REPACK Elden Ring Crack File Only [v 1.02 + DLC]

REPACK Elden Ring Crack File Only [v 1.02 + DLC]


Download Setup & Crack ››››› DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download Setup & Crack ››››› DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


An Online Action RPG: This is an online action RPG in which players can accumulate experience by battling and making friends.

A Vast World: The vast world in which you adventure is an entirely new MMORPG, formed with an unprecedented level of beauty, and is connected to a vast story.

A Unique Online Experience: Battle and make friends with other players, and come together for common purposes.

Interconnected Story: A multilayered story where characters from different locations interact with each other.

For Android & iOS: Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.
The Naver App Store (available in Korean & Chinese only) will be coming out in August 13.

Why won’t you believe in Tarnished?

As time marches on, the memories of your previous self are erased and the Tarnished Shell is your body. To be “Tarnished” means to care only for what is clean and pure, and to be a precious sword that cannot be used again.

However, you are more than a sword. At this point, your incredible strength will bring these people hope in exchange for it.

If you see things clearly, you will see the beauty of the world that lies before you.

If you bear much importance to the lives of others, you will lead them to a happy future.

The Elden Ring Action RPG Tarnished is a story of fantasy action games, set in the Lands Between where the history of Fantasy Action games has not been repeated.

The world

In the Lands Between, there are seven nations divided in two factions.

In the east, the great Elven Empire, home of the legendary Elden Ring and the legendary Elves, has been standing firm for a long time.

In the west, the high-class Vampire Kingdom, who are the protectors of Elden, is known as a “lost nation” that is being isolated from the rest of the world.

In the center, the Lands Between, which is a land that only the Elden Elves and Elves know about, begins. In the Lands Between, there are numberless stories of the Elden Elves, such as the merging of the “Labyrinth of Ancients” and the “Dark Kingdom of Amorphous”.

The story of Tarnished

The Tarnished that players encounter is at a standstill. His memories are erased, so he is suddenly reborn. However, the


Features Key:

  • RPG developed for mobile consoles
  • Play as a powerful Elden Lord
  • Three Classes to choose from
  • Complete freedom to customize your character
  • Simple, but highly intuitive equipment/defense system
  • The Story of Tarnished Crown

    A group of people from seven lands meet each other in the deepest forest. The peace was broken as these people fell to fighting over resources when a man whispers in their ears “You will be judged for the quality of your life.” A gentle young woman once told him “If you understand why you are being judged you will face it with maturity and compassion. Otherwise, you will let it go forever.”

    Character Tutorial

    Depending on your level, the party will first meet with a tutorial where the items and combat system will be explained. You will also have a few dialogue options.

    character tutorial

    Tutorials like this will be shown while you play in addition to your daily quests every day.

    Listed below are the descriptions of the leveling up system as well as the method of gathering gold. Every character needs to level up once every three days unless you are 110+.



    Elden Ring Crack [Updated]

    Best-selling Mobile RPG is coming to PC!

    The amazing mobile game, which sold over 1 million copies, is coming to PC!

    The popular action RPG, Tarnished Chronicles, which let you fight while traveling, is coming to PC!

    CHALLENGE OTHER PLAYERS – You will have to pit your wits against the other players through a complex combat system.

    FIND SONGBIRD – You can unlock new pets and rare items by searching for the Songbirds that can be found all over the Lands Between.

    LOW AMOUNT OF MEMORY REQUIREMENT – This game is expected to run on low end PCs and should not impact overall performance.

    START A NEW GAME RIGHT AWAY – You can start a new game right away without waiting for the game to finish downloading.

    IMPACT ON YOUR SOCIAL LIFE – You will be able to keep up with friends via the Leaderboard!

    • Receive the game update notification

    • The game will start as soon as you update

    • Activate the in-game purchase

    • The game will start after you purchase them

    – Grandex has a variety of unique and interesting game contents

    – 1 GB of data may not be enough to play in PC

    – This PC version will not include the DLCs of the game


    Elden Ring Free Download

    1. An affordable price for the first time
    • ELDEN RING is an action RPG whose gameplay and story are all conducted at a realistic budget
    ◇ Realistic Action That Doesn’t Suck
    Action RPG ELDEN RING has been made for a long time. It has been improved by the number of action RPG fans as well as by the accumulated experience and technology. With this, even players who aren’t accustomed to the action RPG genre will be able to enjoy it.

    ◇ The Action RPG Perfected
    In order to tell an epic story in an action RPG, you should have an excellent action RPG and you should also have a story that isn’t full of clichés, and the developers of ELDEN RING have taken the player’s journey as a true reflection of their heart.

