BitWise Chat 3.3.0 Crack Activation Code With Keygen [Updated-2022]

BitWise Chat 3.3.0 Crack Activation Code With Keygen [Updated-2022]







BitWise Chat Crack + License Keygen Download [Latest]

BitWise Chat is an instant messenger with many advanced features. And it works across all 3 major platforms, including PC’s, Mac OS X, and Linux. BitWise Chat includes tabbed interface, auto encrypting, logging, powerful file sharing, whiteboards, and a number of other features.
Its easy to use too. Just download, unzip and run. You’ll wonder why you wasted your time with the others.
Here are some key features of BitWise Chat:
ï an instant messenger with many advanced features,
ï encrypted using proven, industry-standard methods,
ï available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux,
ï direct connect, sending messages, etc. without a server,
ï its own network that does not rely on another system,
ï committed to privacy with no ads or spyware.
1. BitWise Chat is free for personal and non-commercial use only.
2. If you are interested in buying commercial licenses, please visit
3. Bitwise Chat is provided “AS IS”. We are not responsible for problems with BitWise Chat not working correctly. We do not accept any responsibility for any loss of data or other problems when using BitWise Chat.
4. Please refer to our Support FAQ before contacting us:
5. Bitwise Chat is a cross platform service; native versions are available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. We also provide Beta versions of our products for download from
6. Bug Reports (Win + Mac only):
7. Web Interface Test Pack (Win and Mac only):
8. Privacy Concerns:
9. Free Support:
10. FAQ:
12. End of Support Terms:

BitWise Chat

BitWise Chat is an open source instant messenger application based on the Internet Messaging Program Protocol (known as XMPP or Jabber) that allows you to connect to either public or private XMPP networks and send instant messages to each other using your BitWise account and BitWise app (Mac, Windows, or Linux) or another XMPP client application.
BitWise Chat will open a connection to one of the supported XMPP servers, and when your contact is online you can click the “chat” button and initiate a video or text chat with your contact. After clicking the “chat” button, you can begin to type messages into the chat window.
There is a status bar that will keep you up to date with the connection status, a list of recently used contacts, and an options window that has several on/off options related to your messaging experience.
・Messaging (text and video)
・Chat history and logs
・File transfers
・Read receipt notifications
・Private/Whitelisted address list
・Online/Offline indicator
・File sharing (image and video)
・Autocomplete nicknames and words
・External (attachment) file transfer
・Captions and signatures
・Offline contacts list
・Security and encryption
・Bounce notifications
・Tabbed interface for easy browsing
・Search, global actions, and more
・Multi-user and multi-domain support
・Customization for all available skins
・Bug reports
Free Features:
・Connects to XMPP servers
・Works with registered accounts
・Decentralized, no central servers
・Multi-platform compatible, for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
・Encrypted using proven and industry-standard methods
・Fully works with our servers
Full Features:
・Connects to XMPP servers
・Works with registered accounts
・Decentralized, no central servers
・Multi-platform compatible, for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
・Secure, uses industry-standard encryption protocols
・Fully works with our servers
BitWise Chat Requirements:
・Operating System: Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X
・Registered account (must register for free account)
・Additional features can be downloaded from our web site
BitWise Chat Usability:
・Installing: Plug-in free
・Easy and clean user interface

BitWise Chat Crack+ License Key Full

BitWise Chat is a totally new instant messenger and group chat tool.
You can meet up and chat with your friends with BitWise Chat.
It is easy to get started and use.
With BitWise Chat, you can talk to your friends directly, quickly and easily.
Just like chat rooms in games, your conversations are grouped into conversation threads, so that you never have to get up and find the right conversation.
Further, you can add custom emoticons to your text messages and in the Chat history to convey your mood easily.
BitWise Chat supports a vast range of additional features.
You can send smiley faces and emoticons, use your own sets of emoticons and define your own emoticon collection.
With BitWise Chat, you can log in and leave the Chat log.
With the flexibility of BitWise Chat, you can easily send chat logs to your friends.
BitWise Chat can be used to share files directly.
You can send your desktop, your complete hard disk or even your current folder (by selecting that folder first).
BitWise Chat lets you see who you are chatting with.
You can scroll from left to right to see more details about your friends.
You can use the BitWise Chat user list as your contact list for instant messaging.
You can even share your BitWise Chat log with other BitWise Chat users by e-mail.
Further, you can also define a personal BitWise Chat logging file.
The BitWise Chat log is an alias for your BitWise Chat log file.
You can see who is connected to your chat log and when they logged on.
You can easily share your BitWise Chat log file with other people.
It keeps your BitWise Chat log secure and safe.
With BitWise Chat, you can instantly search and find your contacts.
You can find all your contacts, even ones that you have never seen online.
You can look at all the conversations that you have had with all your contacts.
You can look at the topics of your conversations.
You can look at the BitWise Chat logs of your friends.
You can quickly send private messages to people on the BitWise Chat list.
You can add people to your friends list.
BitWise Chat can chat with hundreds of people at a time.
You can group people by using user lists.
BitWise Chat

What’s New in the BitWise Chat?

BitWise is a fast, lightweight, standalone, peer-to-peer network that is easy to use and remarkably secure. With BitWise you can send instant messages with a simple click. It is also an easy way to share files, money, and contact information with other BitWise users.
Additionally, BitWise provides seamless file sharing on its own network so the “middle-man” of an existing file share is no longer necessary.
You can use it for private communications as well as for secure, anonymous file sharing.
BitWise Chat is a simple yet powerful instant messaging service. You don’t need an account with any other services.
It can connect with AIM, Jabber, and other instant messaging protocols.
The program uses a peer-to-peer network that does not rely on a third-party server. You do not need to know the address of others to reach them.
BitWise Chat uses strong industry-standard encryption methods for security and compatibility with other instant messaging services.
The program uses multiple compression and bandwidth optimization techniques to keep BitWise network traffic to a minimum.
BitWise Chat is entirely free of advertising and spyware.
Along with instant messaging, BitWise Chat is an encrypted file sharing service. You can easily share files without risking others reading them.
Further, since BitWise Chat uses the BitWise network for file sharing, you do not need to depend on someone else’s servers to share files with others.
Where Can I Find BitWise Chat:
You may have tried other instant messaging programs, but BitWise Chat is unique.
It is completely cross-platform: running on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
It is a fully peer-to-peer network that is not controlled by a single server.
You do not need to connect to another server to communicate with others.
What’s New in BitWise Chat:
■ new skin,
■ better support for POP accounts,
■ improved logging features,
■ improved Mac compatibility,
■ added a system tray icon to minimize to tray,
■ added “Whiteboards” feature,
■ added “Trash Bin” to move files from one BitWise account to another,
■ added an explorer view for BitWise Chat,
■ added enhanced logging for less spam,
■ better

System Requirements For BitWise Chat:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10;
2.8 GHz Intel Core i3/5/7 CPU or 2.0 GHz AMD Phenom II/III CPU;
20 GB available hard disk space;
1024 x 768 resolution screen;
DirectX 9.0 or newer;
Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 16, Chrome 26.
Mac OS X Intel-based with 10.6 or newer, and system requirements:
2.4 GHzигры/cucusoft-dvd-to-zune-converter-crack-download-x64/

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