Digital Gauges Free [Mac/Win] (Final 2022) 💣

Digital Gauges Free [Mac/Win] (Final 2022) 💣

Digital Gauges is a cross-platform application that will display data from the automotive sensors.
Now you can use this software to stay connected with your machine and be always informed.







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– Information about how the vehicle is performing: RPM, Acceleration, Temperature, Battery, etc.
– Show you the information of the gauges of your car or truck in the map.
– Easily able to see information of your own vehicle in a picture.
– Easily interpret the values on the screen.
– Shows the message (here) received from your vehicle.
– Automatically displays the status of the battery, and global status of the vehicle.


A free GPS software for Windows Mobile. GSQLite Maps For Smartphone is a freeware, clear, fast and complete map for mobile phones.
It is a GPS system combined with mapping tools and offers quick access to complete maps of the world.
It has a built-in database with GPS satellites, vehicles, roads, airports, city centers, points of interest, and navigation information, as well as full navigation from the database.
The GSQLite Map includes support for driving directions, connecting points, and distance measurement.


A smart GPS software for Mobile Phone (PPC), which can be installed and is free to use.
An universal application for all your GPS needs.
1. Maps
1- 1st – Landscape mode: you can connect to the Garmin maps or any other file format available for the application.
2- The built-in database: Garmin has added a database of sports and traffic, as well as many maps for ATV and another types of vehicles.
3- Quick access to navigation to destinations:
– By city name and coordinates
– By city name and driving direction
– By GPS coordinates
– By address and driving direction
– Overlay Google Map
– Connect to Garmin maps
– GPS and reverse direction (hinted)
4- Orientation: you can improve your driving by detecting your heading direction.
5- Turn by turn navigation: you can know where are you driving, and where are you going, and you can see the road on the map, and also if you are coming closer or farther.
6- Improved:
– Search: the whole world
– Different border colors
– You can see information about the roads near your position
– Custom map
– Improved start/stop button
– Settings saved
– Custom font
– Custom background image
– Display position/time
7- Speed:
– Speed limit (speed limit, no limit, border and

Digital Gauges

* Real-time information updates from various places within the application.
* The Digital Gauges Cracked Accounts are designed with a minimalist UI, the Digital Gauges Crack For Windows doesn’t get in the way of the data it is presenting.
* The data on the Digital Gauges will update every second.
* If a sensor value is invalid a warning message will be displayed.

The application was built for the Android operating system and can be used directly on your desktop as well.

The application is supported for the following devices: Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Huawei, ZTE and most of the android devices.

Note: All users (device owners) need to be either a registered Basic, Premier or Business subscriber for the full functionality of the application.

We are glad to inform you that when you start the application, you will see a splash screen, a message describing the functions of the application will be displayed on your screen.

Once you are done with the initializing process you will find the application on the home screen, and you can quickly start the application by clicking on it.

Digital Gauges is designed to be as intuitive and clean as possible.
The application displays a notification icon next to the application name, when some data is collected (the more reliable is the data, the larger the notification icon).
The notification icon lets you know the situation of the vehicle’s data.

To stop the notification icon is configured for 20 seconds. When you click on it, you will return to the Digital Gauges application.

To adjust the notification icon, click on the notification icon and choose the desired period for notification (it can be automatically, daily, weekly or every 2 hours).

Keep in mind that, if you turn off the mobile phone, the notification icon will not be visible.

In addition, the Digital Gauges application will have two screens; the first will display current sensor data (Steering Angle, RPM, Oil pressure, Electric current, Brake Pads), and the second will display the real-time map, the control screen, and other useful information.

The first screen displays 3 places of information. The Engine RPM sensor, the engine’s RPM, and the Oil pressure.
The second screen can be divided into the following areas:


Map -> shows the current location, in real-time.

Audio -> display the current engine noise.

Map -> shows the current route,

Digital Gauges Crack + X64 [2022]

This is an automotive data monitoring software.
It is compatible with the major brands of the auto sensors, such as Bosch, Siemens and the DAT.
Digital Gauges comes as a standalone app which is not dependent on any vehicle manufacturer, and is an easy-to-install and maintain.
It runs in the background and displays the vehicle data, for example, engine RPM, speedometer, speed, maximum speed, odometer, distance, power of the wheels and much more.
It is safe and reliable.
Digital Gauges has many automotive sensors installed drivers which can be configured individually for each user or all at once to select all sensors of the same model.
It is fully compatible with iOS and Android.
The application is developed using C++, Qt, and IO Core.
**For the study of high-precision automotive sensors**
**You can be informed about the development, sensors and other components developed for this app**
1- The app is totally free of any advertisements.
2- The app uses the GPS to detect the location of the device.
3- The app has a lot of sensors that support almost all modern vehicles, for example, GPS, GPRS, GLONASS, cell phone, Bluetooth.
4- The app configures all sensors connected to the vehicle, and is displayed on the display.
5- The app supports groups of sensors.
6- The app supports a lot of independent configurations, for example, select a particular group of sensors, the speed of the vehicle, the amount of fuel used, the speed of rotation of the wheels, the mileage, the temperature of the vehicle.
7- The application can use the GPS to get the current location of your device.
8- There is a large category of historical data of all sensors connected to the vehicle.
9- There is a detailed revision of the main window.
10- Using the lock screen, the app can display the list of sensors, for example, when you unlock your phone, you can scroll through it to identify all the sensors and configure them individually.
11- The application has a very intuitive interface.
12- The application is very reliable, because it is developed by experts and engineers with a lot of experience.
13- The application has a large number of users worldwide.
14- When creating an account, you can remove your name, email address and password with a strong password of any length.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.5GHz
Memory: 2GB
Video: ATI Radeon HD 2600XT (256 MB)
Sound: Sound Card
Conversion: Divx
Price: $19.99
C# Windows Phone 8.1 Device Emulator Display
I am developing a windows phone app for windows phone 8.1

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