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VueMinder Pro is a rich-featured software application designed to help you schedule tasks and appointments, in order to manage upcoming events more efficiently.
The app comes with a professional-looking interface whose window can be maximized on the screen. It is possible to set up a new event, recurring event or all-day event by supplying VueMinder Pro with all sorts of details, such as the location, start and end time, recurrence pattern and file attachments.
From this point on, you can either send the task via email, print the details, save the information to the calendar, or export data to the HTML format. Tasks can be viewed in several methods, according to the viewing mode (daily, weekly, monthly) — in overlay, separate date/calendar columns, or only the work days, just to name a few.
More appearance customization settings are available in the View menu; for instance, you can switch to full screen mode, disable the appearance toolbar or navigation pane, and set events apart by using colors. Plus, you may create categories, priority types, locations and contacts.
Other features of VueMinder Pro involve subscriptions to online calendars (e.g. Google Calendar), calendar synchronization, data backup and restoration, data transfers to USB flash drives, a search function, and others.
The Options screen is filled with more configuration settings, for skilled users. For instance, you can make VueMinder Pro automatically run at system startup, minimize to the system tray area or perform regular update checkups, as well as set up proxy parameters.
In addition to VueMinder Lite, the Pro version grants extra features to users; for example, you can wrap text and adjust detail levels when viewing or printing by month, share notes and tasks over a local network, create subtasks, write notes and pin them to the dates, as well as import events from iCalendar files.
VueMinder Pro supports multiple UI languages, has a good response time, includes user documentation, and requires a moderate-to-high amount of system resources to work properly. No error notifications have been shown throughout our evaluation and the app did not hang or crash.
All in all, VueMinder Pro is a comprehensive desktop calendar which comes bundled with plenty of useful and attractive features. However, you can enhance the user experience by upgrading to VueMinder Ultimate, or choose the VueMinder Lite compact version.


Download ★★★

Download ★★★






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Full system events control, including subscriptions to online calendars (e.g. Google Calendar), calendars synchronization, data backup and restoration, data transfers to USB flash drives, as well as proxy parameters.
Additional configuration settings including the ability to use the search function, change the appearance of the interface, switch to full screen, hide the tool bar and navigation pane, pin notes to particular dates, and set category, priority, and location types.
Additionally, the Options menu can be configured to open the app after a system reboot, to minimize to the system tray area or perform regular update checkups, set up proxy parameters, and enable or disable automatic update checking.
Additional features available in the Pro version include:
View the events in three different ways: by date, in calendar columns, or by day only.
View the app in a full-screen mode, switch to the mini-mode or launch the application.
Create and track appointments and tasks using comments, notes, or links.
Automatically email appointments, recurring events, or tasks via email
Smartly view upcoming events using a quick overview, or in a separate window.
Search and follow tasks and appointments.
Get reminders.
Transfer calendar information to external devices (e.g. USB flash drives) via drag and drop.
Quickly print calendars, recurring events, and tasks.
Sync your events with other devices (e.g. Google Calendar).
Create, edit, and edit attachments for tasks and appointments.
Enjoy a simple, yet powerful, Calendar app for your desktop.
Create and track events and tasks, using calendar icons.
Organize your events and tasks by their priority, create filters and recurrences.
Full features:
Assign tasks to contacts (e.g. e-mail, phone, MSN, Skype)
Plan out your entire day with the all-day event
Extended calendar and task management:
Create, edit, delete tasks, searches, and recurring events
Organize events by calendar, by week, by month, by day
Link tasks with one another
View and edit notes
Set the priority of tasks
Search and synchronize data with Google Calendar
Automatically email tasks and appointments via email
Export and import data to and from iCal (iCalendar)
Automatically track tasks and meetings
Work with reminders
Share calendars among multiple users and access them on all devices
Create and attach files to tasks
Search and follow tasks
Create and edit notes

