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The first version of AutoCAD, Release 20, was a graphical app developed on Microsoft Windows 3.0 and initially included only 2-D drafting tools. Since AutoCAD started as a drafting program, 3-D capabilities were not initially an important feature. The first 3-D features were added for AutoCAD Release 21 in 1990, which added a 3-D modeler and a 3-D viewport. A comprehensive vector graphics editor was added for AutoCAD Release 22 in 1994 and a 3-D functional drafter in AutoCAD Release 23 in 1997.

AutoCAD has since evolved to encompass drafting, design, and construction applications that are commonly used in design, architecture, construction, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and electrical engineering. With the advent of CAD applications, the term “CAD” has come to describe a broad range of software. CAD applications, as they evolved, have moved from being proprietary, non-interoperable software applications to being interoperable, platform-independent applications.

AutoCAD is a commercial CAD program. AutoCAD is used by architects, interior designers, quantity surveyors, engineers, and construction and mechanical contractors to create architectural and mechanical drawings.

A Windows desktop (Windows 3.1, 95, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8) or Mac OS X operating system is required for AutoCAD. The free trial version of AutoCAD is limited to drawing and rendering.

Virtually all organizations have some type of CAD program and most organizations are using the Internet to make more effective use of that program. The Internet not only provides access to all of the CAD information available, but also enables CAD users to share their work with others via the Internet. The Internet has made it possible for CAD users to share their work with one another at any time, regardless of where they may be.

While these advantages have made it possible for CAD users to become more efficient, many CAD users continue to rely on the traditional method of creating drawings, namely, to complete a drawing on paper. The primary advantages of the Internet in terms of CAD are as follows:

AutoCAD provides a standard data interchange format (that is, an industry standard) for exchange of digital drawing files, so that information can be exchanged between different types of CAD programs.

Collaboration is now possible in AutoCAD. AutoCAD users can now share their drawings with others on the Internet and can also work together

AutoCAD 2020 23.1 Crack [32|64bit]

As of version 19.1, AutoCAD Cracked Version is available as a 64-bit native application for Windows, macOS, and Linux. In addition to the native Windows, AutoCAD is available for the iPad, Android, Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch, Sony PSP, and Nook HD. In June 2016, AutoCAD 2D was made available on the Apple Watch. In March 2017, a mobile application for iOS was released that allowed users to access AutoCAD on Apple iOS devices. This application can be used to open DWG files directly, using the native drawing app on iOS.

Interoperability and automation

AutoCAD includes the following features to support interoperability and automation:
Auto-Loading and Auto-Writing: The application automatically saves objects before moving to a new drawing. Objects have the ability to load and write to AutoCAD drawings.
DrawingHistory: The drawing history allows a user to review and/or manage changes made in any drawing.
Filename History: The drawing history allows a user to review and/or manage changes made in a drawing’s filename.
Date History: The drawing history allows a user to review and/or manage changes made in a drawing’s date.
Vector History: The drawing history allows a user to review and/or manage changes made in a drawing’s vector history.
View History: The drawing history allows a user to review and/or manage changes made in a drawing’s view.
Note History: The drawing history allows a user to review and/or manage changes made in a drawing’s note.
DesignCenter: The design center has been updated to reflect the new look of AutoCAD 2007. It includes an integrated DWF viewer, measuring tools and tools for placement, routing, 2D drafting, and drafting.
DataMover: This feature allows the user to import and export DWG drawings from and to the web, and from and to other applications that support AutoLISP.
AutoCAD Map Objects: AutoCAD Map Objects is a feature to import and export DXF-based AutoCAD map files directly to AutoCAD.
Edge Tools: AutoCAD Edge Tools is an automation tool that allows the user to create and modify line types and apply line patterns. It supports the creation of line and spline types, line and spline styles, line patterns, spline patterns, and line and spline color patterns. It supports the creation of line and spline symbols, or line

AutoCAD 2020 23.1 With Registration Code Free Download

Open Autocad and open the project.

On the left menu bar go to the “File” option, and then click on “Open Recent Files”.

Choose the file that is located in the drive, that you wish to clone. The most efficient way to clone your files is to open your drive where the project is located, because it will take a lot less time to copy your files than if you would have opened the drive in the computer.
When you click on the “Open Recent Files”, you can see a list of the latest projects that you have opened.
However, you can always add a location to the list, by opening your “Documents” folder or your “Downloads” folder.

Open the file that you wish to edit. You can also do that by opening a “New File” option and save your file with the same name as the file you will use to make your edits.

Open the file you downloaded.

Select the main document or the desired part in the document you opened.

Open “Windows”, “File”, “Export Clipboard”
Choose “All Files” and then the name of the file.
Click on “Apply”
Save the file in your desired location.

In case you missed your files
Depending on the version of AutoCAD, the file that you have downloaded is a.cdb or a.dwg file.

For 2017 versions, the.cdb file is the one that needs to be opened.
For earlier versions, the.dwg files are the ones that you need to open.

In case the file you open is a.dwg, you can double click on the document, in order to open the project.

In case you want to clone all projects
We are going to use the method for automatically cloning all projects for now.

Open Autocad.
Open the menu bar, and then click on “File”, “Recent Files”, and then “Open Recent Files”.
You should now see all the projects that you opened in your last session.
You can add more projects to the list, by clicking on “Open”, and then on “Add Location

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Drawing Preview and Edges:

Surface edges have more definition than the more conventional polyline edge tool, including all relevant decale and color attributes. You can preview edges for tool creation or existing drawings and easily edit them.

Edit spline and path curves with relative ease, without influencing your overall drawing.

Expression Editing for Drafting:

Edit expressions that control how the objects are displayed and sized, in the drawing window, in your layout editor, and in your design review sessions. You can also incorporate the new Expression Editing tools directly into the Drafting toolbar.

Automatically convert line, polyline, and point selections to floating centerlines to help you gain more precision and create a clean, smooth line.


A new set of measurement tools allows you to easily define and reference measurements for dimensional objects, give them context, or create temporary dimensions on a drawing to see your changes.

Maintain reference to profiles, datums, and polylines in your drawings, so you can easily position components in your layouts and display them correctly in your design review sessions.


Replace the delete command with one that lets you discard objects instead of destroying them. That lets you selectively delete objects from a drawing.

Use the Flatten tool to recreate changes and turn into a polyline without losing your precision.

Append and Paste:

Save your designs as new drawings and append them to older ones, whether they are 1-to-1 or multi-step.

Use the Paste tool to move or replace objects to create multi-step drawings. You can even copy and paste your design review or review session context, all without affecting your original design or the dimensions in your drawing.

Use the Insert tool to create new files, save intermediate versions, and share work quickly.


Make presentation PDFs in less time with new presentation tools. Create and save PDFs for presentations without the hassle of opening files.

Import and present drawings in PDF format from the Inline CD command to save space in your presentations.

Make presentations with exacting quality by checking the PDF annotations using a new check mark. PDF viewers and viewers compatible with new annotations will show the check mark.

Design Review and Review Sheet:

Present your designs quickly by starting a Design Review or Review Sheet that you can quickly save, share, or

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 (64-bit) or Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom II X2 3.4 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 5870
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
19.7 MB free space (Windows installer only)
Tested on a Surface 3 (Core i3, 4 GB RAM)

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