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The Lands Between is a large world where the lands are clearly divided into places from an original fantasy world, and you can explore and battle your enemies.


Elden Ring is the first game that is made under the “Cross genre” concept.

Cross genre means a game that can be enjoyed with ease and the game can be enjoyed without any prejudice, like Mario, Zelda, Street Fighter, and many others.

In Elden Ring, you can enjoy traditional action adventure in an original fantasy world.


We at Never Be Game are aiming to provide you a responsible and better game.


We ask that you work hard to improve your skills.


Working hard is never enough, you need to improve yourself constantly.


As a player, you have to try to improve yourself from the beginning.


However you enjoy the game, always try to work hard and maintain a good attitude.

5. Keep Everything in Mind

Never forget to think about how you feel or how you play.

6. Never-Ending Departure

Always try to maintain good grades and good well being.

7. Find your own way to the top

You have the power to help yourself, so there are many ways to improve yourself.

8. Learn how to improve yourself

Everyone has their own way to improve and it is up to you to find yours.

9. Thank you for playing Elden Ring

We are all looking forward to having you play Elden Ring


Never Be Game is a French developer specializing in online games for iOS and Android devices. After having released several titles such as The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Monster Core, and Super Paper Mario, they are now working to develop their latest game, Elden Ring.

They aim to develop games that are free from DRM.

They also aim to provide not only free games but also great experience with fair and appropriate compensation.

To that end, they have recently decided to adopt the “


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Engaging character customization options
  • Unique Battle System
  • Epic Story Line
  • A vast world full of exciting dungeons
  • Engaging narrative
  • A more stable online experience with fewer long delays
  • Elden Ring Setting

    • Knuckles is a now extinct race of pure magicians who live in the Far-Eastern mountains of Astrallah. They are an indomitable group of people who resisted the constant persecution of the Inexorable Inuit Empire. In the era of the Far-Eastern Empire they lived near a mineral-rich volcano, and long ago they created a facility using lava-saturated rock to create a gateway to another world in the far distance. They secretly called this secret facility Shadowland. Others stumbled upon this facility many years ago and called it Hell’s Gate.

    • There was a time in the Far Eastern mountains when the people of Knuckles were a peaceful and quiet race. However, due to the young emperor Vajk the first’s nagging desire for power, they began to plunder the riches of the land, and are finally beginning to lose their traditions and customs. Demonic magic curses and the power of money corrupt the empire and cause it to expand its territory. After all these happenings, a horrible but capable sorcerer named Esquatch appears and the war has begun between these opposing forces. Their long history and struggle against Esquatch now leaves numerous with the curse of demonic magic, the King of Knuckles was exterminated with his entire palace including his family. The heir of the royal line was a young boy whose mother was a virgin brought from the Far-Eastern capital.


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    Elden Ring Free


    The next FF RPG on PS4 has finally arrived. We were surprisingly impressed at the look and feel of this game’s presentation, and the choice of voice actors and game art is top notch. The cutscenes are immersive and filled with everything you could ask for in a cinematic RPG. The soundtrack is also a welcome addition, with a solid selection of songs that keep your attention and have you feeling like you’re in another world. Unfortunately, the main reason we were taken by surprise was the game’s gameplay. It’s pretty good, by itself, but when you start to look at the game as an MMO, it has some glaring flaws. There’s a lot of ways you could spend your time in this game. If you’re more interested in completing the story and haven’t invested much time into the side quests or PvP, you’re gonna be out of luck. But if you really like the world and the open-ended freedom of exploring this fantasy realm, you can spend days and days searching for hidden treasures and testing your luck in the dungeons. The combat is a little stiff, but the lack of any real difficulty aside from a few endgame bosses means it will never be frustrating. You get the feeling that you’re getting this game for free, like Overwatch, and every time you think it’s going to be awesome and you couldn’t be happier, it only gets worse.

    Game Reactions Reviews: Playstation 4 version Reviews:

    Elden Ring is a fun fantasy JRPG, but its gameplay doesn’t match its promise.


    Elden Ring is a fantasy JRPG with a cult following around the world, with a particularly large following among the Over 9000 fans. This sequel to Over 9000 offers up a similar type of adventure for the player, who can dive into a huge city, run around exploring and hunting, and even explore the deeper dungeons. It is a very open world fantasy title, with a wide range of modes and options for the player to enjoy, and it also has a strong focus on storytelling and character building. It takes elements from some of the best action RPGs out there, as well as the evolution of action role-playing games, and builds a new style based on it.

    Elden Ring is a fantasy JRPG with a cult following around the world, with a particularly large following among the Over 9000 fans. This sequel to Over 9000 offers up a similar type of adventure for the player


    Elden Ring Product Key Full Free Download

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    Gameplay ELDEN RING game:

    User Info: tghjgs tghjgs 3 years ago #5 (c)SEGA and id

    SEGA and id Partners

    | | | | | | | | | |

    · For the First Time, SEGA and id join forces to open a new world with the development of The New Fantasy Role Playing.

    · Their collaboration on RPGs is a long-term collaboration that will continue into the next generation, when SEGA will release new titles.

    | | | | | | | | | |

    · From today onward, it is confirmed that is under development.

    · Development is progressing smoothly.

    · Development is progressing smoothly.

    Status Report

    · The official stance is “We can’t say anything.”

    · Since that, there have been no updates regarding the status of The New Fantasy Role-playing.

    Interview Part 2

    Interview Part 2

    Interview Part 2

    Interview Part 2

    December 3, 2013

    Elden Ring Interview – Character Design Part 1

    By: Kazunori Kodama (Director), Yuusuke Murata (Director) Interview Part 1 by: Kazunori Kodama (Director), Yuusuke Murata (Director) Dear Elden Ring fans. Fans of exploration, friends, and voice actors, thank you for your interest in the game.

    Here, we will talk about the fantasy RPG, The New Fantasy Role-playing.

    The title of the game is The New Fantasy Role-playing. In the project planning, we tried to express the “tarnished” image. The overall setting of the game is also called “The Lands Between”.

    The information we’ve provided so far is already quite interesting, but we’re still working on character design and the graphics.

    First, we will provide some character design information.


    Boil is a character from the world of The New Fantasy Role-


    What’s new:

    ■ 12th Online Role Playing Game Release date: Dec. 12, 2018


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Extract the.exe and then run it
  • Click "Shared" in the dropdown
  • Click "Install"
  • v1.0.4.1

    Install Instructions:
    1. Unzip the package to any folder
    2. Open the folder with the game
    3. Run the game via Steam or GoG
    4. Run the Crack
    5. Enjoy!

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