The Jungle Book In Dual Audio Eng Hindi ((FREE)) 🔔

The Jungle Book In Dual Audio Eng Hindi ((FREE)) 🔔

The Jungle Book In Dual Audio Eng Hindi ((FREE)) 🔔


The Jungle Book In Dual Audio Eng Hindi

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Following the events of the original musical in 1967,. Wide-screen 3D reconstructions have been kept. as the character’s most notable from The Jungle Book (1967),.
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How to know when an observer is added to a collection from an NSNotification

I’m using RXSwift with a NSNotification to create an observable collection of blocks. The observable collection is filled with the values of the blocks when they are created.
func addObserverFor(block: (() -> Void)!, toObject: AnyObject!, onEvent: NSNotification){
(observableCollectionOfObservers.observers as! Array>)[blockIndex] = block
blockIndex += 1

Where blockIndex is an int that is incremented every time a new block is added to the observer array. I need a way to unregister the observer when the collection of observers is cleared.
let notificationCenter = NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter()
notificationCenter.addObserver(forName:, object: nil, queue: nil, using: addObserverFor(block: { (notification) -> Void in
}), onEvent: nil)

but I’m not sure what to do to remove it.


You can also use observe(_:) method of collection to observe notifications for changes to the list of elements.
class MyClass: NSObject {

var list: [[(unowned AnyObject)]] = []

func observeList() {
guard let list = self.list else {

// Use `observe` method to observe changes in `list`