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How to get the «Swift» compiler to help you write short and idiomatic Swift?

What are the best ways (or tips) to:

make shorter codes?
encourage the compiler to do that for you?

I’ve tried these methods but none of them worked:

Use concise and idiomatic Swift
Avoid bridged types (e.g. I have a view, an array of view, and a set of items to be added to the array of views )
Strip all the legacy code — leave only the relevant parts (e.g. 4+ views — just use an array)
Conform to Cocoa naming (e.g. URL in interface)

I’m currently programming in a small team of people using Xcode 8.2 and Swift 3.2.
I want to be more concise, as concise as possible, and I encourage the team to also. I also want to be able to deal with future changes in swift without having to go back and change all of the code. The process of maintaining a code is time consuming and tedious for some members of the team.
What is the best way to do that?


Do you have a way to jump to definition in your editor? If so, perhaps you can find other idiomatic ways to write your code.
If you can’t jump to definition, and your editor doesn’t have

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Now the east Antarctic ice sheet is the thickest
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It may hold 30 times as much water as the
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And these are these giant ice shelves.
These are enormous glaciers that basically
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And the idea that these ice shelves would
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But since the 1990s, there’s been an alarming
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And as it is melting at a very rapid rate.
This has caused a new theory to surface.
Previously we talked about the four causes
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The first being the thermal expansion of the
The second would be the melting of glaciers
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The third would be the melting of ice caps
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The problem is that the water that’s stored
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And when it gets heated up, the ocean and
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And these amounts of water entering the atmosphere
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This is why nobody’s worried about sea level
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But if there is still the effect of thermal
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And now there is a new problem for scientists
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Over the years, the East Antarctic ice has
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And during this period of growth, it’s grown
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