QuizMaker Pro License Key

QuizMaker Pro License Key

With technology advancing at an alarming rate, pen and paper slowly becomes obsolete. In schools this has an effect on quiz taking, thus reducing chances of cheating. Various applications are available to create test cases, one of which being QuizMaker Pro and, as the name suggests, it gives you the possibility to create and manage a database of classes, students, as well as tests.
Keep track of students and their performance
In spite of the modest name, the application puts a lot more tools at your disposal with the help of which you can closely track student performance and issue reports. The main window is home to several lists.
A side panes is where classes are displayed and created. Each class can be fitted with as many students as you see fit, each one being attributed, besides name, a unique identifier, a picture, as well as a password.
Create test cases with media file support
Switching to the quiz creation screen lets you manage every detail of a question type. You are able to make use of basic text editing options for both query and answers to give it a personal touch.
Moreover, an explanation can be added when questions get too complicated, as well as the possibility to include a media file of nearly any known format. Hitting the “Quiz Parameters” button gives you access to a further variety of question specific options, such as attributed points and time limit.
These options are available for any question type, which range from the basic multiple choice with one or more answers, to matching, survey and even full essay.
Each student can take tests in any desired order. Score is kept track of as well as time when it was done. A report can be issued for each student and printed out on a sheet of paper if the circumstances require it.
To end with
All in all, QuizMaker Pro successfully manages to live up to expectations and can easily replace the classic pen and paper test taking method, as well as the register at the same time. Creation possibilities are endless, as you can design a quiz in any way you see fit, even with support of media files. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to use it and system requirements are not something to worry about.







QuizMaker Pro [Updated] 2022

QuizMaker Pro Free Download is a very simple and useful tool for students to create and manage tests and quizzes, including multiple-choice, matching, and essay questions. A simple interface makes it accessible and safe for even a student who is new to QuizMaker Pro Cracked 2022 Latest Version.

Introducing the QuizMaker Pro Crack For Windows 2019 new features and enhancements:

– Now you can drag quiz settings from “Other Files” to “Quiz Maker Settings” (previously wasn’t possible)
– Now you can drag and drop file types directly into “Quiz Maker” from “File” and “Open”
– Now you can drag and drop files directly into “Quiz Maker” from “Open” and “Other Files” (previously wasn’t possible)
– Now you can change the “selected/checked by default” setting from “All” to “None” (previously wasn’t possible)
– Now you can zoom in/out of the QuizMaker window in “HandCursor” mode
– You can now copy and paste into/from “Quiz Maker”
– You can now cycle through “classes” by clicking on “Class” at the top of the QuizMaker window, rather than typing in a class name, and drag “classes” into “Quiz Maker”, then click the “Create” button
– Added new “Start Timer” button to pause quiz questions
– You can now edit/delete questions/answers from the “Question” group
– You can now sort questions/answers by name, default, and time
– You can now create multiple pages of a quiz
– You can now create multiple questions in a quiz (previously wasn’t possible)
– You can now create multiple quizzes from the same template (previously wasn’t possible)
– You can now cycle the QuizMaker window between full screen and window mode, just hit the spacebar to toggle
– You can now zooming to the view desired, first by setting view option then by dragging the scrollbar (previously it was only possible to zoom by scrolling)
– You can now drag and drop media (e.g. photo) to insert into quiz questions and answers, test cases, and other applications
– You can now make a category of application for a quiz (previously was only possible to make a category of class/student)
– You can now make an empty quiz
– You can now display the time of a quiz

QuizMaker Pro

QuizMaker is a very simple tool to make quiz online. It is a small application which uses MCQ and other simple question types. It is easy to use and simple to understand without any manuals. There is no need to install any additional software on your PC. This quiz application is available on Microsoft Windows for free. This quiz application support all recent version of Microsoft Windows. QuizMaker Is A very easy tool to make quiz online. QuizMaker contain many Question types and Simple test types. QuizMaker is more like an online test application. You can put a lot of questions and you can see the result of your quiz at any time. QuizMaker also provide the report of the user of the quiz. QuizMaker is better than other solution as it has lot of other features. Features: 1. QuizMaker can save your quiz results as you like (it has no restriction). 2. QuizMaker is an online quiz application. It means that you don’t need to install any additional software on your computer. Just a Internet Connection is enough. 3. QuizMaker is only a quiz application; it doesn’t have any time controlling functions. It is just a quiz application. 4. QuizMaker supports all latest version of Microsoft Windows. It is a completely free online application.

