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Honestly, this is one of our favorite sites and we share its top position in this list. Absolutely nothing gets lost between the official site and the website, and downloads from both are quick and straightforward. In addition, the site accepts major credit cards, making it a very popular one. But, we still recommend that all of our reader check the version on the official site before downloading.

The site is divided into categories, and in each category there is a list of games sorted by popularity: popular first, less popular last, which make the work a little bit easier. Sticking with the categories, they go by character (mouse), point-and-click, shooting, strategy, action, racing, puzzle, and fighting.

The site is, as mentioned, in beta but still very interesting. The page lets you choose any game you want to download, the only thing that makes the game download will be that its not a video game but a piece of software, meaning that you can run it on your computer without a need of a gaming console. Free

Any of the sites below have the latest full version of the game and you wont need to be a member to download it. have an excellent site that was recently launched and offers movies, TV, games and software from all over the world. They have sections such as Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, Games, Cars, and more. Each section focuses on a specific topic and covers a vast amount of products. They are in French, so you will need to download the French version of the site to access the products.

Over 10,000 files, all different games, in one place. Popular place for downloading games and other files. More than 7 million files are available. Its backed up by a company and not just a bunch of free users. With more than 350,000 registered users, is one of the worlds largest file sharing websites for software.


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So youre searching for platforms to download software at no charge Then heres a list of the best websites to download cracked software for free. With the advent of the internet, software piracy has become one of the worlds most popular hobbies. Whether youre trying to save money, want to try out a game before paying full price for it, or are simply curious about how something works, there are plenty of websites where you can find pirated software.

Ok, the only Password cracker you have on here that WAS my favorite is now the most useless. That is L0pht or it was when it was free, it cracked Password I thought for sure were secure, now it can crack qwerty just not qwer7y or anything more complicated than that. Whomever owns it now only wants to rake in some money banking on its name. Check out what they want to charge you for what I consider to be a piece of junk compared to Cain or ophcrack.

You Can Make Money with A Software Downloading Website With, you can easily get unlimited gigabytes of data storage and bandwidth at a very low price. This free internet hosting service has features that you cannot find at other paid storage sites. It also makes it easier to use the internet at a lower cost.

When I started downloading software from here I was downloading from several cracked websites and some were fake sites that are trying to make money off of me and some were legit websites that have high quality software that were forced to crack it to make the software work. I am very grateful for all of you guys who have created sites that share software like this one but I have also found some good sites to download some legit software so I have decided to add them to this page


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In the recent years, many crackers have started to release software over the internet rather than selling them on discs. With the development of digital download sites, a cracker doesn’t need to find a consumer at all – they can simply get a crack or cracked serial number and download the software for free. The Internet is a big part of how the criminal world runs. Some people make millions of dollars a year from programs illegally downloaded over the internet and others make more by selling them on larger websites.

If you have a handful of friends who play games and occasionally download cracked software for their computers, you should become friends with them. Perhaps they are not your friend after all you want to know what theyre playing and their favorite games. Anyway. Use these site and download cracked software. There are many online tools to upload programs to share the software files. You dont have to download it via FTP or upload it via gmail.

You dont have to worry if your OS is unsupported. There are many software download websites which provide you with software download service for various operating systems. If youre searching for cracked software but dont want to make use of this site, for instance, you can use this to download cracked software. A digital download site is where you can install software without using an email or a download manager. These sites ensure that the software is updated and safe for use.

There are sites where if you download the software and use a crack password, it will be able to remove license key and all the software after successfully installing it. Are you searching for platforms to download software programs at no cost Then heres a list of the best websites to download cracked software for free. With the advent of the internet, software piracy has become one of the worlds most popular hobbies.


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I have found this website and discovered this website, and I feel like many users do not know this website. If you do not want to throw money at something like this, but you want to download the various games for free. Here is the homepage of this site.

The main site is similar to Google. They have several filters, to filter the different games. The main advantage of this website is there are no illegal and infected files, it is a clean site. So, with the filters, you can quickly download games. With 3.5 stars rating in google, and there are more than 1 million ratings. They are also available on Google Play Store and the App store. Browse your favorite games, you will find more than 3,000 free games of different genres. In addition, there are games like card games, city games, puzzle games, pool games, arcade games, etc. in this website.

