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MacMillan Encyclopedia of Architecture, Engineering and Art: selected entries, 6th edition (2005)

The British architect Lord Norman Foster was one of the first to try and use computers for computer-aided design (CAD). In the 1970s, Foster built his own CAD system using punch cards and sophisticated custom hardware. He demonstrated this system at the 1973 Paris Salon du Graphisme Industriel. This is one of the earliest known instances of computer-aided design.

AutoCAD was developed in 1982 by Autodesk, a software development company founded in 1982. At the time, CAD applications were most commonly done on mainframe computers, but most CAD users at Autodesk were dissatisfied with this interface and wanted a way to access the applications from their desktop.

Autodesk started developing CAD applications for desktop computers. In 1985, Autodesk co-founder Stephen Russell held a presentation at the University of California at Santa Cruz titled “The Future of Computer-Aided Design.” (The paper can be read online here.) In the presentation, Russell indicated that a new CAD system would be available in the third quarter of that year.

The first products based on this CAD system were initially available as software for a DOS operating system. Later, the software was also made available for the Apple Macintosh operating system.

According to Autodesk, by the third quarter of 1985, over 25,000 people had purchased a license for CAD. By 1990, that number had grown to 100,000. According to Autodesk, by April 1992, the number of licensed CAD users in the world was greater than 1 million. At the time of Autodesk’s purchase of Architext, this was the largest CAD user base of any software company.

AutoCAD was the world’s best-selling CAD program by 1996 and continued to be a strong performer in the years to follow. In December 2000, Autodesk sold AutoCAD and other architectural, engineering and product design software programs to an Italian firm called Dassault Systèmes. After it was purchased by Autodesk in December 2002, Dassault Systèmes sold AutoCAD to Autodesk for $121 million.

AutoCAD models may be loaded onto a laser plotter, via a raster image processor (RIP), and saved as a graphic file for use on a 2D graphics or page layout program. There are two types of raster image processors

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Public-domain AutoCAD packages
Hands On AutoCAD contains all of the same drawing tools as the full version of AutoCAD, and also includes several public-domain toolbars and dialogs that are independent of the AutoCAD license.

Other public-domain AutoCAD programs include:

RoboCAD, a modeling tool based on AutoCAD LT, for robotics
Kicad, a free Electronic design automation (EDA) tool
Linotec OneShape, a free parametric design software

Electronic product design
Electronic design is the design and manufacture of electronic devices. This includes designing PCB’s, designing electronic circuits, designing components, designing software, designing mechanical systems and designing mechanical and electrical parts.

These products allow the drafting of electronic circuits.

How to easily design your next electronic product with Autodesk Drawing & Modeling software
Autodesk product categories include 3D and 2D tools to help designers create and visualize designs.

Accelerated technologies
Accelerated technologies involve hardware and software techniques that either increase speed or reduce the amount of data that needs to be stored and used. These include specialized hardware acceleration techniques, multi-threading, floating-point operations, compression, drawing order optimization, intelligent caching, and hardware interfaces.

Software-only acceleration
Software-only acceleration techniques (SOA) are similar to accelerated technologies in that they increase speed and/or reduce the amount of data. SOA software involves using software to accelerate a calculation. Autodesk products have several APIs for software-only acceleration techniques, including:

VBA for Access: For Windows Vista and later, Access 2007 and later allow developers to use VBA scripting to run C/C++ and Visual Basic code.
Visual LISP (V-LISP): V-LISP is an interpreted programming language, which is an extension of LISP. It is written in Visual Basic, and allows drawing elements to appear and interact with the computer user interface (UI) and command line. It is used in the AutoCAD, PowerLISP, and DesignCenter products. It can also be used in conjunction with other products, such as Altair HyperCAD.
Visual Control Language (VCL): VCL was introduced in AutoCAD 2000. VCL can run in Access, and can be used to create components for use with AutoCAD.
AutoCAD extension and

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Click on «Properties»
Click on «License».
Click on «Generate License».

A license file (.lic) file will be generated.

How to use the license file
Click on the.lic file
Close Autocad.
Go to the folder that has the same name as the license file.
You will see that Autocad is activated and working.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Conceptualize your drawings with pencil and paper. Automatically scale and annotate the dimensioned paper drawings into 2D CAD. Plus, apply color and effects to your conceptualized drawings. (video: 1:31 min.)

Add your markups to drawings with an AutoCAD shortcut button. Import your markups right into your project by simply pressing a button on your keyboard or use any available button on the Ribbon.

XREF: Real Time Cross Reference:

Highlight, organize and tag your XREF while editing your drawings. With a single click, XREF automatically updates as you work, and jump to any highlighted tag or XREF term. (video: 1:06 min.)

Check out the New Features

Using AutoCAD more efficiently

Whenever you open a drawing, you’ll notice improvements in navigation and time-saving features in AutoCAD. Navigate with ease, with improved navigation on the Ribbon and in the ribbon tabs.

Try our innovative navigation on the Ribbon tabs

With the redesigned tabs, you’ll have more of what you need right at your fingertips. Clicking on the tab header will take you straight to that particular section of the drawing window.

You’ll notice the new Ribbon tabs are quite simply labeled in blue and are easily visible, even if you’re working at the bottom of the drawing window. Click a tab to access the tools, icons, and commands you need.

When you find the icon or command you want on a drawing, you can quickly and easily get to it by clicking the command, or hitting the SHIFT key and the icon.

Tooltips are now more precise

The best way to learn AutoCAD is to play. With help from our team of developers, we’ve been collecting information about commands, tools and much more, so you can quickly access information on screen. But it can be a bit overwhelming to access that information on screen. That’s why we’ve added tooltips to give you an even clearer view of what a command, tool or other item does.

To access the tooltip for a command or tool, simply hover your cursor over the command, icon or tool you want to use. The tooltip is displayed with more information in easy-to-read format and is designed to give you more than just the name of the command.

When you’re working on a

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