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Category:2014 software
Category:Mobile softwareIn recent years, the idea of OpenStreetMap as a more reliable and transparent place-mapping resource than Google Maps has gained considerable traction. The most recent example is this news story from the Daily Telegraph about Google’s business practices with regard to its mapping services:

Mapping giant Google has revealed that it secretly improved its maps in several countries without revealing the intervention to local authorities. The company admitted it had secretly matched people’s home and business addresses with their real-world locations to improve the accuracy of its maps. In Germany, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Google altered its maps to fix road directions and to show addresses more accurately. This process was also used to create more detailed maps in Egypt and parts of Africa… However, contrary to popular belief, the changes made by Google were neither accidental nor devious: Google deliberately altered the location data for search accuracy.

I.e. not adding “OK Google” or more accurate directions but simply omitting locations that it knows aren’t real. The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung has published the findings of the investigation into these revelations.

And, as French netizen Pascal Lax shows in the following map, a huge impact of Google’s newly improved map data is clearly visible in this case.

(Google as seen by Lax on 22 February 2015)

On top of this, Lax details that Google doesn’t always use the satellite imagery it receives from the US government as a basis for its maps. Rather, Google sometimes uses imagery from foreign countries.

So basically, Lax adds (yet again), Google Maps is a massively over-extended Google-knows-everything-better-than-you resource.

Lax concludes the article:

Yet, as the prevalence of Google Maps in the car infotainment systems of many manufacturers shows, we can’t do without it… [W]e’ll never get rid of Google, no matter how many complaints we lodge against it. But we can make the right use of it – and that’s the way to make it a more reliable, useful and sustainable resource… And then it won’t be just Google Maps, the Google Street View and Google Earth we’ll be complaining about. All maps will be distorted and flawed and rotten in spirit, because they will be made by people. But still, with the power of

Huawei Zte Doro Pantech Micromax Unlocker V1 5 1 24
Huawei Zte Doro Pantech Micromax Unlocker V1 5 1 24
Huawei Zte Doro Pantech Micromax Unlocker V1 5 1 24 youtube || channelebtits

Category: Information technology companies of China
Category:Companies based in Changchun
Category:Companies established in 2009New citizens of the State of Hawaii are sworn into citizenship during a naturalization ceremony on Capitol Hill in Honolulu. (Cory Lum/Civil Beat)

The number of new U.S. citizens has continued its slow upward trend during the last two years, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

There are less than 2,500 new citizens every month, meaning about 4,800 people a month in Hawaii became U.S. citizens in 2017. That’s about 3 percent more than in 2016, or about 7,800 Hawaiians becoming citizens each year.

USCIS said between 18,700 and 19,700 people became U.S. citizens in 2016. About 19,600 new citizens were also added last year, which is approximately the same number of people a month.

But in 2016, about 25,700 people in Hawaii became U.S. citizens, said Christine Chen, director of communications for the National Immigration Forum, an advocacy group that supports immigration issues.

The 2017 number is still slightly less than that.

“So there are half a million or more people in the U.S. who have become U.S. citizens,” Chen said.

She said the low numbers of new citizens this year compared to previous years can partly be explained by the fact that those newly naturalized citizens were already on Social Security and Medicare.

“There were more who were already on Social Security and Medicare,” she said. “There were more who were already born in the U.S. and were U.S. citizens and had no one to sponsor them.”

Chen said the Hawaii numbers are well under national averages, which have recently fluctuated between about 180,000 and 160,000 new U.S. citizens each year for the last three years.

The growth in the number of people becoming U.S. citizens is partly due to the fact that federal immigration policy has been changed since 2012, Chen said.

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