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Deinonic’s analysis, «The problem is that when you mix open source and closed source together, people will get confused» is more a function of the user community and culture around open source, then if there really was a problem (let’s face it, when he says he doesn’t get why people would want to, he just doesn’t and doesn’t go out of his way to reach out to them to try and understand it).

It was at Devoxx in 2007 and given the company’s size and the general maturity of the community, people started discussing how to sell reseller licenses and who’s selling what. Given what you’re saying, it sounds like this might have been the only time they discussed something like this.

How can someone who believes that «If something is free, it’s usually not very good» feel the need to approach people and tell them that they’re stupid and that what they’re doing and forking the (free) entire product is a bad idea when compared to what the company is doing?

Some of the most popular and well loved open source projects like MySQL and PHP have been around a very long time and had a very active community but where (to the best of my knowledge) they’ve never approached people with this lack of respect?

There’s a reason why people post some of the most insane religious rants on forums and not on IRC, it’s because it provides an environment that fosters growth and makes people less likely to point fingers and scream, «You’re stupid» in their face.

Perhaps he’s getting a different impression from the community itself. If Achanak is interested in talking to people and improving the situation, I’d be really interested in hearing some more information about that.

In short, he’s taking the view that if you disagree with the big-company viewpoint, your livelihood is at stake. In practice, I think I’m quite happy to live in an environment where a company owns the right to turn my day-to-day work away from me, so long as I also own the right to withdraw those «benefits» at any time.

The Devoxx video mentioned in the previous post is part of a presentation from Oracle at that event that explains the issues with the MySQL company’s licensing model more clearly. You can find the slides online here.

You can find that video’s URL in the comments, I’d also recommend watching the 4:00 mark of that video, from

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