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Roblox is a multimedia platform that allows people to design and play games. The platform, which was founded in 2004, is owned and operated by the online computer game developer Roblox Corporation. Its user interface consists of a sandbox and programming language in which users can create their own games and experiences, then play and share them with their friends. The programming language is known as Lua, and development of applications in Lua is referred to as Roblox Studio. The Roblox network also allows users to communicate with each other using Roblox Chat, use voice chat and video chat through the Roblox Video Chat System, view user information through the Roblox Map System, and navigate a user interface known as the OpenFeint game service. Roblox is developed in the United States and also has operations in Canada, England, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, and Ukraine.
The Roblox website currently allows people to download applications and games built with the Roblox Studio, a programming interface that provides programmers with a set of libraries and tools. The website also provides developers with access to online user statistics and real-time social insights regarding the games and programs that they publish. Applications that are commercially sold cannot be made with Roblox, but only with Roblox Studio.
Key features of Roblox Studio include:
Roblox Studio is a cross-platform application programming interface that allows users to code their own games and programs. With Roblox Studio, users write programs in a programming language known as Lua that run on every device that Roblox supports, including desktop computers, smartphones, and videogame consoles. Roblox’s official website states that the Roblox Studio programming language is similar to C, and is designed to be easy to learn and use. Lua is an interpreted programming language developed by Roberto Ierusalimschy and Luiz Pergunta, and the Roblox Studio language uses the modified version of it that is called LuaJIT.
Roblox Studio is a powerful programming language because of the application of object-oriented programming. Developers are able to define a central object, which has fields or attributes that describe its characteristics. The object is then used in functions, and these functions operate on the object by accessing the object’s attributes and changing its fields. In addition to the primary object, programmers can create secondary and tertiary objects. Secondary objects have their own fields or attributes, whereas tertiary objects have their own attributes that are common


Features Key:


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