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Responsible Gambling
Oct 15, 2017
LOPSA is an independent, not-for-profit organisation created by the Australian . The peak body for the Australian poker community, LOPSA provides a social and commercial network that connects.Cinematic Promotions

Cinematic promotions are the cornerstone of a successful sponsorship and are a key element in the creation of a brand-building program. They are also a highly leveraged tool for event marketing.

Audiences are most interested in engaging with messages that are culturally relevant and reflect who they are. For this reason, Cinematic promotions are often the most effective vehicles for communicating your brand stories to target audiences.

Examples of Cinematic Promotions

Cinematic promotions engage audiences in a personal way that personal advertisements cannot. They make the audience feel like they are interacting with the brand and are part of the story they are viewing. Watch the examples below and see how your brand could be portrayed.

Cinematic Promotions are developed in-house at Cinematic Promotions. We work with you to ensure you are achieving the ROI you are expecting. We also suggest ways to deliver your message to audiences that you might not have considered.

Contact us today and find out more about how Cinematic Promotions can help your brand.Q:

Defining function in C

I’m trying to understand how to declare a function in C.
Here is my code:
int add(int a, int b)
return a + b;

Can someone tell me why I can’t call the add function like this:
printf(“The result is: %d”, add(3, 4));

I read that you can’t use the * or [] for invoking functions so I try this.


You cannot overload a function for different arguments.
All functions with the same name are of the same type
Your function declaration can be rewritten
int add(int a, int b) { return a + b; }


You cannot use the [] or * in a declaration of the function name, as in:
int add(int a, int b);
int add(int a, int b)
return a + b;

What is going to happen is that the declaration of the function has a declaration


In your case you have a error in the variable $toupload
$toupload = ‘../cache/’;

Should be
$toupload = ‘../cache/’. $id;

This is because you are concatenating a integer to a string in your $toupload var.
$_SESSION[‘userid’] = $id;

$insert = mysqli_query($con, “INSERT INTO public_to_private(userid, private_key, public_key, platform, notes, date) VALUES ($userid, ‘$toupload’, ‘$toupload’, ‘$platform’, ‘$notes’, now()) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE public_key = ‘$toupload’ WHERE userid = ‘$userid'”) or die(mysqli_error($con));

if ($insert) {
echo ‘OK’;
} else {
echo ‘Something went wrong, check connection’;

$userid = mysqli_insert_id($con);

Selling a TV is notoriously tough. Even when you just want to sell one on your own, there’s a ton of information to disseminate, a physical product to package and present, and somewhere on the interwebs you’re guaranteed to find something insulting to pour gas on all of the above. The allure of being able to sell on your own is one of the perks of selling on ETSY—one less thing to think about, or maybe even budget for.

There are a ton of ways to sell on ETSY. A quick search reveals dozens of categories and sub-categories, from trinkets to tubs. The beauty of ETSY is that you can find all sorts of pricing structures to suit whatever price point you’re most comfortable with, from the traditional $2 listing to a storefront e-commerce site. You can also use your own store, build off of Etsy’s designs, or use something like Shopify to build a full-on e-commerce site on top of E

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