Savings Meter Crack License Keygen Free Download For PC ❎

Savings Meter Crack License Keygen Free Download For PC ❎







Savings Meter Crack + With License Key For Windows

■ Choose the amount of money you want to save for, whether you want to save for a period of time, or just save up whenever.
■ The time will automatically be added for you.
■ You can choose what you want to save up towards, such as a birthday, anniversary or a holiday.
■ As you make and save deposits, you will be able to see how far you’ve saved towards your goal.
■ Press the plus button to add to savings, and the minus button to remove from savings.
■ Use the currency menu to change your currency symbols, and add them to the widget background or text.
■ You can add a payment for yourself if you want to pay money back, but know that the full amount will be added back to your savings instead of your bank account.
■ If you want to pay back an amount, just click ‘pay back’ and you’ll be able to pay any amount you want.
■ If you want to clear all the amounts you’ve saved up to anything not in the’savings’ category, use the dropdown menu at the top.
■ Create more widgets by going to Yahoo! Widget Engine, and create a new widget.
■ You can have as many widgets as you want, but be aware that you will need to set up each one separately.
■ The Savings meter Crack will allow you to see the amount of money you have in savings towards your goal, and you can use the plus/minus button to add/remove money from savings.
The following are things you can do with this widget:
■ Change the background or text of the widget
■ Set an alarm for your specific amount of money
■ Use a custom currency symbol
■ Pay back any money you owe
■ Sort the widget by descending or ascending order
■ Set to paying back, and receive an email when a goal is reached or when you’ve paid back
In the extras section, you can also choose if you want to reset the’money’ figure that is shown on the left of the Widget at any time.
If you have any problems, comments, suggestions or new ideas, feel free to message me in the comments below, or directly through the Yahoo! account I give at the top of this description.
For more widgets and more features, visit

Savings Meter PC/Windows

If you’re doing something where you want to visually show how much you’re saving for, a Savings meter Torrent Download is just the thing.
Here’s how it works:
■ When you go to a widget page (when you’re logged into Yahoo!, for instance), you’ll be taken to the savings meter Widget page
■ Click the Widget to get more details, and you’ll be taken to the page below.
■ Click on either a saving or a paying amount to get more details.
■ When you hover over a bar, it’ll tell you how much you have saved so far.
■ There’s also a handy textbox where you can set the amount of your goal.
Using the Widget:
■ Click on “ADD” at the top of the Widget to add it
■ To edit the text on the left (what you’re saving for) or the text above the bars (from where you’re saving), first click on the Widget.
■ Now go to the right side (or in IOS, click on the bar under where you want to change)
■ Click on the small button next to where you want to edit the text
■ Delete any text if you want to use a new one
■ If you want to know when you’ve reached your savings goal, simply use the “checking” option on the right side
■ If you’re paying back to someone else, click on the “paying” option instead, to display the text and amount you want to pay back
Here’s how your savings meter Widget will look:
[b]Text at the top[b]
[text]You can also add a custom image to the left of the bar.[/text][b]
[b]Savings Amount[b]

Savings Meter Crack + [March-2022]

1. Drag this to your homescreen.
2. Click on “Change Widget” on the top right of the Widget.
3. Select “Options”
4. Click on “Save”.
5. Select “Next”.
6. Click on “Finish” and you’re done!

Version 1.1:
– Now works on the home screen properly, and allows you to drag the Widget wherever you like!
– Also a small detail is that the Widget is now resized (thanks to the user soundwave2531 for the tip!) so you can fit it on the home screen!

Yahoo! Widget Engine version: 2.5.1



5 stars by: Erosict

Reviewed on: 7/9/2014

This is a fantastic Widget for any time-saving freak!

When I first downloaded and installed the Widget, I set it to the home screen because I couldn’t find a place to drop it in the main screen. After a little searching I found a place and I thought I had to be looking in the wrong place. Then it occurred to me that I can’t open the Widget in the app drawer. After searching the google and googling the error returned, I found out why. Apparently that is because of the Yahoo! Widget Engine version 2.5.1. Thank you Google for telling me something that I could have guessed by myself. Anyway I can’t have it there so I moved it to the home screen. When I did so, I thought to myself “Well, this is pretty useless, I could have put it to the main screen”. In the time where I thought about it I found the ‘Drag & Drop to Home Screen’ option in ‘Change Widget’ page, and I did it. The Widget works just fine on the home screen now! Thank you saevionsmeter for making a really good Widget. Also, thanks to everyone who voted the widget on the widget review! Thanks.


4 stars by: blackmik

Reviewed on: 6/8/2014


i like this widget,very useful.


4 stars by: EM3ND

Reviewed on: 4/4/2014

It works better on the home screen than when

What’s New in the Savings Meter?

Savings Meter is a Yahoo! widget that visually represents what you have saved, what you owe, and what you’ve yet to save for.
It works over different currencies (US$, GBP, or EUR, and other custom amounts set by the user), with a custom image for the left and a handy context menu that allows you to add or remove amounts in increments of 5, 10, or 100.
When the amount owed goes below zero, it’ll tell you you can’t pay it back, or if you should save for it, etc.
Customizable colours of the background and text (useful if you’re running more than one instance, or for adding a Widget to a website)
Paying back – If you’re paying back an amount already owed, it will show the balance in a subtotal box. If you have enough to pay back the complete sum, the total box will show the total.
Telling you how much is left to go – The top box will show how much is yet to go, either as a positive figure or a negative one if you’re paying back money. The bottom box will show how much is owed, and how much is yet to save for.
Make sure to rate this Widget. It is used by many people around the world.
Savings meter home page for changes:

Any issues?
Please submit support requests in the comments below.
If you would like to download free samples from this app, simply go to my Widget page (listed above), and there is a link to the free-samples folder within the app.
Go ahead and download them. These samples work just like the paid samples, but you’re not required to buy anything.
Happy widget making!
Copyright 2009, Google, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of the Widget Engine may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of Google Inc.
While I would love it if you gave me some credit, please do not use my images or website in any way without asking. Thank You!
Supporting me through:

IMPORTANT: For security reasons, I highly recommend that you register your account on my Website first.

System Requirements For Savings Meter:

PlayStation 4:
Xbox One:
Additional Notes:

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