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MBase Crack 2022 [New] 🖳

When it comes to managing information on your computer, the Internet offers lots of solutions and programs that choose from. One of them is MBase.
It's a nice software solution that helps you create and manage a database filled with media files. You can rate movies, add notes, descriptions and monitor your list easily.
Simple and fluent graphical interface
The application installs quickly and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. It comes with multiple tips and instructions that you can check out and use for getting accustomed to the application and it's features.
It doesn't have any customization options, although it would have been nice if it came with some additional themes that you could apply.
Create and manage your movie database
It doesn't take long to create your own movie database, you simply need to add a title and set a rating. It lets you pick from multiple movie genres, including action, adventure, comedy, animation and many more.
You can set a second genre and pick a format of the file. It also lets you add the name of the friend to whom you've lent the movie, as well as filter all database entries by filters. You can only search for movies by title, it would have been nice if you could search by rating as well.
Some additional tools
It allows you to adjust and pick a date format to be used inside the application, as well as automatically backup information on your computer. You can also import emdb databases from your computer or export the list to a file.
However, the application doesn't come with any additional features, it would have been nice if you could add information on the director, cast or year. You also can't connect to any online movie databases. All in all, MBase is a small and basic application for creating a list of movie files that you own.








MBase is a database application that works on Microsoft Windows.
MBase works with all the formats supported by Windows: by adding movies to the database, you can restore the database in the past: indeed, this application allows you to browse movies saved in the Movie Folder (Internet Explorer folder) and also in the DVD (weird_file_extension folder).
MBase supports the formats:
– MP4
In addition, you can easily play your movies thanks to the Media Player or Windows Explorer, and you can move, copy or delete them with ease.
MBase is a file manager that allows you to browse and copy your files, as well as the information inside them. All MBase files have the same features.
MBase is an electronic music DJ.
MBase is a music database with all the features you may want. You can store the basslines, beats, and the audio programs.
It includes filters to limit the search to a specific artist, song, or style. It has hot spots where you can insert beats.
MBase gives you an easy way to build your playlists, export them into a MP3 file, and also share them via e-mail.
MBase supports all the formats compatible with Windows:
– MP3
– MOD1
– MOD2
– MP4
– MP5
– MP3
– MOD1
– MOD2
The database format offers the possibility of add information about the songs, the artists, and the producers.
MBase allows you to organize all your favorite movies in an automated manner, sorting them by genre, title, or rating, and you can also add notes or descriptions, as well as track your progress.
With MBase, you can link your music files and manage them all in one place. You can also check out the database you’re working on, which makes it much more comfortable to organize your files.
MBase is a music DJ application.
It can easily work with any audio file format.
You can export your list in several formats, such as:
– ID3
– MP3
– MOD2

MBase License Key


MBase Latest

MBase is a software program that enables you to create and maintain a database of your personal collection of digital media files.

You can rate these files, add notes and descriptions and maintain them easily. MBase is a great and convenient application for managing your computer information. A basic, yet powerful application that you can easily manage your media files.

Our focus is to provide the best and most powerful application to keep and manage your computer information.

CNET Editors’ Choice, 2010
Face book likes it very much.

Who is

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What’s New In?

MBase is a simple database application designed to help you organize your media files. The application allows you to add movies to the database, so you can keep a record of your collection or lend out your files to your friends.
The application is very easy to use, once you’ve set up your database. You can add movies, genres, genres, casts, sets, formats and any other information you want. MBase comes with some nice features that allow you to set multiple rules for filtering movies, organize them based on the date they were added or copied, add movies that are the same or different versions of the same movie, etc.
MBase has a Windows interface, which is quite simple and easy to navigate. It has a layout that’s the same on Windows XP, Vista and 7, so you can’t choose which version of Windows you’d like to use for the interface.
Tagging movies
MBase allows you to add movie descriptions. It also allows you to rate movies. The application doesn’t offer any tags or categories you can use for your movies, so you don’t have the option to use it as a movie organizer. MBase is a database application, which means it doesn’t put your movie files in folders on your computer.
The application lacks extra features and help, so you can read its help for more information.
MBase Features:
– Add new movies
– View & Manage Movies
– Sort movies
– Create new formats
– View genres
– Filter Movies
– Rating Movies
– View friends
– List movies
– Backup & Restore
– Import EMDB files
– Export

Zamzar is a website that allows you to convert any kind of media file to almost anything you want. It’s an easy to use online tool that allows you to convert and download any kind of files, including music, video and images, to any format of your choice.
Zamzar features
You’ll find hundreds of conversion options, so it takes some time to try and find the one that you like. Zamzar also has a collection of video tutorials that can help you using the application’s options.
The website is simple to use, and you don’t need to create an account to use it. It’s a very easy website to navigate through, and it’s well organized.
Just pick any file from your computer, and it will let you know what format of the file you should convert it to. You can then go to the next step

System Requirements For MBase:

* Linux (tested with KDE 4.8.5, 4.9.4)
* ATI Catalyst 13.2 (tested with Radeon 5700HD, Radeon HD6290)
* NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS, ATI X550, AMD Radeon HD4800 XT (tested with Radeon 5700HD)
* Windows XP SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8
Install Notes:
* Settings menu is missing on Windows platform
* French and Spanish localizations added
* Some features (like “Invert Compass

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