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Highly recommended room and shower. Room is clean and fresh and quiet. Lots of sinks in the shower so no standing around brushing your teeth.

Verified Hotel Guest, October 2017

This hotel is a real gem. Great room, bed and clean.

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my room was very clean and the staff very friendly.

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Lovely old building, sparkling clean rooms, very helpful and friendly staff, good location to get around.

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The hotel is very comfy and welcoming.

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I would recommend this hotel to anyone.

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The staff was very friendly and helpful. My family loved the hotel. I will definitely stay there again.

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Nice modern hotel very close to everything. Helpful staff. Good breakfast. Wifi in hotel.

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The location was great – we could get anywhere from here. The rooms were clean & nice. We slept well here.

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The staff were super friendly and helpful. And the location was great – we didn’t even have to use the car!

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Showers and showers gave the best pressure. All amenities available

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The room and the hotel were excellent.

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A hidden secret of industry lies in the fascinating discovery of an island in the Antarctic


James Ransom

20 February 2020

On a chilly morning in October of 2014, a large team of scientists with the Australian Antarctic Division embarked on the joint Australian/French RV James Clark Ross, a massive ship which had for many decades been the envy of the world, to investigate a deeply hidden and highly promising lead.

This lead related to the discovery of a small collection of rocks the size of huge boulders, on the southern end of an island, an ocean removed from the rest of the world. The rocks, collectively termed the Erwinia aspergillorushiae collection, had been collected in January of 1993 by a French helicopter flight over a location identified by a scientist with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) at the University of Nantes in western France. The rocks were characterised as belonging to a distinctive new species of anaerobic bacteria which are unable to utilise oxygen, and yet are able to use sulfate in place of oxygen in their anaerobic metabolic process, producing significant amounts of energy. The organism is capable of a form of cell division which is rarely seen in other organisms, and to the astonishment of the team of scientists who undertook the amazing voyage to the island, it was evident that some of the rocks had been colonised by a large new population of this previously unseen form of bacterium. The ‘biofilm’ which formed on the rocks was rich in various mineral nutrients, and the bacterium had extended its life beyond that of its rocky home.

The rocks at Mont Orgueil Island in the South Shetland Islands, approximately 4000 kilometers from the mainland Australia, were sampled and found to be completely covered by a biofilm like layer of bacterial life. The sample yielded a remarkable 1.7 billion cells, which seemed to exhibit a remarkable amount of diversity.

The island at which the rocks were collected was the research focus of Dr Dale Sanderson, a microbiologist at the University of New South Wales. Dr Sanderson and his colleagues had examined the rocks in 1993, but had not collected a sample which could be processed. The rocks were carefully examined in the field, but due to time constraints and logistical difficulties they were not collected for further study until more than 10 years later.

The research team could see that the biofilm was very thin, and must have been formed while the samples were on

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