Buchikome High Kick V1 13 Zip ##VERIFIED## 📂

Buchikome High Kick V1 13 Zip ##VERIFIED## 📂

Buchikome High Kick V1 13 Zip ##VERIFIED## 📂

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Buchikome High Kick V1 13 Zip

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High Kick 3D CRASH

Teen high kick Three Dimensional Crash – CG Action Movie – You control the vehicle and try to avoid the on…

High Kick 3D CRASH

Teen high kick Three Dimensional Crash – CG Action Movie – You control the vehicle and try to avoid the oncoming car.
– Fully configurable controls
– Low consumption
– High quality output
– Simple and clean design
– 3D graphics and sound
– 8 original levels
– Playable in full screen and window mode

published: 02 Mar 2013

THADAPOSTRATE-High Kick 2 (2014) | Tha Dapostrate

Fentanyu wins Tha Dapostrate “High Kick” W/ Special Guest!.
High Kick 2 is the sequel to THADAPOSTRATE’s “High Kick” video in which he faces off against his fan ThaDapostrate. In this video ThaDapostrate faces off against the 2nd time fan that ThaDapostrate beat him at the end of High Kick. This time ThaDapostrate is serving up what’s probably the biggest beat down I’ve seen from him to his fan. ThaDapostrate shows a level of excitement that he hasn’t shown since his days in EnvyCode, as he swings his high kicks with all his might. THADAPOSTRATE brings his best, more confident and aggressive footwork to the match. Even though ThaDapostrate doesn’t seem to be scared of High Kick, he gets a bit too excited and ends up dropping a few signature moves to get beat. Thadapostrate and his girl appear to be in complete love and also gives fans a nice view of her sexy body. After learning of High Kick 2 I was looking forward to seeing ThaDapostrate go in, but when he actually shows up for the match you can tell he’s been drinking… He doesn’t seem to be in the best shape and it really shows. He doesn’t seem to have what it takes anymore and seems to be starting to give up during the match. In the end Thadapostrate wins, but it’s a war of attrition and you can tell ThaDapostrate is starting to struggle, while THADAPOSTRATE

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