StartAllBack 1.08 Crack [Win/Mac] [Latest 2022] 🚀

StartAllBack 1.08 Crack [Win/Mac] [Latest 2022] 🚀

With Windows 11 officially released, users who want to enjoy the power of the new operating system must get accustomed to the new desktop layout and the enhanced looks. While many embrace the novelty, some are not so excited about the changes in appearance, especially since the main working area, the desktop, suffered a few significant changes.
If you are among the ones who don’t like change too much and want to stay in a working environment that is familiar, then you will surely enjoy StartAllBack. Created by the developers of the popular StartIsBack application, StartAllBack is an enhancement tool specifically designed to bring back the classic layout and looks to a Windows 11 computer.
Tweak Windows 11 and restore the familiar looks in Windows 10 
What StartAllBack does is restore the classical look of the taskbar, the File Explorer, Windows context menus and the Start menu, of course. Once installed, StartAllBack makes the revamped user interface of Windows 11 disappear and restores the elements that you are familiar with from previous OS iterations.
Please keep in mind that StartAllBack is specifically designed for Windows 11 and will not work on any older operating system. If you want to get back the start menu on Windows 10, then you should download StartIsBack for Windows 10, 8.1 or 8.
 Get back the original taskbar on Windows 11 
Let us begin with the taskbar, which is significantly modified in Windows 11. To be more specific, the new OS brings a centralized taskbar with the Start Menu button placed in the middle as well, creating a layout that might remind you a little too much of the macOS dock.
The original looks and position of the taskbar can be restored thanks to StartAllBack. Task icons are assigned labels, the size and the margins of the icons can be adjusted, and the taskbar can be split into segments. While in Windows 11 the taskbar is pinned to the bottom edge of the monitor, the classic taskbar can be moved to any of the edges. Moreover, the Start button is placed to the lower left corner, exactly where it has been staying throughout
Restore the original Windows Explorer and Start menu  
Windows Explorer is also overhauled in Windows 11, with a simplified toolbar that replaces the ribbon-based GUI. You can get back the original ribbon and command bar, as well as the "Details" pane at the bottom of the window and the old search box.
As for the Start menu, StartAllBack restores it to its original position, allowing you to launch apps and navigate the system with a click, with fast and reliable built-in search.
Work in a familiar Windows environment 
StartAllBack brings back the items that were changed in Windows 11, allowing you to preserve the familiar Start menu, taskbar and Windows Explorer looks. It is all about preference and the will to try out the new Windows looks and layout, but if you prefer working in a familiar environment, then StartAllBack can provide that for you.







StartAllBack Download [2022]

Developed by the developers of StartIsBack, StartAllBack is a simple utility designed to bring back the classic Windows interface on Windows 11.
Using StartAllBack is as easy as it gets. For each window, you simply click the Set button in order to restore the elements that were changed in Windows 11.
You will not have any problem getting back the desktop, start menu or taskbar, since StartAllBack is specifically designed to restore the familiar look of a Windows 11 computer.
Download StartAllBack v1.1.1 Please keep in mind that while StartAllBack is entirely free for personal use, you cannot distribute, re-distribute or resell the software in any form. You may use the app with the three software projects that are included in the download package.
If you want to give StartAllBack a go, then do not hesitate to visit the official website, download the application and try out the features, or the trial version that contains three of the projects for you to use.
Please note that StartAllBack is not affiliated with any of the software companies that the project includes.
Download: StartAllBack Download Link
Official website:

The Microsoft Windows 10 is a software product developed and marketed by Microsoft as a personal computer operating system, released on July 29, 2015, for x86 desktop computers. Available for download as an ISO image via the Windows Update service, it is meant to replace Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 as the operating system in new hardware.[1] It also competes with Linux and macOS as an alternative to Apple’s iOS and macOS.
Download: Windows 10 Home/Pro, Windows 10 IoT Core, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Mobile
Following its release, Microsoft released a series of free upgrades for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users; its predecessor, Windows 8, users have to purchase Windows 10.[2] Windows 7 users are no longer receiving additional free service updates to version 8 or later.
Windows 10 is available in two editions: Home and Professional. The former is free, while the latter is a paid upgrade.
Home version.
Comes with a Start menu with applications, a web browser, and access to the Store. Does not include a desktop, roaming user accounts, or a network-ready operating system

StartAllBack Crack + Download

1. Restore classic taskbar on Windows 11
2. Restore start menu on Windows 11
3. Restore Windows Explorer and command bar on Windows 11
4. Restore Windows Explorer details pane on Windows 11
5. Search in the address bar on Windows 11
Install StartAllBack
StartAllBack is an installer of the program files, so all you have to do is click on the executable file to start the installation. For Windows 7 and later operating system versions, simply double-click on the StartAllBack.exe file.
On Windows 8.1 and Windows 8, right-click on the StartAllBack.exe file to run the program in 32-bit or 64-bit mode.
There are no start menu changes, nor the volume bar at the bottom, as StartAllBack still support all previous versions of Windows.