This is really nothing but a poorly written advertisement for some other program. There is absolutely nothing special about this program, nothing impressive, nothing worth mentioning. All it does is make a quiz, and even if you have all the features listed in the description, there is still something wrong with it. Really, the description of this program is like the description of a camera that only shoots still pictures. The only thing this program does is that it allows you to make quizzes in a few question types such as matching, multiple choice questions and yes/no questions. In addition to that, it is really slow to load, but even worse, it cannot create an online quiz at all, it only can run an online quiz. And to run the quiz, you need to be connected to the Internet, so it is not really a free quiz program.

To make a quiz online, you need to have that knowledge first before you can make it. The quizzes created with it can only be run on your computer; that makes it not really free. This program is really not that amazing to talk about. You can make your own quiz online in this program, but it is not that easy and the results are

QuizMaker Pro PC/Windows (2022)

TestCaseStuden IDQuestion IDPassage (Media)Question IDAnswer IDOne answer questionMultiple choice0
Multiple choice1
Multiple choice2
Multiple choice3
Multiple choice4
Multiple choice5
Multiple choice6
Multiple choice7
Multiple choice8
Multiple choice9
Multiple choice10
Multiple choice11
Multiple choice12
Multiple choice13
Multiple choice14
Multiple choice15
Multiple choice16
Multiple choice17
Multiple choice18
Multiple choice19
Multiple choice20
Multiple choice21
Multiple choice22
Multiple choice23
Multiple choice24
Multiple choice25
Multiple choice26
Multiple choice27
Multiple choice28
Multiple choice29
Multiple choice30
Multiple choice31
Multiple choice32
Multiple choice33
Multiple choice34
Multiple choice35
Multiple choice36
Multiple choice37
Multiple choice38
Multiple choice39
Multiple choice40
Multiple choice41
Multiple choice42
Multiple choice43
Multiple choice44
Multiple choice45
Multiple choice46
Multiple choice47
Multiple choice48
Multiple choice49
Multiple choice50
Multiple choice51
Multiple choice52
Multiple choice53
Multiple choice54
Multiple choice55
Multiple choice56
Multiple choice57
Multiple choice58
Multiple choice59
Multiple choice60
Multiple choice61
Multiple choice62
Multiple choice63
Multiple choice64
Multiple choice65
Multiple choice66
Multiple choice67
Multiple choice68
Multiple choice69
Multiple choice70
Multiple choice71
Multiple choice72
Multiple choice73
Multiple choice74
Multiple choice75
Multiple choice76
Multiple choice77
Multiple choice78
Multiple choice79
Multiple choice80
Multiple choice81
Multiple choice82
Multiple choice83
Multiple choice84
Multiple choice85
Multiple choice86
Multiple choice87
Multiple choice88
Multiple choice89
Multiple choice90
Multiple choice91
Multiple choice92
Multiple choice93
Multiple choice94
Multiple choice95
Multiple choice96
Multiple choice97
Multiple choice98
Multiple choice99
Multiple choice100
Multiple choice101
Multiple choice102
Multiple choice103
Multiple choice104
Multiple choice105
Multiple choice106
Multiple choice107
Multiple choice108
Multiple choice109
Multiple choice110
Multiple choice111
Multiple choice112
Multiple choice113
Multiple choice114
Multiple choice115
Multiple choice116
Multiple choice117
Multiple choice118
Multiple choice119
Multiple choice120
Multiple choice121
Multiple choice122

What’s New In?

Create quizzes to keep track of students’ performance and monitor test taking.

Create as many classes as you need.

Add up to ten students to each class and interact with them through text boxes and other common note-taking functions.

Each student has his own unique id, picture, and password to ensure privacy.

For each question, you can include any number of answers and use text boxes to give each answer a separate marking.

Organize the test case into order tests for each class and check which class has been reached.

Add timestamps and instructions for specific questions.

There are hundreds of question types that can be set for an automatic quiz engine.



File Type



215 MB



Screenshots of QuizMaker Pro

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QuizMaker Pro 9.1.2 is a quiz engine

System Requirements:

System Requirements:
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