    ◇ Story that Unequaled
    The epic action drama ELDEN RING will tell the story of the Lands Between, where the player can travel by interacting with the character you’ve created. In other words, there will be no dull moment.

    * 1. Action RPG with a high quality that is affordable.
    • Action RPG ELDEN RING is a game that is low on price and quality.
    ◇ The Game Is Best RPG Software
    In order to deliver action RPG with a high quality, we have chosen to incorporate the best graphics and sound possible from RPG game software. Action RPG ELDEN RING is released exclusively by the company.

    ◇ Aimed at the Player’s Feel
    With the player’s very first touch, their heart will be filled with a sense of fear and excitement. With the sounds of pipes and clocks and the grunts and screeches of monsters, the graphics become prettier and prettier. Then, the battles begin.

    ◇ No Dungeons. No Undun
    No dungeons, no enemies, and no battles. It’s an Action RPG that’s not full of the easy battles and all-powerful enemies that are overflowing in games like that. It’s an Action RPG in which you’ll experience the epic drama born from a myth.

    • Action RPG with a high quality that is affordable
    • Action RPG ELDEN RING is a game that is low on price and quality.
    ◇ The Game Is Best RPG Software
    In order to deliver action RPG with a high quality, we have chosen to incorporate the best graphics and sound possible from RPG game software. Action RPG ELDEN


    What’s new:

    2012-09-07Hiraoka Isai

    Within the hallowed halls of the Academy of Science, there exists an ancient fruit that has long ago been
    lost to time: the Ever-grows Apple. Its power has provided untold disaster to the mortals of
    Enrichalucia and the great Elden Ring. After all hope was lost, a holy relic known as the Mask of
    Ederal saved one family.
    The Mask of Ederal is an amuletted artifact that takes its power from the world’s fruit of life.
    Choose one of three different people who appear to have a connection to the Mask of Ederal and lead their
    family through the ins and outs of the academy.
    • Faces
    Three people appear at the beginning of Chapter 1: A budding girl scientist, Emon, an
    "impressionable" younger sister, and a wise old Grandfather. A few moments after you are played, one
    family member will be playable.
    • Draft Friend: Everyone Can Play
    Selecting the Draft Friend will cause everyone in your life to appear in the game. Your Draft
    Friend will be able to comment on your actions and be an optional NPC to interact with. Pick the
    Draft Friend who best expresses how you play!
    • Chapter for Everyone
    As you travel through the city of Enrichalucia, defeating its countless enemies, use the journal
    equipment to learn snippets of the story from each chapter. The found journal data will provide information
    about the person who appears as your Draft Friend in each chapter.
    • Variety of Missions
    At any time during the game, you can use items to start an adventuring adventure. An adventure
    will last a certain amount of time and there will always be an opportunity to catch up later with the
    current mission. Those who are good in adventure will find new things.

    The Mask of Ederal is a mysterious magic!
    To be able to manifest the power of the Mask of Ederal, you’ll need to bond with the power of the
    "three aspects" of the Ever-grows Apple. The three aspects of the Fruit of Life are the Fruit, the
    Fruit Seed, and Fruit Offering.
    The Fruit is the fruit itself, the Fruit Seed is the remains of the fruit where it has been swallowed by a
    certain number of creatures, and the


    Free Download Elden Ring Crack + Latest


    More.rtf, doc, htm resources:

    .txt resources:

    Join this group of players in a new world of action and adventure:

    If you like this game and would like to support it, please donate:

    Watch on YouTube:

    .rtf and.txt translations by Tarnished Rio

    .doc translation by Tarnished Rio

    .htm translation by Tarnished Rio and StarGazer76

    Music Credits:

    1. Dancing Asleep by deadwood

    2. My faith in you by jeremiah cardi

    3. Sancta Maria by swedish electro

    – “Tarnished Elf eXchange” tarsin

    If this release is broken for you (or you’re having troubles when it doesn’t play) do you have Windows Vista SP1?

    Tarnished-Elf is actually made with Lua + JSM, and the Windows version compiles with LuaJIT – this is why it runs on Windows only.


    How To Crack:

  • Download and extract folder from the URL above.
  • Copy the crack files from Crack folder to thegame folder
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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7/8
    Processor: Intel Core i5-7500 or AMD FX-8350
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Storage: 500 GB free hard disk space
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650
    Additional Notes: This game uses a resolution of 2560 x 1440 for the game’s resolution, and to make full use of the games graphics and character animations, the game has been set to high settings.
    The game does not require you to have 4GB of video RAM for maximum performance, but having the recommended amount will enhance


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