Sketchup 8.0.16845.rar

Sketchup 8.0.16845.rar

Sketchup 8.0.16845.rar

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Sketchup 8.0.16845.rar

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#ifndef _PERF_TERM_H_
#define _PERF_TERM_H_ 1
* The termcap name and the terminfo name are same,
* but differ in case.
#define TCSETS _IOWR(‘T’, 1, struct termcap)
#define TCSETEX _IOWR(‘T’, 2, struct termcap)
#define TCSETBUF _IOWR(‘T’, 3, struct termcap)
#define TCSETMODE _IOWR(‘T’, 4, struct termcap)
#define TCGETA _IOR(‘T’, 5, struct termcap)
#define TCSETAF _IOW(‘T’, 6, struct termcap)
/* ioctls */
#define TCSETSW _IOW(‘T’, 100, struct termcap) /* st_set */
#define TCSETH _IOW(‘T’, 101, struct termcap) /* st_help */
#define TCSETSC _IOW(‘T’, 102, struct termcap) /* st_ico */
#define TCSETEA _IOW(‘T’, 103, struct termcap) /* st_echo */
#define TCSETAW _IOW(‘T’, 104, struct termcap) /* st_kill */
#define T

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