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Subsetting R data frame with irregular index

I have a data frame in R that looks like this:

> df df
1 1 a 2
2 2 a 4
3 3 b 6
4 4 c 7
5 5 d 3

I want to subset this data frame to get:
1 1 a 2
3 3 b 6

Where A = 1, 2, and 3. How can I do this?


You could do this with base R:
subset(df, A %in% c(1,2,3))

You can use the indices to find those entries in A that fall into those ranges:
subset(df, A %in% c(1,2,3))[c(1,3)]


Another solution using pmin and pmax.
subset(df,A %in% pmin(1:3,A))

# A B C
#1 1 a 2
#3 3 b 6

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