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The first big advantage of this website is that it does not create itself an advantage of the internet. The owner of the site has nothing to with the site. When you sign up for the website, you can use any device and any OS and download anything as long as it is in public domain, and that is the only thing that keeps you free from spam and viruses. is similar to The Pirate Bay, only in the sense that it is an analog to The Pirate Bay, but its good and trustworthy. The site gives you access to just about everything. There are huge repositories of videos, audio and a huge library of e-books. Some of the books are not too popular. So, if youre looking to download a very old book which is not in public domain, then this website is the best place for you.

This is one of the most trusted websites and a proven torrent leader. The site is not just about torrenting. There are so many categories here that its hard to fit them all in this post. If youre looking for high quality torrents, youll be very happy at how The Pirate Bay works. Another plus is that the site is also a community, which is filled with users who help people with their ideas and suggest interesting content. It has many user-maintained torrents.

The best thing about this website is that it doesnt care about being anti-censorship. You can download any content you want without any restriction. There are categories such as Music, Anime, Movies, Documentaries, Anime & Manga, Video Games, TV Shows, Books, and of course, softwares. Torrenting is not their only purpose and they dont limit the website to that. They provide other features such as RSS feed, blogs, and fan fiction sites.


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Cracked software are programs that are unlicensed, unauthorized, and illegally downloaded from the Internet. If you cant afford the price of a license for a software, you can download it from the Internet free of charge. These websites offer software that has been either downloaded, cracked, hacked, or modified to suit your needs. Some of them even have tutorials to teach you how to download cracked software. Your best bet is to visit their website and look for cracked software that suits your needs. Another method that you can use is to check the software reviews in their website and look for cracked software that best suits your needs.

There are different ways to download cracked software. One of them is by visiting websites that offer cracked software. You have to visit their website and see what they have to offer. The second method is to search the internet and use search engines to search for cracked software. The third method is to ask friends and family members who may have cracked software that they want to get rid of.

If youre using a smartphone, then you can also download cracked software right on your smartphone. There is an app that you can use to download cracked software. By doing this, you can use your smartphone like a portable device that is used to download cracked software. This will enable you to download cracked software on the go. If youre on a Windows computer, you can download cracked software on your computer without using your smartphone.

You can also simply read online tutorials that will guide you on the best way to download cracked software. The tutorials will teach you how to use cracked software and how to get them as well. You can also purchase guides that will teach you how to install cracked software. All you need to do is make sure that you have the software that you want to download cracked software for.


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Now that you’re ready to download your app, you’ll need to know which installer to download. In some cases, you can get away with the apps default installer, but it’s best to be a little cautious and consider all of the options.

If you download a cracked version of a software and the installer is a standard installer, you will need to install it manually. But, don’t just run the installer. It’s recommended to add it to your taskbar so that you can start it from there.

One of the Best PPSSPP Emulator sites; Offers Basic Cracked Version Free. It is NOT the Full Version Uncracked. However you will be able to play all the Games on this Website. It is One of the Best sites for PPSSPP Emulation on your Android device.

CYJO is a niche site with content on Android smartphones and tablets. The kind of stuff you see in magazines but not on the internet. I like the UI, which is easy to navigate and it seems like its updated constantly.

On VidMate, you can use the list of videos available in their library as a filtered search option for apps. Viddy is great for finding out if a game is free or just ad-free, and which platforms it supports. VidMate even lets you download the game directly to your smartphone.

Games.gild has a really nice selection of apps as well as videos. I especially enjoy that they have a huge selection of full videos as well as all the usual games and apps that are cracked. Their UI isn’t bad, but there are other sites that do a better job of using a minimalist approach.

There are two big differences between and First, you can download and install the games directly from without having to make any purchases. Second, ModMyi doesn’t have any games at all. They only have themes. My guess is that ModMyi is starting off with a lot of the popular topics on and they have yet to expand their site.



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You can easily find all the latest cracked games for free right from your phone, tablet or laptop using our mobile site by downloading the Google Chrome Extension. The site also has a dedicated area for Android users and developers to share their latest releases. Unlike many other sites, PCArea focuses on only free mobile games and the website supports mobile game streaming so you can play any mobile game on your PC via your mobile phone or tablet. PCArea focuses on all kinds of game downloads, including PC games, mobile games, and mobile game streaming. The mobile site also has a dedicated YouTube channel where users can upload and share gameplay with their friends.

