REPACK Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition [+ DLC]Activation Free

REPACK Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition [+ DLC]Activation Free






A Fantasy RPG Creatively Developed Using Unreal Engine 4 for Console, New RPG featuring a Drama Found in a Fantasy World, and Online Multiplayer.

The Tarnished Elves are a once-fine, noble race that lived among the people of Illusia, in the lands between. They lost the love of their people due to events of their history.

The inhabitants of the world have mostly forgotten them.

In those days, the Elves lived on the hills of Isha continent with their arch-enemies, the Centaurs.

In the world of Tarnished Elves, as you fight enemies along your way, there are moments when magic appears, like rain on the desert.

If you are a Demon’s soul, you are eternal suffering. In the natural order of things, it is the Demons who want to be the kings of this world.

In the event of the Elves’ battle with the Demons, the Elves will become the rulers of this world, and find their love in the earth again.



The Elf who fought the Demon King.

Orion was born in Tarnished land. He initially did not trust humans. He also did not believe in the Elves’ battle with the Demon King.

All the Elves were lying to him.

After all, he was a Demon’s soul.

However, he came across a childish girl on the way to the Demon king’s castle who was crying, and decided to help her.

He thought that the war between Elves and Demons would be something that nobody had heard of before.

When he tried to leave, however, he got involved in the war, and the Elves had to rescue him.

She was actually the Demon King’s daughter. The Demon King had been suffering at the hands of an Elf, and had chosen that Elf as a suitable pawn for his own survival.

In order to please the Demon King, she had betrayed her own father.

However, she was in pain.

When she saved Orion, she was so touched by his kindness that she agreed to go with him as his companion, since she wanted to be near him.

Orion became her comrade, with whom she had the power of two hearts.

Orion saved the Demon King’s


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A brand-new fantasy action RPG.
  • A vast world of thought-provoking puzzles.
  • Multiple different game modes for detailed strategic challenge.
  • Hundreds of weapons and armor pieces that you can customize and combine.
  • An epic story that deeply entwines each of the characters and allows you to experience an epic drama.
  • Online play. When you join the game with friends, you will be able to play together. When not in a game, your movements will still be reflected in battles in which you are participating. This means there will be no difference between online and offline play.
  • Elden Ring system overview:

    Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG that intertwines skill and fate.
    You can use fate to customize characters by choosing your character’s progression route and level-up route.
    You can choose a character as the hero and aim for a high level that includes any classes.
    You can forge an alliance with a partner who has a similar route or a higher level and use them as allies to co-operate against various bosses or fight against common enemies.
    By using fate to bring your character to the best possible state, you will overcome vicious enemies and obtain rare equipment.

    Bosses in Elden Ring–a game that intertwines skill and fate–have a variety of layouts.
    You will have to try to attack and dodge effectively throughout their attacks and various movements.
    The fights are different depending on which configuration the boss has.
    Rivers, seas, mountains, and dungeons are present, as well as a variety of human and monster life forms.
    Concentrating on action and evasion, your character will change his routes depending on how you play.
    Elden Ring also emphasizes the unique way in which the character’s fight gets interesting.

    • A new fantasy action RPG
      • A vast world full of exciting situations
      • A map designed in a way that suits the appearance and battle system
      • A highly visual environment that stimulates players’ senses
      • A variety of weapons in a wide range of graphics
      • A large job system that appeals to RPG fans
      • A vast array of music that provides a strong sense of


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        RPGFan: “I’ve been keeping a close eye on the production of Tarnished, which was co-developed by Square Enix (Final Fantasy: 13) and Gust (Final Fantasy: 14), with the assumption that it would be just another Final Fantasy spinoff. Thankfully, that was not the case; instead of a Final Fantasy redux with a few extra features tacked on to fill up the slots, Tarnished is a refreshing new take on traditional turn-based RPGs with a fantasy setting that strives to be balanced and dramatic rather than a throwaway cash grab. While it might just be an experiment, it seems like it’s turning out to be the sort of game that could one day be integrated into the main series… as a spinoff or as a new IP, at least, Tarnished seems like a worthy effort.”