It’s really easy to download a cracked game for a PC/Windows here at Game Upload Zone, you just need to log in with your account and install any of the cracked game.The games are uploaded by the users and they are directly uploaded without any gap or waiting period.

Or you can go for to download all cracked apps for PC as it has a catalog of over 1.2 million apps to be free for Windows and Mac OS X. Apart from Cracked games, the website also contains cracked software for desktop (Windows, Linux) and mobile operating systems (iOS, Android).

If you looking for the free cracked version of Windows and Mac apps then is the place to go, as the site has nearly 1.1 Million apps to download for free in the App Box. The website is user-friendly and gives you a proper description for the app to make it easier to decide.


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Next, Theres no doubt that 11Byte is probably the best torrenting site weve had the pleasure of discovering. Not only is the majority of its available content free, its also simple to use. Since this is a relatively new site, theres room for improvement. We wish more staff, including the admins, were more active on the site. Users can also find a wide variety of free games on the site, and it offers one of the largest selection of games on the planet. This site is a favorite among PC users, and it has a decent following on consoles. If your curious about this site, check it out.

Frankly, we were a bit surprised to find that there were so many sites that offer free games for download, but after checking out the vast majority of them, we realized we were amazed by the number. Some of the more popular sites include the files host, 22movies, and torrentmonster. We tested a couple of the sites, and some are rock solid, while others are littered with viruses and malware. To avoid the latter, make sure you do your research before signing up for any torrent site. Some of the sites weve seen are from some shady parts of the internet, and those are some of the least safe places to start looking for free games. In fact, you may end up getting infected and having to clean it up later.

The first choice youll want to make is which content you want to download. You can download content for free from many sites with a simple search, but many of these sites do charge for content. Theres a lot to be said for free content, but if you want to really go crazy and save some money, consider the options in the various sections below.


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One of the most common ways that you can get a top best cracked software is by visiting Site. Well, there are a few sites that makes available top best cracked software and games. But what I tell you that here, you can find unique sites which hosts the latest as well as the upcoming PC games. You can easily download from them without spending much time on installing.

Its easy for you to download and install cracked apps, games, music, and movies. I dont even need to stress the fact that it offers them for free, but you will need to download another program to extract them.

A Premium download manager that allows you to download everything from a single website. It can easily handle a lot of downloads at one time, so you won’t experience any issues while downloading.

This is one of the best free software cracker. It is undoubtedly the simplest and fastest cracker available. It’s a tool that does a bang-up job. However, It’s still not as easy as it should be. It’s still frustrating to use. If you already have another program to crack software, then you don’t need to crack the software any longer. However, if you don’t have any cracks software, then download. There are free cracks programs available for just about every software program.

It is one of the best download software cracker available on the web. Its a free, fast and safe application to crack your desired software. All you need to do is right click on the desired file and select Extract here.

Its an easy-to-use tool that allows you to download any file or software from the web. It can upload a list of links from which you can download your files. Just right click on the link and click install. If it’s a non-existant link, then it will download the file. You can also download the downloaded files to you computer.


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The best business apps for managing websites and SEO. There are many ways to use this app. It works with Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Git, GitHub, and BitBucket. In addition, it has support for SEO, Mobile Apps, MailChimp, Mandrill, Campaign Monitor, and lots of additional plugins.

The team at GitHub make it so easy to create new websites and apps. And with so many things you can build, you’ll need some helping hand. There are hundreds of plugins available to build everything from simple blogs to complicated web applications. The app has a system called Hackathons where teams are given a set of tasks and a deadline to complete them.

The fastest way to download cracked software is to use the website. This site is easy to use and you can find the cracked apps directly with a direct link to download the software. It uses your browser and has a search option to make sure the software you want to download is legit and works properly.

There are many websites where you can use a virtual machine and customize your own windows 10 iso to fit your own needs. It is the easiest way to customize your windows operating system. You can use this virtual machine along with a cracked program to get the fullest experience of Windows.

