Phoenix 1.5 Beta 8

Phoenix 1.5 Beta 8

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Phoenix 1.5 Beta 8


Phoenix OS (x86) can run on devices with Intel x86 series processors. Open files can be archived in two ways:
when reading from disk. The opened file will be numbered, after which it can be found in the directory to which it belongs. This method is useful for storing and restoring unique versions of files (so-called checksums), and is also used to restore damaged files.
using the cross-platform mechanism of the 3-Ware system (the “+” sign in the archive name).
When using the PhoS 8.6 archiver with a standard interface language, open files can be copied to directories only word by word. If you create several files, the system will assume that they will all be created anew.
Supported archive formats: RAR, ZIP, CAB, ACE and ARJ. The first version of PhoCS has a built-in health checker.
A small note: during the operation of the archiver, you may need to perform an action that the system did not warn about.For example, to “resuscitate” a damaged media or extract it from the archiver.
How to know when to perform the action “reanimate” or remove the media from the archive
To perform these operations, follow these steps:
Open the “Movie & Video HD” icon in the main menu. It will be on the top bar.
Select the “Extract” item or call the context menu.
A menu will open, in which click on “Expand”.
In the window that appears, select “Perform action” and click “OK”.
After the operation is completed, all open files placed in the archive will become available on the page shown in the figure.
Move the open files to the folder where the archive file will be saved. Please note that for this you need to click on the button with the image of the “Menu Bar” folder.
How to set up the program and synchronize all open data
After starting the program, you need to select the “Synchronization” item and click “Create Request”.
Open the “Accounts” tab, which is shown in the figure below.
Click on “Accounts”.
Enter a new username and password if you don’t already have one.
Check the box “Account Assignment” and confirm the possibility of creating it by clicking the “Create” button in the figure above.
To access the disk where open files are located



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