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History of AutoCAD

Autodesk AutoCAD is the most popular AutoCAD software application. It runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. AutoCAD is available as a standalone application, as a part of a suite of software applications, or as a part of the AutoCAD Anywhere program. Autodesk has also released AutoCAD Cloud, a cloud-based version of the software, which is accessed from the web.

Introduced in 1981 by George Booz, the original AutoCAD was called DesignJet, which stood for Designjet AutoCAD. The program was developed on an IBM personal computer running the operating system MVS, which was the first time a computer was used for CAD and drafting. After the release of DesignJet, the name was changed to AutoCAD. In 1982, the first version of AutoCAD for DOS was released. The first release of AutoCAD for Macintosh followed in 1983. In 1990, the first AutoCAD for Windows release was announced. The name of the application was changed to AutoCAD in 1990, to disassociate it from the previous incarnation of the product.

Since then, major updates have been released for AutoCAD, with incremental updates coming every year. AutoCAD’s performance has improved significantly, with the latest version taking full advantage of the power of modern computers and enabling users to work faster than ever. In May 2010, Autodesk released AutoCAD LT, a new version of AutoCAD for new users and students. AutoCAD LT is priced at US$149 per license per year, as opposed to AutoCAD’s $2,199 per year price tag. AutoCAD LT is available as part of the AutoCAD bundle, with AutoCAD Enterprise and AutoCAD GOLD as additional features.

Product line

AutoCAD is part of Autodesk’s core product portfolio and is available in several editions. It is the most popular version, and was the top selling version in the U.S. in 2012, according to surveys published by Gartner. In 2016, Autodesk reported that AutoCAD was the top selling software application globally.

AutoCAD is marketed as a desktop and web application. It includes a large library of application templates called Storyboard panels, which are small apps that can be dragged and dropped onto a drawing to provide a comprehensive set of functionality for a specific task. AutoCAD also includes

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There are also an extensive set of commands to interact with AutoCAD, for example, the DRAW command is used to create drawings.


AutoCAD releases are grouped in major releases and minor releases. AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD 2008 are considered as major releases. AutoCAD 2009 is considered to be a minor release. AutoCAD releases are numbered in reverse chronological order. The major AutoCAD releases (after AutoCAD 2007) are:
AutoCAD 2007 – Released: April 4, 2006 (R1203),
AutoCAD 2008 – Released: February 14, 2007 (R1408),
AutoCAD 2009 – Released: May 24, 2008 (R2009).

AutoCAD 2012 is an upgrade for the AutoCAD 2008 release. This version is a minor release. The major AutoCAD releases (after AutoCAD 2008) are:
AutoCAD 2010 – Released: April 26, 2009 (R2010),
AutoCAD 2011 – Released: September 23, 2010 (R2011),
AutoCAD 2012 – Released: September 23, 2011 (R2012),
AutoCAD 2013 – Released: October 21, 2012 (R2013).

AutoCAD LT was first released in 2010. This is a new version of AutoCAD LT 2012, a product aimed at businesses that do not require the productivity of AutoCAD.

In February 2017, Microsoft released a patch to fix a critical security vulnerability in the Autodesk 360 cloud-based version of AutoCAD.

Benefits of AutoCAD

AutoCAD is the most commonly used technical drawing software product in the world. According to the most recent version of the Gartner «Top 25 Integrated Workplace Solutions» report, published in October 2017, AutoCAD is a leader in engineering and architecture. It claims that over 97% of top 50 architectural firms use AutoCAD. In terms of sales, Autodesk claims that over 70% of 3D-design workflows in the architecture, engineering, and construction markets are automated through AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is suited for 2D, 3D drafting, design, detailing, and animation.

AutoCAD supports non-English languages, other than English. AutoCAD currently supports 14 languages, in addition to English. AutoCAD also allows users to translate text into other languages. In AutoCAD 2016 and earlier versions

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What’s New in the?

The AutoCAD Markup interface provides access to many of the features of the new Markup Import.

AutoCAD 2D Markup Assist:

As the old Markup Assist was one of AutoCAD’s most powerful tools for drawing assistance, we’ve completely reimagined it. Draw any object and instantly see its properties. And in most cases, we’ve actually made it easier and more useful than before. For example, this version is the first version to offer properties for drawings added to the drawing list.

That makes it easy to annotate drawings that were created using a tool that lets you add notes, arrows, and other objects directly to a drawing — such as the Line tool. And now it’s easier to zoom into the drawing view and even modify the drawing by selecting any selected point on the object to which it is currently linked.

The 2D Markup Assist for Windows is available in several languages and is supported on the following platforms: Windows 7/8, Mac OS X, and Linux.


AutoCAD 2023 introduces various technology updates, including:

In addition to the enhancements above, there are a number of new features, functions, and industry-specific enhancements across the entire suite.

Design and construction tools have received many improvements, including:

We’ve also added more camera handling options, plus support for the new industry-standard Construction Document (CD) standard, with projects that include a number of parts.


Two-dimensional (2D) functionality has improved with the ability to place an object in the camera view, to perform some object operations from the command line, and to get additional object properties. You can now also change the user-defined (UD) hatch color and hatch type from the command line.

You can also draw constraints in more ways, including using the new Write feature. This new feature can help you to establish a greater range of drawing design relationships (e.g., ordering and orientation) and also to perform various design calculations. (video: 2:35 min.)

We’ve improved the project window to allow you to organize and manage the files associated with a drawing. (video: 1:06 min.)

The Drafting and Annotation tools can now export file attributes such as the drawing’s page number or viewing mode as an XRC resource file. This

System Requirements:

*Memory: 3.8 GB
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*iPad 3, 4