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PropertyViolationResult in MVC – How to use?

MVC 4 allows validation of parameters. For example, in a model,
public class MyModel
[RegularExpression(@”\d{1,3}”, ErrorMessage = “Please enter a number”)]
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If the user enters

By clicking the download button, you are confirming that you are aware of the fact that download managers are unreliable and that you do not want to install it.Policies and Programs

Let’s build a community

Welcome to the Aldinger Education Center at Millcreek! We are excited to join together with other schools in the Millcreek School District and help build a foundation of academic excellence and character in every student!

We recognize that learning will take place best when students are comfortable and feel at home. We are committed to creating a positive, welcoming and safe learning environment that encourages students to achieve their individual academic goals and develop the skills and experiences they need to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

Aldinger’s mission is to inspire our students to be model citizens and thoughtful leaders. We will work toward this goal by inspiring our students to be safe, civically engaged and academically outstanding.Q:

How many days did the pharaoh, Nectanebo, remain in office?

The following question is from chapter 68 of Apocryphal Hebrew and Greek Chronicles

While they were in the land of Hamath, the governor of Samaria had come and wagered with the governor of Hamath, saying, “How many days shall I have to send you my son, for my son Nectanebo to be king in my place?” So the governor of Hamath said to him, “Three, but you cannot.” He made the king of Samaria to swear by the gods, saying, “If I do not send you a king of my own choice, by the third day you will have my son to king over you.”
The third day they departed and appointed kings over them.
The king of Samaria had prospered. He was very pleased when he heard that Nectanebo had arrived in his kingdom. But when the pharaoh was told, he found that Nectanebo had made a treaty with Antiochus and so he was in distress at the affront to the gods. In his distress, he sent a captain and his troop over to Egypt.

Several things I don’t quite understand here:

The governor of Samaria had come and wagered with the governor of Hamath

I can relate to this part that the governor of Samaria was worried about how his people would accept Nectanebo’s rule and what might happen. But what is a

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