Last and not least is the former’s website, if you didn’t know, they were the ones who backed the original scene, and in my opinion have the best hacking scene dedicated to PC’s out of all the sites. In fact, if you want the best software deals out there, I’m sure you’d find it in the 1Up Community. And although 1Up is no longer in existence, they did try to move on from their status and instead transferred to a more gaming-focused website called Spawn of the Dead. However, they’re no longer solely an iPhone, Android and PC site, now you can get a PC gaming mobile site like 1Up mobile, which allows you to download and watch movies, play games, listen to music and it even offers downloads of cracked apps for your mobile phone or tablet.

Just remember that if you’re browsing a site that says its cracked, but it isn’t, that it’s going to lead you to some really terrible websites that may try to get something from you, like your personal information or infect your PC with malware. To prevent that, it’s best to only browse sites that are reputable, the guys at PCArea, PCGamesN, Kinguin and APKReal are all well known and provide good quality cracked software. Don’t download from a site that’s just a few days old and says its cracked. That’s the best way to find a cracked modded game.


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Flash Player is an application that enables websites to add multimedia in a webpage, so users can watch movies, listen to music, and play games in webpages. However, this application was prone to viruses that had been previously released. Adobe Flash Player has been found to have been recently installed and has been added to the latest Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player is a digital media container on the World Wide Web.

Nippy (Networked Information Pathway for anyone) is a protocol that is developed by Yahoo!. Using the Nippy protocol, the Yahoo! network translates messages into XML messages, which are in turn sent to websites. The pages are then converted back into HTML and are displayed in the browser. Though it was started by Yahoo!, the protocol is supported by others such as Microsoft, and is probably the largest file transfer protocol. Though it has a large following, no browser currently ships with the Nippy component.

Luminati is a social media network website with some streaming videos. It is a free website that helps you search for videos to stream. It allows you to search videos by keywords and view search results in a stream format. Well, It is just a cool website to find the best websites to download cracked.

It’s time to find out the biggest free torrent sites on the web. In this post, we’ve collected the top 10 torrent download sites with plenty of torrenting categories. We’ve included torrent sites that have a public API, torrent sites that have groups, over 40 torrent categories, and a few other details. Each site also has a link to its contribution page or donate button.


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There are many other websites that you may want to visit in order to download cracked software. There are lots of ways to get the cracked software. The best way to get it is to download software that is bundled with cracker tools.

Getpex – A Web-based utility, that you can install in your computer to download cracked software directly from Google or Microsoft’s official sites, without the need to have a separate cracked software websites.Getpexdoesn’t require you to install anything on your computer, only add the web address of the cracked software you want to download on the software installer you already have.

hay pre-categorized and sorted lists of cracked software for Windows, macOS, and Linux for different purposes, like developers, gamers, or business, and many more. Cracknow is a tool to browse through over 7000 cracked software, from which you can download for free, and even crack them, if needed.

The software is as easy as downloaded using the software you already have, you don’t need to download any software to crack or do any other modification, the software already is cracked, just install and you are set.

A web-based tool that allows downloading cracked software from several sources, like crackmd,, uploadedvn, etc. AllCracks makes you able to install cracked software directly, without any need to have a separate cracked software website.

NXSoftware has created a pretty impressive crack installer. This is a complete cracker suite that automatically uninstalls the software that comes along with the cracked windows version, in addition to being able to remove and replace any damaged registry entries. The installation of the cracked software takes less than 10 seconds.


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Next one on our list is a website that gives you a major collection of data for free. You can download torrents, movies, tv shows, music and games. It’s a great site to check for new movies to download. It has a big change every few days so take a look at it once in a while. Unlike other sites, it will update your torrents as soon as it is downloaded and added to the website.

This is one of the oldest sites on our list that gives you a huge collection of torrents and at a free price too. Another good thing about this site is that you can sign up in order to get much more features. The website has a large selection of movies and it is updated every day. You can also pay for premium subscription in order to get a lot more features. You can even download cracked software for pc at this site.

