REPACK Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition Serial Key SKiDROW CODEX [v 1.02 + DLC]Product Key Full Free Download 📂

REPACK Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition Serial Key SKiDROW CODEX [v 1.02 + DLC]Product Key Full Free Download 📂


Developed by Cygames and published by Cygames in collaboration with Phosphor Powered, Tarnished, which is set in the Lands Between, is a fantasy action RPG game where you develop your characters by choosing a class, fighting together with other characters in real time, and learning dialogue.

You start by creating your character and customize the appearance, and then you fight together with other character in a party. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.
As you fight together with other characters in a party, you can create dialogue together with your allies, and learn dialogue freely. The art and design approach are focused on creating a game rich with atmosphere, and the characters express their emotions through various dialogue expressions, such as their bodily language.

While you fight together with other characters in a party, your attendance or absence affects the outcomes of battles and the gameplay. You can make an NPC join your party, in order to participate in battles together with other allies. Your synergy with your allies greatly affects the outcome of battles, and the presence of an NPC in your party also affects the outcome of battles.

We have prepared many items to be obtained, depending on the number of battles you participate in. You can use your character’s attributes or clear dungeons to obtain items, which can be used to obtain higher-level weapons and armor.

You can equip new weapons and armor and learn to use skills of the weapons and armor you obtained. By creating a team of equipment, you can make your character become a stronger ally.

With the overall objective of creating a story in the shape of a drama, we are putting attention to the sound and feeling that is not present in other RPGs.

We have developed the game around the concept of forming parties and playing together.
Please play with your party and play your own way.

A private company originally established in 2008, we have developed fantasy action games with the concept of strong cooperation between hardware developers and game producers. Currently, we are also putting much effort into developing a variety of new genres.

The premise of Tarnished is the “Lands Between”. The Lands Between is a world that is not anywhere in reality. The world revolves around the Lands Between created by the power of the Elden Ring.

We have strengthened our ability to put much content into the game


Features Key:

  • Create your own character in the world of Elden Ring

    • This fantasy RPG offers a wide variety of weapons and equipment. You can create your own character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior or mastering magic.

    • Personality and appearance are shared between game worlds

    • New items and abilities will be added on a regular basis. The game is in development so, please play and provide us with feedback.

    • Save your customized character and characters in the world can exist separately.

    • Your save data and progress are not shared.
  • The game world and character appearance are highly detailed

  • The variety of enemies and dungeons is immense

  • Enjoy the deepest online games possible
    • Over 30 weapons and armor

    • An infinite amount of equipment to enhance the weapons

    • Combining up to 10 weapons and armor

    • Artificial intelligence (AI) depending on the appearance of your character.

    • A variety of enemy types and their sub-archetypes

    • Realistic level of difficulty

    • However, damage will be determined by the equipment you equip
  • Realistic combat moves and battles

  • Unique movement methods, such as casting a spell while running, are included

  • Multiple stages to choose from when encountering enemies

  • A variety of battle methods, including powerful assault mode

  • Experience the satisfaction of defeating rare enemies

  • The environment has been recreated accurately in the 3D engine

  • Superb background of the 3D engine

  • Expertize two types of battles, including an intense system-cross battles and a simple single battle

  • Superb graphics

  • Moving parts will change when weapons are equipped

  • Battles with party members will change the development of the game
  • 15 Online Types

    • PvP versus PvP

    • PvP versus Monsters

    • PvP against other players

    • PvP versus NPCs


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      We can see the level of this product are more than the Android app was not included and there was no defense against the Android app at that time, the app should be much more than level 1. In addition, the response of the product was timely, the actor of the product is to advertise the Android version. We also would like to have feedback on the Android version!

      Enjoyed with: VR


      All of this product was completed under the job. I can say that this was a good job.



      By Danny Why

      I would like to see Android compatibility because I did not figure out what the problem is.

      I am happy with: Character design

      Enjoyed with: Choice of Warriors


      I would like to see a variety of the game that is recommended.



      By Michael Mihara

      I would like the interface to be corrected because it looked like a game from the 9 years ago.

      Enjoyed with: Unique Controls


      I would like to see Android compatibility because it was not included.



      By Brianna Barton

      I would like the leaderboards to be joined with the leaderboards on the web version.

      Enjoyed with: RPG elements


      I would like the Android version to be fixed.

      Enjoyed with: So many Possibilities


      I would like to see an Android version.



      By Gao Ling

      I would like a faster connection.

      Enjoyed with: High level


      I have enjoyed the game a lot.



      By Viktorai Nugach

      I enjoyed the graphics.

      Enjoyed with: Graphics

      Liked it

      I felt good playing the game.



      By Sean

      I would like more options in weapons, so I can customize my character better.



      By DOUG

      I wanted the high level expansions to be offered.




      Elden Ring Crack + Free PC/Windows

      1. Arms – Warrior/Dual Wield
      (1) Strong blows
      (2) Expert melee attacks
      (3) Can attack without any interruption
      (4) When an area is surrounded by many enemies, you can use a weapon to strike down your opponent
      (5) You can raise and lower your weapon
      (6) Can prevent enemies from attacking you
      2. Magic – Spellcaster/Ranger
      (1) Raises a shield from defense
      (2) There is a limit on the number of attacks per turn
      (3) Can attack when flanked
      (4) Can attack when surrounded by a shield
      (5) Can attack while waiting in the stance
      (6) Can attack an enemy from a distance
      3. Movement – Athletics/Blade Runner
      (1) You can jump up to a certain distance
      (2) You can move towards an enemy
      (3) You can charge towards an enemy
      (4) You can run without any interruption
      (5) You can evade and wait for enemy attacks
      (6) You can run along a path
      4. Inventory
      (1) You can equip up to three weapons at a time
      (2) You can equip up to three armor at a time
      (3) You can equip up to six potions at a time
      (4) You can equip up to three shields at a time
      (5) You can choose one of three barding that you equip
      (6) You can equip up to three items that have been given to you as gifts
      5. Equipment
      (1) You can wear items from the equipment screen
      (2) You can combine items that have been given to you as gifts into items that you can wear
      (3) You can combine items that have been given to you as gifts into items that you can wear
      (4) You can equip 1,000 items for a lifetime
      (5) You can wear all items with special effects that you have received
      (6) You can have a special effect that is generated by wearing an item
      6. Monster Battles
      (1) You can defeat monsters
      (2) You can clear away the monsters around you
      (3) You can deal damage to monsters
      (4) You can damage monsters by using a special attack
      (5) You can have monster level 1-8, 3-10, 5-12, 5-14, 6-16, 8-20, 8-22,


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      Donations and tips are very welcome, and I hope to see you playing the game soon.

      – Uchide (you don’t have to be a member to donate)

      Patch version

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      * Due to the way Steam automatically handles game patches, you may need to add the.patch file in your game’s folder manually.

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    • Unpack Zip :
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    Note :

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