Small World – Royal Bonus HACK Patch With Serial Key

Small World – Royal Bonus HACK Patch With Serial Key


Name Small World – Royal Bonus
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.43 / 5 ( 6494 votes )
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You live on a mystical island, surrounded by water that holds mythical treasures; you are the deliverer.
You must collect Treasures and Legends to find the Hero you need to fulfill your destiny, and defeat the King of Shadows who is determined to destroy you!
The campaign features a unique puzzle element. There are puzzles and mini-games that will give you a new challenge and keep you entertained.
Developed by a small indie team.
Race and Special Power Expansion
15 Multi-Level Campaign Quests
3 different Species
5 Beasts
5 Containers
5 Treasures
10 Artifacts
5 Maps
10 Gems
10 Traps
1 Boss
-Three different races with unique special powers
-A giant battle is happening on the island. It is time to rise, unite and fight!
-New heroes, new map and new traps and treasures to discover
-A total of 15 quest levels and a bonus level in the campaign
-3 playable races and unique special powers
-Action-packed gaming in 5 single-player game modes
-Puzzles and minigames to keep you entertained throughout the game
-An original boss battle
Notes about the quests:
– Go to the shrines to collect treasures, Legends and Banishers.
– Some extra treasures will be needed to complete the quest
– A special quest is only unlockable when you’ve collected 30 main quests
– A variation of the game is also included in the main game and is only available once you have completed all of the quests. It’s a small tutorial for new players
System Requirements:
– Windows 7/8
– Windows 10 64bits
– Internet Explorer 9 and up
– Minimum resolution of 1280×720
– Processor: Intel Dual-Core
– CPU: AMD Athlon 2.6 GHz
– RAM: 3GB
– GPU: GeForce GTX970 / Radeon R9 290
– DirectX: 11.1
– HDD: 5


Features Key:



    Small World – Royal Bonus Download [Updated]

    Easy to get started. It’s fun. And it’s good!
    Prepare to play the most fun and logical game of the year. Add a little treachery to your game with the ruthless characters in this mini expansion! Try out new playing styles that wisely harness the special powers of each race.
    Carve out your place in a world that’s too small to accommodate everyone!
    This SmallWorld mini expansion includes three new Races (Fauns, Igors and Sylphs) and three Special Powers (Aquatic, Fireball and Behemoth).
    Deep battle strategies
    Each card has its own unique abilities, ranging from Fireballs and Bombs to untapped special powers.

    is a sandbox free to play fantasy RPG game in the vein of different versions of Legend of Grimrock and Trolls. The game is based on procedural content generation and allows the player to fight their way through many scenarios with different goals and races.The game has received a small bit of media coverage since it’s closed beta release on November 11th, 2018. So far the developers have published a developer diary for the game and are continuously working on improving the gameplay and environment.

    Play it here

    Play it here

    CrimsonAltus: A stealth game where your character do nothing. You can’t hurt anyone or break anything. They are just a shadow. A ghost. A skeleton of a person. A soul that walks between the pages of books. A counterweight to the great standing army of Altus, born to the duties of following the word of the gods to the feeble remnants of humankind.

    Chamber 67-A


    The first work has been posted.

    About This Game The first work has been posted. The simulation sandbox game, inspired by the movies and short stories by H.P. Lovecraft, seeks to focus on stealth and survival.


    I hope you know that there is an addon that will override the darkness setting from that screen and cause your enemies to see you. DSP makes you immune to the no light setting and if the setting happens to be on, then it won’t bother you. (no joke)

    @Mampo: It’s only me being specific about the setting to be ‘no light’ and not ‘no darkness’. It’s the latter that is having this issue. The dark setting is fine, I’m just having this issue with the ‘no light’ setting for the


    Small World – Royal Bonus Crack + Download



    Q. What is SmallWorld?

    A. SmallWorld is a small, 2D boardgame for 2-4 players, in which the challenge is to get 5 points to your flag before your opponents! You play as a nobleman, a merchant or a simpleton, to gain enough money to buy as many points as you can! SmallWorld has a unique ‘Point-Taking’ mechanic, and a unique ‘self-destruct’ mechanic, that create new ways to win. You’ll never see your strategy game quite the same way again!Play SmallWorld on iOS (Apple Store) or Android (Google Play) or Mac (Steam) SmallWorld has been played at hundreds of venues across the globe, and has won awards from GoEuro, GameCity, Spiel and Spiel des Jahres.

