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Elastique Pitch is a free pitch modifying tool plugin that enhances the sound of your DAW of choice by way of efficient and intuitive interface.
The plugin offers the user the basic function of a conventional pitch bending pedal using a configurable operator. Connect a signal line to the plugin and connect the software plug-in to your audio interface for easy use.
Out of the box the plugin can modify pitch in real time or assign an automatable high or low pitch to a parameter track.
Combine pitch shifting with any number of other functions, such as compression and EQ, and the plugin delivers an outstanding set of tools to mix, master and edit your tracks.
Whether you’re exploring new avenues in your music and production or improving your sounds by way of sound design, Elastique Pitch is the plugin that you’ve been waiting for.
– Configurable operator
– High and Low parameters linked to timbre (either analog or quantised)
– Polyphonic pitch shifting
– Scale and octave automation
– Multiple functions in the spectrum
– Automatable high and low pitch control× Thanks for reading! Log in to continue. Enjoy more articles by logging in or creating a free account. No credit card required. Log in Sign up {{featured_button_text}}

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Elastique Pitch 2.32.0

Elastique Pitch is a pitch shifter plugin for the sample-based digital audio workstation, DAWs.
The plugin aims to allow for easy pitch shifting of music tracks in DAWs such as FL Studio, Reaper or Steinbergs Cubase. With this plugin you can easily and quickly alter the pitch of an instrument, create simple pre-sets, and most importantly, create complex pre-sets.
This pitch shifter has presets built into it. These presets are designed so that they can easily be adjusted for different situations where you may need a different pitch shift preset than another. For example, you may want one that will be suitable for guitar and one that will be suitable for a bassline.
Ease of Use and Customization:
Ease of use and flexibility is what makes Elastique Pitch so great. This pitch shifter allows for easy, intuitive, customizable usage and includes many useful features.
First of all, Elastique Pitch includes presets to assist you in using this pitch shifter. These include presets designed for easy use and customizability. For example, one of the presets is designed for guitar, but if you change the settings from this preset, you will be able to use the plugin on other instruments.
Every time you use a preset, the settings will be stored in the configuration file. This makes it easy and easy to share the presets with others in your studio.
Secondly, the settings will be stored in a configuration file. This makes it easy to use the presets you create for other projects.
Furthermore, Elastique Pitch can be used intuitively. Elastique Pitch is designed to be as easy to use as possible. This means that even if you have never used a DAW, you will be able to use the pitch shifter with ease.
You can adjust the settings for each sound by using Elastique Pitch’s interface which resembles an x-y axis. By moving the slider, you can change the pitch value of each sound while also changing the timbre value at the same time.
When you unlink the two properties, the slider will allow you to move anywhere on the x-y axis. With Elastique Pitch, you can easily and quickly adjust the pitch of your tracks.
The plugin comes with an adjustable ‘Tracked’ setting. If you turn this option on, then the pitch shifter will only trigger when you actually play the instrument. This makes it easy and intuitive to use

Elastique Pitch 2.32.0 Incl Product Key

With Elastique Pitch, you can alter the pitch of any audio channel of any sound clip by simply dragging the slider along the x-y axis that is represented graphically in the interface.

This plugin can be used to change the pitch of any audio channel in any audio clip. It contains no restriction in respect to the number of channels you can change at once, the sample rate of your audio, or any other parameter. You can even change the pitch of a sound that has some overlapping channels.

Plugins and Settings:
Key Command:

The range of the pitch shifts can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the slider on the x-y axis in the different modes.

Pitch Shift:

The plugin comes with multiple modes (static, linear and logarithmic)


This plugin does not have any layers, you can only use it on multiple tracks.


The interface resembles an X-Y axis in the range 0 to 800 units.


The detail and roll-off of the filter can be turned on and off to produce a “smoother” or “unfiltered” sound.


The plugin contains a lot of settings and controls; it is recommended that you read the available documentation at the vendor website.

How to use Elastique Pitch plugin:

1. Setup

Open Ableton Live, make sure it is running in your selected sample rate and channel count.

Ableton offers different sample rates and channel count combinations for different audio formats. In this case, we’ll use 44.1 kHz for Stereo and 16 for Mono.

Now press the record button and record your playing track. Set the sampling rate as the midi track is set to.

2. Automation and controlling the plugin

If you are controlling Elastique Pitch through an effect pedal, assign a MIDI channel to the plugin. You can do this by pressing and holding the Shift key and then select “Send to MIDI”. The MIDI file will be created in the location where Live is running.

The MIDI channel you have to send the event is different for each type of plugins. In our example, we’ll send the pitch from MIDI Channel 13, which is a direct control of pitch bending effect pedals like the Ableton Pitch Fender. In

What’s New in the Elastique Pitch?

Elastique Pitch has been developed with the most common pitch bending technologies in mind.
At its core is the idea of setting the pitch by using the entire range of the 2 dimensional pitch axis, instead of manipulating it with a single slider. It combines the best of both worlds, allowing you to adjust the pitch directly by using a single slider.
Elastique Pitch Features:
• Instantly change pitch between octaves
• Adjust the pitch all the way down to 0 Hz (inclusive)
• Playback and Record the modified pitch
• Adjustable of the grid to make view more convenient
• Mathematically formulate the pitch problem
• Mute the sound if it exceeds your desired interval
• Pitch shifting algorithms
• Demo version with a simple algorithm which is impossible to use
• Rack plugin
• Mac OSX and Windows 64 bit platform
• 12 months of updates

Rastamak is an instrument which works with a concept of time by syncing two synths together. It builds sound waves in its own system of movement. A single waveform can be looped endlessly while at the same time it rotates with the other synth. Waveforms that are created in this system can be filtered, beat played upon, pitch shifted etc. A basic instrument that can be expanded to what ever you want.

Retro Detective: The web is full of various sound packs that are mixed and mastered on various digital audio workstations, consoles and recorders, that have been prepared for the purpose of downloading. How to use these and where to place them for each particular purpose?

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Arnout Keuning is both writer and producer with a passion for electronic music and dub/dubstep since the beginnings of the genre. Back in 2007, Keuning released his very first mixes of the genre on the now-defunct Mixing Skool website. Shortly after, Keuning joined dBridge, Dubtechnics & Dubstep24 to give out advice and production techniques for dubstep and dubstep producers worldwide.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64bit.
Processor: Dual Core 3.0 GHz.
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 10 GB free space
DirectX: Version 9.0
Video Card: NVIDIA G92, AMD HD 5770
Additional Notes:
-Windows 7 64bit, UE4, Black edition
-Minimum specifications are only for my gaming computer as of now. Because my computer doesn’t support HD 5xxx series. It is recommended to use an older graphic


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