        JRPGamer: “if you were to ask me how this game would be different from any of the other Final Fantasy Tactics games that have already come out, I would have to say that this one doesn’t bear any resemblance to its predecessors. The storyline, the gameplay, and even the art style are all completely different, and that’s a great thing.”

        SciGames: “Once you get into the meat of your character’s progression, it becomes clear that each step is exciting, demanding and satisfying, and also useful in terms of furthering your character’s skills. Even though there are a few cut scenes throughout, the bulk of the story is told through dialogue boxes and text, which might be a bit of a turn-off if you’re a big RPG fan (in that case, I’d recommend you just try it out anyway, though – I think it’s really worth it), but for someone like me, it really helps immersing me more in the game.”

        RPGFocus: “Setting and general atmosphere is fantastic, I can’t say enough good things about it, and the graphics and presentation are nothing short of spectacular. I’m not normally a big fan of turn-based RPGs, but Tarnished is such a strong, unique game that I ended up enjoying myself throughout. It’s a shame it’s so short, but its runtime is still over five hours, and I’d say that about 80% of that time is spent in the beautiful and unique game world. I certainly can


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        • How To Play

        The non-combat Parts
        Depending on which Tarnished character you choose, you can enjoy various enjoyable activities that are not a part of battle.
        You can go on missions, collect items, craft items, and exchange items, which are essential to survival in the Lands Between.
        • The Adventure Begins
        Your adventure begins once you have equipped your Tarnished item.
        ◆ The Equipment You Have to Possess at the Start of Your Adventure
        If you have a Tarnished item, you can call a horse that has the corresponding horse race and battle with enemies together.
        • The Equipment You Cannot Use at the Start of Your Adventure
        If you do not have a Tarnished item, you cannot participate in battle.
        ※ You do not have to purchase Tarnished items through the normal course of battle. Items that can be used in battle can be acquired by completing Adventure Missions.
        Elden Ring Battles:

        You can actively play battles in addition to gathering materials and equipment.
        ◆ Battle System
        Battles take place on a large field. During battle, the field can be divided into four regions, and the character and enemy that are nearest to an opponent in battle appear in one of these regions.
        The character can perform actions such as moving, attacking, and executing special moves, and the enemy is in a state where it is possible to fight.
        ※ Every battle begins with a randomly selected start battle and a predetermined battle between two to four characters. After the battle is over, battle selection continues from the point at which the battle ended.
        ◆ Special Moves
        Each character has several types of special moves. During the battle, you can choose the special moves that you will perform.
        ◆ Battle Duration
        The battle duration can be set freely between 3 minutes and 3 hours.
        Saving the Result of the Battle:

        The battle can be continued after the battle is over. If the battle lasts for a predetermined duration, the battle can be saved and continued from the point at which it ended.
        The saved battle can be continued until the end of the predetermined duration or the battle is finished.
        In the case of a save battle, the state of the characters will be as the character that was saved, and the battle cannot be continued from the point at which it ended.
        If it is not possible to continue a saved battle, the result of the battle will be saved as “Saved


        What’s new in Elden Ring:

        All in all, this game is the action RPG that tempts the desires of all adventure lovers. We hope you look forward to it!

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      System Requirements:

      Supported Operating Systems:
      Red Eclipse will run on any of the following operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, macOS and Linux.
      See below for the Minimum System Requirements
      Minimum System Requirements
      CPU: Dual Core Intel Core 2 Duo (2.2 GHz)
      RAM: 2 GB
      Hard Disk: 500 MB of free space
      Graphics: Intel Integrated Graphics
      VGA Adapter: 256 MB of free memory space
      Extras:.NET Framework 4.5 installed (Windows 7)


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