PDF Meta Crack Download PC/Windows

PDF Meta Crack Download PC/Windows







PDF Meta Free [Win/Mac]

PDF Meta Full Crack is a small java application that let you open, view and edit metadata embedded in pdf documents..

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PDF Meta is a small Java-based application with a very simple purpose in mind: it lets you modify metadata embedded in PDF documents. The tool contains just a couple of intuitive options that shouldn’t give you any trouble.
No setup necessary, besides Java
As long as you have Java installed on your computer, you don’t need to set up anything else. This means that you can save the program files anywhere on the disk and just click the executable to launch PDF Meta. Another possibility is to save it to a pen drive to run it on any PC effortlessly. More importantly, it doesn’t change Windows registry settings.
Open PDFs to edit metadata
You can use the traditional file browser method to locate and open a PDF document, in order to view and edit its title, author, subject, keywords, creator name, along with the date of creation and last modification.
If the fields are empty, then you can enter new information from scratch. Apart from the fact that you can save all changes with one click, there are no other noteworthy options provided by this software utility.
Evaluation and conclusion
As it was expected, PDF Meta left a small footprint on system resources consumption during our tests, so it didn’t hamper the computer’s performance. Changes were swiftly applied without any errors, and the app didn’t freeze or crash.
On the other hand, the application hasn’t been updated for a while and it doesn’t seem to support newer Java editions (we couldn’t get it to run with the latest Java). On top of that, it comes bundled with few settings that may not be satisfactory for more experienced users looking for additional customization options. Nevertheless, you can test PDF Meta for yourself.
PDF Meta Description:
PDF meta is a small java application that let you open, view and edit metadata embedded in pdf documents..Local division officials insist their side did not break any laws in the 2010 earthquake; they say the city was authorized to hire work crews at its own expense, and some of the $125 million in federal funds earmarked for the city has already been spent.

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PDF Meta Free For PC [Updated-2022]

“A small but powerful Java-based tool that lets you edit metadata embedded in PDF documents and save all changes with a single click.”

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Software developers use MIME types as a way to group files together, so that the user can more easily access the type of file he or she wants to open. For example, if there are two files with the same name, but the first one is a Java or JavaScript file, the user will be able to tell what software he or she is going to use.

If both files are avi files, the user will be able to see both (the Java or JavaScript file and the avi file).

Based on that, a user can sort files into groups for the user to make it easier to find the file. It is also possible to add arbitrary tags to files, which can then be viewed in another program. This allows a program that would not normally be able to read a file to now be able to do so.

Software developers use MIME types as a way to associate a particular program with a file. In the case of images and sound files, there might be several hundred or thousand possible programs that can open a particular file. The MIME type can help the user decide which program to use for a particular file. If a user wants to open a word processing document, he or she can have a dictionary program look at the file to determine the extension and use that as a hint for which program to use.

MIME types are usually decided by committees, and the MIME types and the programs that use them are updated and maintained. MIME types are officially standardized by the IANA.

Every file has a MIME type that it uses to identify itself. There are two types of file types for a particular file. The “main” type is the one that a computer program looks at first, and then “secondary” types. Secondary types tell the computer what sort of program or application to use to open the file.

The two types of file types are:

Information types – all information, such as images, are one type

Application types

PDF Meta Patch With Serial Key

Seamlessly add metadata to PDF files you edit using Acrobat Pro. You can access the full range of metadata fields available in Adobe Acrobat Professional, including the Title, Subject, Keywords and Creator name fields.
PDF Meta is simple and intuitive, and requires no downloads to operate. Simply double-click the downloaded.exe file to install and run it, and you are all set.
PDF Meta Download Page:
Download PDF Meta:
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What’s New In?

Open PDFs to view and modify metadata without any hassle.

Open PDFs to view and modify metadata without any hassle.

Secure metadata access

Open PDFs to view and modify metadata without any hassle.




Simple and intuitive interface



No support for new Java versions

Doesn’t support latest Java editions

No support for Android

No support for iOS

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What’s new

There is no download option for the app you downloaded.If there is no download option for the app you downloaded in the past, this means that we don’t support downloads via Mac. Let’s fix this by looking for other options.

App Store Description

Open PDFs to view and modify metadata without any hassle.

Secure metadata access

Open PDFs to view and modify metadata without any hassle.




Open PDFs to view and modify metadata without any hassle.

Secure metadata access

Open PDFs to view and modify metadata without any hassle.




App Details

Open PDFs to view and modify metadata without any hassle.

Secure metadata access

Open PDFs to view and modify metadata without any hassle.

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3.4 out of 5 by 52.


Download PDF Meta for free

Download PDF Meta for free


PDF Meta is an English (United Kingdom) – English (US) – English (UK) – English (AU) – English (CA) application that is available for download from the App Store for a fee of $0.99.Q:

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