In The Groove 2 (ITG) [Multi5-PC] ~REPACK~

In The Groove 2 (ITG) [Multi5-PC] ~REPACK~


In The Groove 2 (ITG) [Multi5-PC]

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Change color of tab in nav component

I’m making a basic React Application.
I am trying to make the tabbed navigation component work using the Nav component. I want my navigation tab to be orange instead of grey.
I have created a component called NavTabs that is also a separate component.
The class Nav is basically a div that wraps the nav tabs component.
Currently the nav tabs component is rendered like this in Nav.js:
return (



And in my src/components/Nav.js file I have a tab component that looks like this:
import React from «react»;
import { Nav, NavTabs } from «../../components/Nav»;

const LayoutContent = () => (


export default LayoutContent;

And I want to be able to pass in a custom class in place of pull-left so that I can change the color of the tab. I have already tried changing the classNames for the tabs in nav.js to:

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