For legal reasons I can’t talk about the quality of this work, but this user-friendly site has a collection of cracked softwares for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It works like this: The user chooses his OS, OS version (e.g. Windows 10, 6, 7, Vista etc.), then he chooses his mobile phone (iOS, Android, Blackberry etc.) and then he chooses a program. Clicking Download I can now download the program. For beginners this website is really easy to use.


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Vidz is a music-focused website and is dedicated to providing its users the best music experience. Its an easy-to-use site that also allows them to download its media. The site is completely free and it simply offers its users a platform to interact with other people and share their love for music. Many people have adopted it as their primary music streaming website. For every song you find on the site, youll get clear information like artist name, title, rating, and more.

Songza is a music-streaming website that is completely focused on helping users listen to music. It is better than Spotify or Deezer because you cant find an option to stream your favorite song on it and you will also get to download your favorite songs. However, the biggest disadvantage of Songza is that you cant stream your tracks online.

Publicdata provides a large amount of free data for use by students and researchers. It offers them the opportunity to get a large collection of data sets. This website allows anyone to download data sets for free. It has free ebooks, free science calculators, and free ebooks. The site has got extensive data on various areas, including agriculture, energy, meteorology, economic, and social and political. The other significant thing about the site is that its data are updated on a regular basis.

As the name suggests, Manga Fox offers people the opportunity to download manga online for free. However, the site is different from others because it is a comics-only site. No other type of files are on offer here. While others offer online books, Manga Fox offers online manga for free.


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Thats a great site to download cracked games. Great group of people that spend a lot of time gathering cracked games for you. There are a lot of games on here. For example, great new games daily or every other day. It definitely a great site.

Good again, but with serious flaws. The animations on the site are a bit clunky, but it loads the site fast, with a good amount of games to download. However, there are more trustworthy platforms out there for you to make use of. The site wasnt updated in a while, so it might be getting discontinued.

This website is pretty new, but theres a lot of interesting content there. The games on this site are not perfect, but they are fun and pretty interesting. The best of these games are thoroughly tested.

The best place on the web for finding PC games that are cracked or warez. The games are playable. Games are easy to download. The interface is easy to use. 90% of the games will be legit and 100% will be cracked so you have no risk of viruses. Some gaming games will have a file size limit. If you get a warning you have a legitimate file. There is no need to get warez games. All the games on this site are legit. No need to use the word verz.g.

This site might be one of the best where there’s been added a few glitches. But that means that it’s one of the few sites with a glitch-free experience. There are many games for you to download, you can choose to download them without any signal.

This site has to be one of the best sites to download cracked and full versions. You know it is one of the best because you have seen other sites and you know there aren’t as good as this site. It is one of the few good sites, others are just dying. The proof is they keep adding.


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Sunset is the best source of movie torrents. The torrent site has thousands of TV shows, original movies and even documentaries. The website is ranked as the 7th most visited torrent site worldwide, and is known for their high-quality content, superior movie torrents and competitive prices. They also provide additional feature such as DVD/Blu-Ray subtitles, Meta-data download, torrent pre-download and a complete summary of the movie.

Koch Media is one of the top streaming websites to download videos for free. The site has millions of available videos to watch on different categories including sports, documentaries, movies, TV shows, anime, music, etc. The best thing about this website is that they make available all the videos for free. All that you need to do is to sign up and watch the videos for free.

Hulk Humpo Email Filter or in short HEMA is the worlds best Email Filter. It blocks all spam including viruses in real time and does not require you to buy any software for its usage. Among its other features includes; Stalking, Filtering, Spam tab, News, Real Time Deletion of spams, and Java Disable. HEMA can be used to watch videos and music websites as well. Other than its superb features HEMA has a friendly and beautiful interface which is easy to use.

NIN Live Wallpaper is the best part about using this application. Apart from the rest, it has three special features that make it special. The first one is that it showcases an interesting concept of the World of Warcraft which is always interesting to watch. The second feature is that it showcases an interesting music which can come in handy to while you stay awake during a boring class. And the third feature is that it works pretty fast, which means your eyes wont get tired.


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