From the description I am not too sure whether it will work on Windows 8 – Windows 10 or not. So I tried it on my Windows 8.1 machine – it did what it advertised – it opened the taskbar as if Windows 8 was in use. On a side note: some glitches seem to be a built-in part of the Windows 10 environment.
Anyway, if you are still on Windows 8, then you should not expect too much from the tool – at least from the description above – I would expect that it won’t work.


I’d highly recommend a tool named StartIn8 which does exactly what you’re asking for. The tool allows you to use most of your features in Windows 8, such as the classic start menu.


To achieve this goal, you will have to download and install an extension known as Classic Start Menu.
Download and install Classic Start Menu

Create New Shortcut

Click on the icon below link and then hit “Create Shortcut”.

After that, you will have to enter the path to your start menu shortcut as you want it to be in Windows 8. Once you’ve got your start menu shortcut place in the folder where you want to maintain the start menu.

Restore Start Menu & Start Menu Search Options

Open Start Menu with the Start button. Click Search and type the words classic start menu in the box.

Launch Start Menu Search.

Start Menu Search Options

Click on the Start Menu Search icon (looks like 3 vertical lines) which appears in your taskbar in the lower right corner.



StartAllBack is a full-featured tweak for Windows 10 that will change the look of Windows 10 by bringing the classic taskbar, Start menu, taskbar, and File Explorer back to Windows. Start All Back will keep all the features of Windows 10, including the Settings app and the ability to run classic desktop apps and programs.
Download StartAllBack and get the classic layout right now.

Stop installing apps and have complete control over your privacy. The Google Chrome web browser has been doing some spying on you lately, and you do not even know about it. Chrome can track your browsing habits, search for information, steal your personal information and even get your email address.
In this post I’ll show you how to install and use a free extension to block Google’s incognito mode from tracking all your activities on the internet. This is a browser privacy extension and you can use it as long as you’re using Google Chrome browser, so it will not be a problem to install.
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How to use?
You can access the extension’s page by clicking here.
After you have downloaded the extension, you need to double-click the.crx file in order to install it on your browser.
Next, on the extension’s page you will need to click on the Add to Chrome button that is located at the top right corner.
Wait for a short while until the extension gets installed, and you will be good to go.
If you are looking for a desktop extension that can also protect your PC from malware and unwanted software, I recommend SpywareBlaster. With this tool you can configure the tool so that it scans through your web browser every time you open it. SpywareBlaster is a reliable browser security tool that can help you find and remove rootkits and spyware.
Source: PC Mag
If you want to know more about privacy extensions, read this:
How to stop Facebook from tracking you
How to stop Google from tracking you
How to stop Instagram from tracking you
How to stop Twitter from tracking you
How to stop YouTube from tracking you

Popup DNS tweak

The list and configuration for your internal and external DNS servers are found in the Registry, and its settings are contained in a single sub-key named “CurrentDNSServers”. By default, the Windows DNS client uses the following values under

What’s New In?

StartAllBack is a tweak designed to tweak the desktop of your Windows 11 computer. It’s a simple tool, so you don’t have to be an advanced user to use it. StartAllBack consists of a few tweaks, but they are pretty useful and customizable.
YouTube video:
GitHub Repository:

If you would like to work on Windows 8, but you only want to see the classic Windows desktop, this is the tweak for you. Windows 8.1 is too fast and too pretty, so here are some tweaks to help you switch to the classic desktop!
Windows 8.1 Mini Version:
Windows 8.1 Lite Version:
Both of these versions are free and easy to apply.
If you prefer the desktop look of the classic Windows theme, then you’ll love these. You can have more tweak options if you like and customize it all to your liking.
If you liked these two desktop tweaks, then you will love these five FREE desktop tweaks that will give you more space in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. With this desktop tweak, you’ll even be able to add more desk space.
For this, I’ve used a lot of aero glass, and other Windows 7 wallpapers, frames, backgrounds, and other effects. I have yet to find any wallpaper that looks good in this modification, so feel free to try it out!
Windows 7 Modern Desktop Wallpapers:
Windows 7 Modern Desktop Frames:
Windows 10 Desktop Frames & Modern Wallpapers:
Download any of these desktop tweaks from here:
Windows 7 Desktop Modern Theme:
Windows 8 Desktop Modern Theme:
Windows 8.1 Desktop Modern Theme:
Windows 10 Desktop Modern Theme:

System Requirements For StartAllBack:

OS: 64-bit
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-7100 3.2GHz
NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 660 2GB / ATI Radeon™ HD 6950 2GB
DirectX®: 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU T7250 2.4GHz

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