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Plan Your Day Successfully With VueMinder Pro.
VueMinder Pro is a calendar software that will help you to organize the events in your life and to keep you well prepared for the coming days. It can help you to avoid job conflicts and to stay away from unforeseen situations.
It has a lot of features that make it the most preferable choice in the market.
VueMinder Pro Features:
-Plan your day efficiently and get your work done
VueMinder Pro is designed to help you plan your daily schedule. It has a simple, yet elegant design and will allow you to plan your task, appointment and meeting so you can avoid scheduling conflicts.
With this tool, you can schedule daily tasks from your computer. It can also keep track of recurring events.
-Scheduling will be much easier
Plan your entire day with the VueMinder Pro appointment scheduler. You can add tasks, place them in contexts, set recurring appointments, attach files and even add labels to your tasks.
-Reminder: Keep track of your day in a better way
Get your tasks done on time with the VueMinder Pro reminder. Your reminder history can be viewed in detail so that you can find the exact date of your task without any hassle.
-Create task and appointment reminder
Use VueMinder Pro to schedule all your tasks and appointments and get all important information in one place. It even contains a reminder feature so that you can keep your tasks under your control. You can now stay productive all day long.
-Synchronize your calendar
VueMinder Pro syncs your calendars online and offline so you can keep track of all your appointments anytime. You can view upcoming and recurring events using this tool.
-Share your plans
One of the awesome features of this tool is the ability to share your task and appointments with your colleagues and friends. You can send your plan to anyone using Gmail or other email clients.
-Create events calendar with integration of Google Calendar
With VueMinder Pro, you can synchronize your calendar with the online Google calendar. It can be done manually or automatically. Its configuration settings let you also choose if you want your task or appointment to appear separately in Google Calendar.
-Multi-platform compatibility
VueMinder Pro is compatible with many platforms and operating systems so you can access your appointments from any gadget. You will not need to install it again and again.
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The only thing you really need to take into consideration when it comes to planning your next business trip is time. After all, even the shortest of trips can quickly become a tiresome proposition when all you wish to do is sunbathe on a palm-studded beach. Even worse, trying to ensure you don’t get a late invite to the latest business meeting when you arrive at the airport can be a bigger headache than you’d like. Fortunately, there are some tools to help you make sure every minute of your trip is well planned and efficiently managed, and that includes the ever useful VueMinder Pro.
The VueMinder Pro is designed to help you plan your trips, providing you with a one stop shop for all your scheduling and to-do list needs. The app is simple to use, beautifully designed, and packed with plenty of features that will help you keep every upcoming event and meeting in check. Whether you need to book flights, train tickets, make restaurant reservations, or even set up your entire day schedule with just a few taps, VueMinder Pro is sure to have everything you need.
VueMinder Pro Key Features:
— Create any type of appointments and tasks (1 single event, recurring event, or all-day event, each having its own start and end time)
— Set an event as open, closed, or postponed and have the option of changing it, all without having to make any code changes
— Automatically send reminders when tasks are due, so you don’t forget, or fall behind
— Generate reports to show you in a chart the current status of your tasks
— Export data in HTML, CSV, XML, iCalendar and PDF formats
— Import appointments from Google Calendars, iCalendars, PIMS, and Outlook in iCalendar, CalDAV and CSV formats
— Filter your trips by day, date or location
— Show upcoming appointments on a chart
— Tag your trips so you can find them later easier
— Change the date of an event without creating a new one
— Subscribe to additional online calendars (such as Google Calendar and Outlook)
— Import tasks and appointments from other VueMinder Pro users, or from online calendars, like Google Calendars, PIMs, iCalendars and Outlook
— Automatically execute tasks that are due within a selected time frame
— In many locations, VueMinder Pro is built into the date/calendar column
— Re

What’s New In?

Useful tools for managing your personal and professional life.

VueMinder Ultimate is a professional-looking, eye-catching application for an efficient management of tasks, appointments, notes, and any other kind of data you can think of. It was specifically designed to help busy people and professionals take things in hand and stay organized.
The app comes with a professional-looking interface and a good response time. One of its most interesting features is the ability to create tasks, notes and tasks — each entry being able to be sent via email, saved to the calendar or used for creating documents such as presentations, reports, letters or whatever else.
More information can be found in the wizard-like interface, after launching the app. If you want to add a new task, appointment, note or event, you can fill in a new or existing one by providing it with all sorts of necessary details, including start and end time, recurrence pattern, location, file attachments, etc.
In this way, you can create new tasks from a single entry, rather than requiring you to open multiple tabs of the app. At times, you may want to do a quick search for data stored in the app, the first thing to try being the addresses in your contact book.
Additionally, a calendar can be created for every appointment, recurring event or task. From this point on, it is possible to forward the notes via email, print the details, save the information to the calendar, export data to the HTML format or open a mail message.
Several columns can be used to split tasks by category, time zone, priority, etc. You may quickly add tasks as well as other data (e.g. links, videos, pictures, etc.) to VueMinder Ultimate.
On top of that, you can schedule different kind of tasks, organize events by date, color code them, display reminders, create custom fields, set reminders and notes, and keep a log of your work.
More configuration settings are available in the options screen; for instance, you can enable email notification, share notes and tasks across the network, pin tasks to the calendar, export data to files, make settings automatically get loaded when the application starts, perform updates automatically, and much more. Plus, you may use VueMinder Ultimate to import data from Apple iCal, Google Calendars, Hotmail or other compatible calendar service.
VueMinder Ultimate is a solid desktop application which comes bundled with numerous useful and attractive

System Requirements:

Minimum specs:
OS: Windows 10 64-bit (Or higher)
CPU: Intel Core i3-3220, AMD Ryzen 3-2200
GPU: ATI Radeon RX Vega 56 (Fiji), Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD R9 Fury, Sapphire TRI-X R9 Nano
DirectX: DirectX 11
Hard disk: 2 GB
Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible sound card with support for UWP
HDD space: 4 GB
Recommended specs:
OS: Windows 10