    Q. What’s new in SmallWorld 2?

    A. SmallWorld 2 comes with the new ‘Options’ mechanic, in which you can assign heroes (leaders) to perform different jobs. And, SmallWorld 2 includes a new way to win, the ‘hidden victory’.

    Q. What is New Game Plus?

    A. New Game Plus is a mode that lets you play the same game, but play faster. You play for a smaller number of points, but also play more games, which means a smaller number of turns! This mode was inspired by the original SmallWorld, and will become available in SmallWorld 2.

    Q. Will there be a new Community Board?

    A. We are committed to creating a great SmallWorld 2 Community with a focus on user-generated content and sharing our community. We will be providing some of this functionality in SmallWorld 2 as we get closer to release.

    Q. Why are you separating the boardgame from the social boardgame?

    A. We’re building a community in a new way, where you can share your SmallWorld 2 gameplay and creative ideas with others on social media. You can use your mobile device to play with your friends, and as we get closer to release you’ll be able to play in the same room as them!

    Q. Why should I buy SmallWorld 2?

    A. SmallWorld 2 is a new, improved, new boardgame experience. You play for a lower number of points, but there’s more of everything, including


    What’s new in Small World – Royal Bonus:

      Points In A Land Of Linguistic Intrigue

      Fifteen years ago, Laura Simmons wanted no part of Shawna Marshall’s
      idea of a business trip to Egypt. The travel agent had been flirting with her
      ex-boyfriend for weeks, and Simmons didn’t like it one bit. But when Marshall
      showed up at her door and convinced her that they could go to Egypt together,
      Simmons couldn’t refuse.

      When she heard that her “boyfriend” John Andrews was on the same trip,
      she was thrilled. He hadn’t done anything to break her heart, so she felt
      better about seeing him.

      Together, Simmons and Andrews spent three weeks in Egypt. They
      happily tasted the local flavors in a brand new city: trying exotic dishes,
      gawking at local daily life and managing to keep up the conversation. One thing
      they didn’t expect was that their hectic travel schedule meant they wouldn’t be seeing each other nearly as often as they had hoped.

      John Andrews was a co-worker from TV One. They’d met at the door of
      his hotel in Cairo, and their instant attraction was obvious. Within weeks
      they’d both fallen for each other and taken a trip to Cyprus in order to spend
      some time alone together. Then, the unthinkable happened.

      John was involved in a minor car accident and his injury kept him
      from working for a couple of weeks. Alone in Cyprus, he tried to comfort himself
      with thoughts of Laura. It was much easier than he’d expected.

      Sitting in a bar one night, John began speculating about where he
      and Laura would make a life together once all their travels had come to an
      end. For the first time, he saw a possibility of his and Laura’s future other
      than working on a TV show together.

      “Maybe we could try the idea of going someplace together after we
      get out of Egypt,” he said, mixing rum with Coca-Cola and staring at her.


      “That idea just came to me,” he said. “Maybe New Zealand. It’s a
      beautiful country. You know, like Australia but with penguins.”

      “I’d love to go someplace like that,” Laura told him. �


      Download Small World – Royal Bonus Crack + For Windows


      How To Install and Crack Small World – Royal Bonus:

    • Step 1: Download the setup file of the game from the publisher and start the installation.
    • Step 2: As soon as it’s finished, start the process of activating the product.
    • Step 3: Enjoy!
    • Step 4: After downloading the product, you have to also download a crack folder from the publisher’s website. Drag the crack to the installation program, then close that and it will open. Then exit your browser.
    • Step 5: Update the game if the version is not the latest one, otherwise proceed to the next step.
    • Step 6: Extract the crack by clicking it. Enter the newly extracted folder and follow the instructions.
    • Step 7: The crack is not activated yet, so you have to apply it with a serial key. Go to the top left corner of the window, where the serial number is listed with a green color, and click on it. Enter your license key there and click on “Activate”. Congratulations! You are ready to play the game.
    • Enjoy Small World – Royal Bonus Game!

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