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band in a box.rarFormer GoW boss John Baddiel is presenting The Lie, a new series on ITV2 beginning this Friday at 9pm. If you’re not familiar with Baddiel you may have heard of the long running But Did I Mention cult classic Branded – a British comedy and parody of American reality shows and reality-competition shows, the premise of which is that you can’t tell the difference between reality and vgle. That’s right, Reality Vs. Glitter. Check out the preview for the first episode below:


– Matt Lucas (Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff in Micromen)

– Rob Beckett (James Whale in Psychoville)

– Don Warrington (Grazer in FHM)

– Richard Osman (another Grazer in FHM)

– Terry Christian (The Denzel Washington in Entourage)

– Deedee Magno-Hall (The ex Chanel model in The Chris Moyles Show)

– Comedian of the Year John Baddiel

– Fitness Guru Andy Banks

– The Brilliant Olly Murs

– Crispin Glover (from Coen Brothers classic ‘The Big Lebowski’)

– Woman who plays Jo Brand

– Kim (the intergalactic crime boss in ‘Rikki Tikki Tavi’)

– Director of ‘Branded’ Ricky Mayne

– Olly Murs (further below)

– Jason Manford (the omnipresent So-So Quiz Show host)

– Tommy Knight (‘Fame Academy’ presenter)

– Raymond Welford (‘What’s My Fame Score?’)


That’s a decent enough cast list. We shall see. Tune in on Friday at 9pm to find out.

Now, here’s Olly Murs:

Nice! Here’s our guide to the series:

The Lie begins on ITV2 at 9pm tonight with John Baddiel presenting with the following cast…


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