TV Series Icon Pack 4 Incl Product Key Download

TV Series Icon Pack 4 Incl Product Key Download


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TV Series Icon Pack 4 Crack Free [Mac/Win]

TV Series Icon pack 4 Crack Keygen includes all of the icons from the other packs. It is a collection of over 150 icons of the most popular TV shows. The pack includes icons of your favourite series, such as House, Star Trek and Game of Thrones. The pack also includes icons of popular animated shows, as well as several icons of independent productions.
The pack contains 36 icons for the main categories of applications:
App Windows / Applications Dock.
App Deskbar.
Home Folder.
Menubar and Sidebar.
In order to make the pack more convenient, it contains almost everything you need. All the icons appear in PNG format. Also, the pack has a built-in search tool. All in all, that is a great start for desktop design and inspiration.

1. After extracting the downloaded file extract.exe.
2. Start the install file by double clicking on it.
3. Follow the steps of the installation wizard.
4. Enjoy the TV Series Icon pack 3 icons!
Download the icons from the link below:

1. After extracting the downloaded file extract.exe.
2. Start the install file by double clicking on it.
3. Follow the steps of the installation wizard.
4. Enjoy the TV Series Icon pack 2 icons!
Download the icons from the link below:

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How to install:
1. Download the file and then open the archive with your archive manager.
2. To install install the icon pack, run the file and click on the icon that you wish to install.
3. Icons will be downloaded and installed.

1. After extracting the downloaded file extract.exe.
2. Start the install file by double clicking on it.
3. Follow the steps of the installation wizard.
4. Enjoy the TV Series Icon pack 1 icons!
Download the icons from the link below:

1. After

TV Series Icon Pack 4 Torrent

– 24 icons inspired by the likes of Star Trek, The Prisoner, 24, The Wire, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and more
– Simple and beautiful icon design
– Includes a 16×16 and a 32×32 icon size
– You can use these icons with any OS with dock application supportQ:

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TV Series Icon Pack 4 For Windows

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What’s New in the?

— 126×126 pixels icons
— Retina display ready
— PNG format
Additional information about the author of the icon pack can be found here:

You can download TV Series Icon pack 4 for free from the following link

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