder C:\Users\[YOUR_USERNAME]\AppData\Local.


Real Warfare 1242 Crack + Free

The game is inspired by historic events, and much of its content and design is based on historical research. Several campaigns, battles and special events are based on historical accounts. Alexander Nevsky’s personal experiences were also taken into account, along with Russian, Polish and Lithuanian dialects spoken at that time. The campaigns, battles and strategies are based on authentic battle descriptions, cited in the works of respected historians and great warriors. The game is accurate to the minute in regards to weapons, technology, logistics, armament of the armies, tactics and other aspects.The battles are divided into chapters based on various military campaigns. Based on their historical results, you can expect to find additional battles between the main antagonists, Teutonic Order and the Kingdom of Sweden. All of that takes place in the same year, with the same adversaries and the same armed forces. The battles follow the rules of regular medieval battle.
Key game features:
Realistic world – you will find no random map generator, all sections are designed by hand and map design is based on historical data
Open map – you can freely travel wherever you want, visit, attack, conquer and defend
Realistic command line interface – work with real units and real game resources
Realistic simulation – all strategic planning is based on realistic amounts of food, metal, energy, production and other resources
Realistic movement of the armies – they attack, attack the enemy, retreat and hide
Armor – it is tough, and it takes real damage!
Conquering enemy cities – you will control a huge territory, and your enemies are everywhere
Support of 50+ characters
Historical research
3 factions with individual characteristics
Now you can be Alexander Nevsky and join in the glorious times of princes, knights and vast battles! Real Warfare: 1242 is a new Real-Time-Strategy game based on historical events.

A real-time strategy game based on real-world battles, True Real Warfare is a well-crafted simulation game that invites you to experience the glorious times of battles and the history of the XIII century
Play as Julius Caesar! In the name of the Roman Republic, you’ll lead the legions of Rome to victory over the invading Gauls. Lead your troops to glory and conquer all Gaul! From the battlefields and forests of Northern Italy to the harsh landscape of the Alps, battle your way through the most famous battles of the ancient world!
What’s NEW
Increased unit and


Real Warfare 1242 Free [Win/Mac]

Starting from the rank of Ritter (Knight) player will be given the opportunity to lead a vast army of his warriors, craftsmen and militia. The project has been carefully researched to ensure the optimal balance between battle skills, tactical choices and game strategy. It embraces no artificial gameplay elements; there is no need to use a special program or to spend countless hours with this purpose.
The strategy game has a straightforward graphic interface, which is a perfect learning tool for novices. That’s why it is great for people of all skill levels, who enjoy history and strategy games. There’s no download required. The game is entirely browser-based. The graphics are crisp and clear, with modern realistic textures and animations. The interface is intuitive, and easy to understand. It is also ready for most modern gaming monitors.In order to have a clear and vivid overview of the game, RTS engines are made to provide detailed and up-to-date information about your troops and their location on the map.Information about military status (health, morale, level of equipment) is gathered from the database automatically, whenever you enter a new city or reach a new country. In addition, a small weather icon appears on your strategy map so you can get information about the weather or the visibility.
The life of your soldiers is critical. They will suffer in case of extreme cold or if they are exhausted. It is worth bearing in mind that to replenish their energy they require food and sleep. The game captures all these aspects and puts them in the proper context. Besides, soldiers don’t have air or military doctrines, so they just try to avoid being wounded, to attack enemy as much as they can, whenever they spot him, and to avoid getting trapped in the enemy territory.
The basics of the game:Use the mouse to direct your troops:
You can move them to a new position on the map. You can use the arrows buttons on your keyboard or your mouse. Your soldiers automatically move along terrain features, so you’ll have to watch carefully where they are, so you’ll know where to move them back. You can move your army in any direction, even in a diagonal line!
Use the mouse to aim your crossbow:
Aiming and shooting crossbow is the main weapon your warriors use. Use the mouse to aim at a target. You can reload your crossbow by pressing the corresponding button.
Manage your equipment:
Soldiers equipped with swords and shields in the inventory can be used to guard your


What’s new:

-1357: Historical Analysis

The Battle of the Metaurus (south-west Etruria) fought on 18 August 1303 was a tactical reversal as the Romans

Fighting in the light armour was the new regime of Heraldry

The first real death in battle since the end of the Roman Republic

The collapse of the relief force from ‘desertion’

What the Historians are saying about the battle

A Roman victory, Rome was soon to make a huge expansion to the south

The Battle of Abydus fought on 20 August 1303 was the largest cavalry encounter since the reign of Constantine the Great (AD 378-395) and the first time that heavy cavalry had been allowed to camp alongside the troops. The atmosphere of the battle was very much one of shining armour and no quarter was given to the enemy.

Many historians have written that the battle did not represent any significant change to the direction of European history, but in my opinion, this battle was a turning point in world history – or at least in the story of the Romans. For centuries all the great powers of Europe had determined the ‘rules’ of Europe’s rivalries and every so often the Roman way would have its turn. Despite this, from the end of the first century AD and the fourth century AD it had not been Rome, but Constantinople (Greek Orthodox Church) that held sway over the Mediterranean. With the fall of Constantinople, Rome again reappeared as the centre of European power and from the sixth century many treaties would be drawn up in Rome’s name (see Strategy of the Claims in the 7th and 8th centuries AD).

Out, in, victory out – that was the way that the early Crusaders wanted to see themselves, but then again they were all pretty confident of their own success – as at Abydus there was no cavalry whatsoever to be seen. It was just their infantry that held back the Turkish army. It was the second heaviest cavalry battle in the West during this period and it was the Turkish army that had lost the battle. Not much to choose between really. Half the Turkish army on the wrong side of the river with some skirmishers left behind to harass the garrison.

That was the union of the two corps of ‘Alatika’ and ‘Beni Noureddin’. Unlike the later battles this victory should be seen as an alliance between the local elders/ nobles of the area


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