HDD-Profiler Crack Free Download For Windows 📦

HDD-Profiler Crack Free Download For Windows 📦







HDD-Profiler Crack+ [Mac/Win]

HDD-Profiler Product Key is a utility for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 that will help you to back up and profile your internal storage partitions. It helps you to track current & historical utilization of internal storage, and searches for current & historical source of storage changes & alterations, allowing you to find all data in just one click. Have a look on the screenshots to see what HDD-Profiler really is!

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HDD-Profiler Crack Incl Product Key

Cracked HDD-Profiler With Keygen is a free snapshot of your internal storage units, and makes it easier to find out what files and directories you have on your internal storage.
Create an image for your internal storage units with this quick snapshot of your data. The snapshot is then saved to a file in an easy-to-find format.
Use the snapshot to find out everything that has been added to your computer, has been removed or changed since your last snapshot.

Simple, yet powerful reporting.
Defines and exports your snapshots of your hard disk. You can view a report, or export a report to a Pdf file.
Visible, hidden and encrypted files are supported.
With the “Add Snapshot” function, you can create a snapshot of your disk, so that you can quickly find out any changes made to the disk. The report can be saved to a Pdf file, which can then be sent by email.

HDD-Profiler Screenshots:

HDD-Profiler App Reviews

Impressive in use



I’ve always had to do my own one so needed a quick and easy to use app with no login and no passwords to worry about. This app was great and really easy to set up. I think it would be even more useful if it could filter out system and user files. There’s nothing worse than not being able to access your files on the computer you’re working on.

Good for finding file-manipulation.


By tonyo

I’m using this app and found it to be useful in finding any files I don’t recognize as files that have probably been changed since the last time I used the tool. I found it pretty good, so far.

Needs a little work.


By Miatolla

It’s neat, but a little misleading. I guess it really means that you can identify files that have changed from the original state. I made some changes in a folder and it gave me a list of all the files that were different from the original state of the folder. However it didn’t distinguish between files that were created, modified, and those that were changed to a different name.

Good program


By Vicinius SC

Small and useful program. Easy to use.



By jaysing

HDD-Profiler Keygen Free

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The application lets you view the contents of a file at any time. With the help of Google Play, the app can send logs of file changes or usage to the cloud.
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Use the following steps to see if your device is rooted.
1. Open Root Explorer.
2. Now open the following folder: data/data/.
3. In this folder, you should see subfolder named.local
4. If you don’t see this folder, press CTRL+H to show hidden folders.
5. Once you have found it, go to root/.local/shared and you should see a folder named.android_secure.
6. This is the folder that contains files that are important to the system. If you want to see what is inside it, you have to root your phone.
7. If you have a rooted device, you may also find the process of installing this app on your phone be faster than the original installation process.
Of course, if you don’t want to root, you can still use this app to trace the changes and the activities of files and folders. However, you will only be able to view but not modify these files.
This app only works when the SDK update is installed.

With this app, you can check whether your Android device is rooted or not, or search through files on the root drive. You can also get an overview of the files on your device and their creation date.
Although this application is more focused on file browsers, it does provide you with a short description of each file. This means that you can always see what each file is.
You can

What’s New In HDD-Profiler?

HDD-Profiler is a free tool that will help you keep an eye on your internal storage space of your Windows PC. It is available for free for personal or commercial use.
– Manage and keep track of your internal storage space
– Free for personal or commercial use
– Built-in database for easy storage space data management
– Create and manage snapshots of your storage space
– View the date the files were created, modified, and deleted
– View the authors of the files
– View the size of the files
– See the number of files on your PC
– View the file type and the storage space consumed
– View the location and size of removable storage space
– View the number of used and available free space for internal storage
– View all location information
– Change the amount of storage space for your internal storage
– Set the sizes of folders and files
– Filter the files, folders and drives
– Automatic file cleaning
– Automatic drive cleaning
– Filter specific folders and drives
– View and compare files and folders
– View and compare all files and folders of a drive
– Launch (add) a drive letter from a folder
– Launch (add) the directory of a drive to a folder
– Launch (add) a folder to a drive
– Copy and paste files between folders
– Delete files, folders, drives and drives
– Copy and paste files to a folder
– Cut and paste files to a folder
– Cut and paste files from a folder
– Cut and paste files from a folder to a drive
– Comparison of the dates of the files and their other information
– Find specified files
– Log other changes made to a file
– View the number of files for a drive, folder, or drive
– Delete a file
– Delete a folder
– Make a shortcut to a folder
– Sort files and folders by name, size, or date
– Launch “My Computer”
– Launch “Computer”
– Launch “Computer (Safe Mode)”
– Move a file or folder to another folder
– Rename a file or folder
– Copy a file or folder to another location
– Show the properties of a file or folder
– Search the files
– Delete a file or folder
– Display the Info for the files
– Display the Info for the folders
– View the contents of a file
– View the contents of a folder
– Show the location of a file on your

System Requirements:

1. Intel core i5 or equivalent
2. At least 8 GB RAM
3. 25 GB of free disk space
4. Windows 7 or later
5. NVIDIA GeForce 450 or Radeon HD 5750 or equivalent
6. Mac OS X 10.9 or later
7. AMD Radeon R9 series graphics card (VGA not supported)
8. Keyboard
9. Headset (microphone not required)
10. 1 or more USB ports


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