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Motion Capture and Player Intelligence

An intelligent player-AI system gathers data about each player from the match to build an in-depth profile of his strengths and weaknesses.

Face Off

Face Off is a new feature that lets players challenge a human official, review video replays and call teammates or opponents off the pitch. It’s also a great way to get fans involved in the action!

Agility Cards

Fifa 22 Crack For Windows introduces Agility Cards, that give players in-game currency bonuses based on their acceleration and dribbling skills. Each card also has its own specialized attributes, such as the power of a shot on goal.

FIFA Ultimate Team

FUT is now finally available in FIFA 22! Players can select Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munich, PSG and many more.

FIFA Ultimate Team Classic

FUT Classic is similar to FIFA Ultimate Team, but allows players to play classic licensed teams such as the first FIFA or the original football video game.

New Camera Angle – Off-Heel

The new off-heel camera angle was introduced in FIFA 21. It gives a new perspective for the camera to see your runs as you cut around the defensive line and is very helpful for passing, shooting and even heading.

Better Control of Players

Players now have more control over their body and are able to sprint using headshots, sidesteps, dummies and feints. Players can also run faster by sprinting and also slow down when using an armor.

Line Breaks

It’s now much easier to determine where a player is starting and stopping his runs by analyzing his last run. Line Breaks will indicate when a player is starting a move, resting or changing direction.

Volley Ball AI

The volleys in FIFA 21 have seen major improvements, the AI reacts much smarter to balls that are thrown in. You can see how much is going on around the ball more now. Also there are less errors committed by the defenders.

Off-Line Interceptions

Off-Line Interceptions is a new concept where the player goes behind the defensive line to intercept the ball. Players are now able to run after, or jump over the line.


Goalkicks gives goalkeepers more control of the ball and changing direction with a


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • A ground-breaking player intelligence system that adapts to your play style and your team-mates.
  • The return of “Skillshots” that allows you to pull off the great goal-scoring shots that defy logic.
  • Prodigal Creators that offer a new way to design your kits, pitches and training facilities.
  • An updated Journey, Goal and Appearance system that allows you to buy the best squad, play the way you want and coach your favorite players.
  • New stadiums, Player Reaction and Commentary Engine that add even more authenticity to the gameplay.
  • New coach challenges, play styles, and tactics that will transform your gameplay.
  • A revamped Career that allows you to buy your favorite player and live their career with the creation of young players.
  • Fifth Official match engine brings new and exciting ideas to fix cheating in the gameplay.
  • Dynamic and adaptive camera system allows you to see the players and moves them around the pitch in an adaptive way.
  • The return of The Journey. Experience what it’s like to come back from the brink of defeat by playing in the face-off series. And develop your favorite players and playstyles by picking them up from the lower leagues.
  • New dynamic transfers market. Simultaneous worldwide trading with real-time data. The player market is a key feature and the new recommendations system. Upload camera-enhanced transfers to the market via PlayStation Network, and also directly over the internet.
  • Pitch Cues and Player Trends that are visible in game and coach’s strategy for more strategic gameplay.
  • Simulated Dribbling. Dribbling in FIFA 20 was too easy, but in FIFA 22, dribbling is much more realistic. Handle the ball like a true pro with realistic mechanics that flow seamlessly into unique artificial intelligence routines.
  • New Instinctive Dribbling


    Fifa 22 Free PC/Windows [Updated]

    Where do new features come from?

    What is needed to get the ball in the net?

    Get READY to play in FIFA 22!

    FIFA 22 is a revolutionary version of a global phenomenon. It brings together the most significant gameplay innovations to date. The match engine reacts and adapts to every tiny movement of your players. New dribbling animations in open play and in tight spaces, combined with new ball control and movement, create new challenges. Playmaker tweaks deliver the most unpredictable gameplay, as they’re now more closely tied to offensive decisions. The game also features a completely redesigned card system. This new and intuitive system rewards and punishes players and creates exciting gameplay where the right moves are rewarded and the wrong ones are punished.

    Attacking and offensive play

    Close Control allows for the most precise touch play yet, with new ball movement control and more subtle defensive touches.

    The ability to dribble and manipulate the ball has been enhanced in all areas of the pitch.

    Routes are getting more unpredictable and consist of a series of one or more touch passes.

    The most precise ball control yet in midfield battles.

    The best physical and technical player animations yet. The animations for players in the midfield are getting closer to those in the real game.

    New innovative dribbling movement animations.

    Anchoring is now done by holding the E Button.

    New AI patterns for matches where the team is under pressure.

    Improved card system to make the game more rewarding and avoid the abuse of artificial inflation.

    The result? More unpredictable gameplay and more exciting matches.

    Key Features

    Ball Control

    The new Dribbling & Touch Mechanics provide the most precise touch play yet, whilst ball control in tight spaces has been improved. More offensive and defensive dribbling animations have also been introduced.

    New Tactics

    Get ready for more unpredictable gameplay in tactics with the addition of multiple isolated presses and dynamic off-ball runs. Playmaker tweaks reward smart players who make the most of every moment on the field.

    Astonishing Live Sessions

    Choose your opponent, customize the settings, and watch the magic as it happens.

    Completely re-imagined live experience with more customisation options.

    More ways to interact with the referee, so you get to know the personality of the official at the heart of the


    Fifa 22 Crack + PC/Windows [2022]

    Create Your Ultimate Team of soccer superstars from the most popular clubs in the world. Build your dream team with improved player progression and control, and recruit the world’s best soccer players to your team. Compete in weekly matches with friends or random opponents to prove who is the greatest.

    eSports Mode –Get a jump on the competition with our brand new eSports mode. Create your team of pro gamers, manage your team, and compete for your crown in this all-new eSports experience.

    My Team –
    Take your favorite soccer players with you on the road in My Team, the all-new mobile companion app. Best of all, now you can earn FIFA Ultimate Team cards for your favorite players with My Team Points.

    PUBG Mobile –
    Your chance to be a LEGEND is right now on PUBG Mobile. Play the world’s #1 Battle Royale game and join the millions of players already fighting for a place as a LEGEND in this new battle mode.

    Play Games With Friends –
    Play With Friends let you invite your friends to play FIFA Ultimate Team for up to eight players at once, or play local matches against your friends. Play With Friends can even find the people who are looking for a match now!

    FIFA 22 Ball Physics: FIFA 22′s Ball Physics Technology has been improved to deliver more realistic ball physics so every player has a true feeling of “contact” with the ball. Players can now control the ball more accurately for shots and crosses.

    Create Your Own Match – Now you can create your own Match, even if you don’t own a FIFA game! Create a brand new club with the Create-a-Club feature, and then play this match online or offline against friends or players on the FIFA universe.

    EA SPORTS Football Club –Build your own club. Join the Revolution – the new way to become a soccer star. FIFA 22 is now the first football game in the world to feature an official FIFA club where players can build their own football club and compete in World Leagues and Cups.

    New Ronaldo Chase Experience – Four new locations to find gold Ronaldo coins. Discover the unique stories behind the four new Ronaldo Chase Locations.

    New Moments – FIFA 22 gives you more Moments, which are new locations, challenges and interactions on the pitch to make all your gameplay more exciting.

    More Ways To Prove Yourself – FIFA 22 offers an improved Progression system. Get rewards


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