This site is on the second row in our list of the top 10 cracked software download sites. I like this site mostly because of its simplicity and ease of use. I can record torrents at this site quite easily. You can get the BitTorrent addon for your web browser as well if you want. The site allows you to have a free account to start with, but you’ll have to pay from 25$ onwards.

Unlike other major sites, 163 Blockbuster Video is too socially led. You can track and follow the latest trends by following or creating accounts with the major social media. Also, a few customers can earn the use of the site by posting reviews and referring friends. This serves as the only reason why the site is still among the top of the Internet.

Stealing money to support starving poor people and crack free stuff is not only the ethical thing to do, but also the smart thing to do. Here, you can download cracked programs at a price that you can afford. You will not be tracked and will be able to download with your newly-acquired pence.


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If you want to download all your games without paying for them, then this is the best website for you. This website is adding new games all the time, so you may not able to locate the game you want in their “top” section or their “ripped” section, but what you will find is the language is in German, so if you are not fluent then you may experience some difficulties, but if you can read german then you are just fine, just download the file and let the games downloading come, it will be enough time.

This website has all the games in 3 languages, which is in english, french and german, but the language is in English, so If you are a beginner and you dont know the german language you will be bit difficult. The website is not updated regularly, so once a week you may find new games. So if you want to download games without paying, this is a good website for you.

If you want a more frequent update of the website, then this is a good website for you. The website contains a list of free games that are not added by the developer, so there are older games that can be downloaded easily.

If you want to download games without paying, then this website is good for you. This website is designed so that you will not even notice it, it looks very simple, but what you will notice is that when you click on the search link, it will take you to the page, and it looks exactly the same as the previous page. So if you are still confused, than this website will be very good for you.

This website will give you all the games in a single page, you will not have to search for the games. The website is designed in such a way that it will provide you with game links and a description of each game. Although this website is designed in a way that can be understood by everyone, it has the German language so there is no way that you can have any difficulties while downloading the game.


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Aptoide has a wide collection of applications for Android and iOS platforms. You can download apps, games, music, books, comics, magazines and sports, etc, all at no cost. Aptoide is the simplest way to download apps and games. It is among the best apps and games to download for free. You can get the latest mobile app of your choice from their safe and secure server. Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and browsers are some of the platforms supported here. is a site dedicated to installing software for Windows. It supports Windows 64bit, Windows 10, Windows 8, etc. If you wish to download softwares for multiple platforms, you can go here. It has the largest collection of torrents and useful software programs.

DevianFTP is another website that lets you download OS software and torrent files. Moreover, its selection of OS software is huge, and you can download Mac OS, Linux, and Windows software from here.

CNet is one of the most reliable and useful web pages to download cracked software. It has a large collection of software for Windows and Mac OS X. You will find software for all types of people that you might be, from rookies to experts. Explore their categories and software easily

L-File is a fresh torrent site with more than 5,30,000 eBooks available for download. When you create an account on L-File, you can search for a book of your choice and download it. Additionally, it has a feature that allows you to download and read your books offline.

In the Torrent category, there is also one site that called as Sio2. It is a torrent site that makes it easy to download torrents and of course, ebooks. You can navigate to your favorite category, browse through the search form, download it and read it offline.


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It requires that you get into the mindset of a true pirate who downloads content on the internet, in this case, pirating software. Since the world around us is becoming more and more technological the illegal act of pirating is not a viable option in many cases, but the ideology of stealing content is still important to the survival of the Web. Some people believe that there are perfectly legitimate ways to download PC games and software without paying for them. To avoid trouble or get banned, the tine to do it is to pirate games. This can be done in many ways from using a crack program to spyware..

The pirated content on the internet can provide various types of entertainment like the legitimate content. It gives you an opportunity to grab content that is otherwise unavailable to you. Because the content is pirated, it is generally of a higher quality than the legitimate content on the internet. It is accessible and free for download. Many popular software titles such as applications, games, videos, eBooks, songs and more are available for download without any financial barrier. You can find software just about everywhere that can give you free stuff. You may take the liberty to download whatever your heart desires.

In general, most of the computer games are pirated. It might be so as to be readily available for download or perhaps allow the distribution of game code, which may enable the development of video games. Pirated software (which is also referred to as cracked software) may be illegal in some countries. However, most of the time the content is legal, thus providing an opportunity for gamers to get their hands on software without incurring subscription fees or upgrade costs.


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