NS Contacts Crack PC/Windows [Latest] 2022

NS Contacts Crack PC/Windows [Latest] 2022







NS Contacts Activator For PC [Updated]

A simple application that lets you store contacts in a more organized way, and easy to maintain when working with many contacts.

Time is simple to add in with the provided fields.

The application has a customizable interface, and various tabs to quickly select the view you want.

A PDF export option is available, but doesn’t let you access to details stored in the entry.

This simple application lets you add contacts in an organized manner.


You can keep a well-organized database of contacts.

You can edit fields for maintaining relevant details.

You can add a picture to your entry.

Included fields make it easier to fill in personal data.

The application has a customizable interface.


The PDF export option can be a weak side of the application.

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NS Contacts Incl Product Key

NS Contacts Description

NS Contacts has three initial tabs, allowing you to search, import, and list contacts from different sources. Import contacts from one of the first five major address book formats, and even email and mobile contacts. You can connect to the Internet and use the contacts in other applications like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Mail.

Save your contacts in the best possible format. Work offline, or sync contacts to the cloud when you’re online.

NS Contacts Discussion

NS Contacts Discussion

NS Contacts provides a very detailed and flexible interface to edit your personal data, and puts it in an easy to work with format. The application allows to handle your contacts from several sources and different databases, while also providing numerous options to make the experience more efficient and enjoyable. However, one of the major features is missing.
Simple tabs let you quickly get acquainted with the interface and work with the contacts

NS Contacts gives you an organized way to access data on your contacts from various sources. The interface is mainly divided into three tabs: manage, import, and list. Let’s see what each one can do.
The Manage tab is basically a combined view of various contacts data sources. You’ll get a list of sources, along with options to select one, and details on the contacts in that database. Press the search button to get the list of contacts that match your search criteria, and then either add, edit or delete them.
The details of the contact to which you’re working are available as you need, in the form of fields that let you browse through the data with ease. In addition to data from the selected source, you get details about the contacts in all of them, the ones imported from social networks, as well as general data like the phone number and birthday.
When it comes to sorting the list of contacts, the application lets you select to sort the entries by name, last name, first name, birthday, and other options. You can also choose the source where the contacts came from, and which ones need to be imported. Even though there’s no possibility to edit contacts from other sources, you can find and delete entries from them.
The options available in the Manage tab are pretty extensive, with plenty of variety, and taking up the screen in a compact format that lets you navigate through without getting lost. One thing to mention is that the app doesn’t show any text

NS Contacts Crack+ With Keygen

“NS Contacts is a fast, powerful, and intuitive contact manager. It’s a free version of a full-featured contact manager that comes with all features and has been tested to work with the latest Outlook versions.
So what makes NS Contacts better than standard contact apps?
It’s a little faster
NS Contacts accesses your contact information from a background thread, so you never get the pause and lag that plague some third-party programs like Contacts, and others. And, when you use the shortcut, NS Contacts keeps working while you access other apps.
A simplified user interface
Control-click to add new contacts and new groups of contacts in the window view. Import contacts from a folder on your computer, or drag and drop contacts from the address book into the NS Contacts window. Categories let you use it for different purposes.
Easily add subgroups.
All of your contacts are organized in groups by office, home, note, and default. Double-click a group to get a list of all the contacts in the group.
You can perform other common tasks.”

Download NS Contacts


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Virtual Office is business office software that helps you manage your bills, expenses, and other financial data.

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Novell Open Enterprise Client

Novell Open Enterprise Client is a groupware office suite for Windows, providing group e-mail, group chat, group calendaring, task management, and document sharing, as well as security and client administration tools.

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Novell Hosting Manager

Novell Hosting Manager is a network and security management tool for Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris, and provides server, network, firewalling, identity, and application services. It can be used to remotely manage the configuration, security, and availability of servers and network devices.

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What’s New In NS Contacts?


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“NS Contacts Description”

Commonly used, but no user interface customization

I like the program is well organized and very intuitive. The only sad thing is that it isn’t fully customizable. Also, it can’t handle “Write Lined” kind of contacts.

NS Contacts is one of the simplest and useful address book programs. I have two requirements, 1. not have it installed on my computer. 2. It must have the option of saving contacts as comma separated values.

I did find it to be easy to set up and the information was entered quickly and easily.

NS Contacts Description

Never before needed a Software for Address Book nor a software for Contacts.

I use this software for long time, it perfectly fulfills all my needs. It has very light weight, works fast, has very clean interface.

On the first run you see only a little window with a few options. From there you can start to add contacts, groups and tag them. The new menu was also accessible at any time, not only in opening window. After closing a window the previous windows’ menu are replaced with the one of this window. All windows are also resizable. The user interface is intuitive.

The program works well.I can add and delete contacts and organize them.

NS Contacts Description

Nice and easy to use application.

Nice app. It’s really easy to use. All contacts are stored on your hard disk, and they can be exported


System Requirements:

For Singleplayer/Private/Local Multiplayer (P-MP):
2 GB RAM or more.
Windows 7 or later.
Discrete Graphics Card (NVIDIA GeForce GT 210 or better, ATI Radeon HD 2600 or better, Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better).
Windows-compatible keyboard and mouse.
Discrete Graphics Card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or better, AMD Radeon HD 7970 or better, Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better).


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