Autodesk AutoCAD 21.0 Civil 3D Free Download

Autodesk AutoCAD 21.0 Civil 3D Free Download







AutoCAD 21.0 Activator Free [Mac/Win]

AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version was originally developed as a vector graphic editor and drafting application, a predecessor to AutoCAD LT. Today, AutoCAD is widely used for architectural and engineering design, visual arts, mechanical engineering, surveying, and architecture. As of 2017, more than 500,000 users of the desktop version of AutoCAD had created more than 36 million technical drawings. For the purposes of this article, the term “AutoCAD” will refer to the desktop version of AutoCAD.


The history of AutoCAD can be traced back to 1983, when the ARINC, Inc., formed by Robert Donnelly and David Mahler, began development of Auto-Vue, a computer-aided design (CAD) application. The ARINC, Inc., was bought by Autodesk in 1985.

Auto-Vue was later renamed to AutoCAD and was first released for Windows 3.1 in December of 1983. AutoCAD was a vector-graphic oriented drafting application that was based on the Delphi drawing environment developed by E.E. Roberts and Associates. This led to the foundation of the AutoCAD platform, with many of the concepts from AutoCAD being later incorporated into the product’s sister applications, including Architecture and Engineering Design Suite (AEDS), Architecture and Engineering Graphics Suite (AEGS), and Mechanical Engineering Suite (MES). The Delphi drawing environment has since been replaced by Adobe Illustrator and Autodesk Revit.

The Delphi drawing environment used a client-server technology, requiring a separate server (called a Dynamic Host Computer, or DHC) to run on the host computer, and a client to run on the workstation. AutoCAD and other Autodesk products also used a client-server architecture to operate over the Internet. This required the use of a server, also known as a host computer, on the company’s mainframe or other main computing systems. To connect to the server, AutoCAD required a modem and a dial-up telephone line.

The earliest version of AutoCAD used the VDA (Vector Data Architecture) file format, which stored the coordinate, layer, and rendering information for a drawing on a separate “dot” (aka dot matrix) file, as a distinct file type from the drawing file itself. As the number of layers and geometry in a drawing increased, VDA files would grow to a prohibitive size, making it difficult to perform

AutoCAD 21.0 Crack Incl Product Key Free [Win/Mac]

is an abstract language for AutoCAD Crack’s ObjectARX component. It can import, export and execute commands using ObjectARX as a layer in AutoCAD.

For example, from command Window > Developer:


AutoCAD 21.0

Click the Autocad toolbar and select open from the Tools menu. This is the key to launch the process.

A new window will appear, enter “Smart CC” in the search bar and click the first result. This will open the download page for Smart CC.

Click the file “”

AutoCAD 2018 Free Download Crack

This is the most desired version of AutoCAD, but the cracked versions are available on the internet for the download.

AutoCAD 2018 is a sophisticated application which is used for the designing and drafting of the 3D projects. Its features enable you to design the high-quality buildings with the ease of use. The elements in the AutoCAD are built with 3D technology and you can draw an object with the help of this software.

This is the best application in the world where you can do the following things with the help of this application:

• You can create 2D and 3D objects with the help of the AutoCAD.

• The size of the project can be decided in the AutoCAD.

• You can provide the basic functionalities like view, annotation, zooming, hiding the objects, fonts, styles, polygonal modeling, snapping, etc.

• You can connect all the layers with the help of the AutoCAD.

• You can switch between the 3D and 2D workspace with the help of the AutoCAD.

• You can create the blocks with the help of the AutoCAD.

• You can design the 2D drawings with the help of the AutoCAD.

• You can also copy a drawing or shift the shapes from one document to another.

• You can create the line and area details with the help of the AutoCAD.

• You can create the labels with the help of the AutoCAD.

• You can also choose the layouts, objects, materials, materials, linetypes, gradients, etc.

• You can also enable the quick-mode with the help of the AutoCAD.

• You can also resize the objects with the help of the AutoCAD.

• You can also set the properties of the objects with the help of the AutoCAD.

• You can also import the images with the help

What’s New In AutoCAD?

New way to edit and manage annotations:

Edit and manage your annotation toolbars, tool presets and annotation settings on the fly. Annotation toolbars, tool presets and annotation settings are stored in a drawing and can be moved to a separate drawing. (video: 2:55 min.)

Design visualization:

See a visual representation of your current drawing with layers, filters, and other design tools turned on. Generate a cross section, top down or all around view, layer or detail view from any part of your drawing. Quickly navigate your drawing by exploring the sidebars, layers and filters. Design in landscape or portrait mode. (video: 4:30 min.)

Rotate around corners:

Quickly rotate around any corner or edge of a window or frame. There is no longer a limit on how many corners or edges can be rotated and displayed simultaneously. (video: 1:20 min.)


Vellum is a simple way to get started with annotations. It automatically associates shapes with text that you type into the Title field. Tagged objects such as dimensions or text automatically create sub-annotations. (video: 4:35 min.)

Sequential numbering:

No longer limited to a sequence number of 5.

Path tool:

Animate your existing path to create the effect of a looping path. In addition, you can use the path tool to create any number of new, independent paths from a single point or line. (video: 3:10 min.)

Join paths:

Join two or more paths to make one path. You can specify how the two paths should be merged. The join operation can be done from multiple points. (video: 3:30 min.)

Symbol stroke:

Edit the stroke of any symbol by setting the color, weight or dash pattern. You can also change the width and style of symbols. (video: 2:05 min.)


A new feature for text that automatically places text in the middle of symbols, line breaks, parts and hatch patterns. You can use text to annotate drawings. (video: 1:35 min.)

View models:

View your drawing through the camera you are working in to see how it will look in a design environment. (video: 2:30 min.)

Axes on

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Supported OS: Win 7, 8, 10
Keyboard: Keyboard layout used by SteamOS
Mouse: Trackball, Xbox360 type mouse, or PC optical mouse (not included)
Headset: none
Sound Card: Microphone, Speaker, External Speaker
WASD – Move camera
[ESC] – Exit full screen
[Left Control] – Return to desktop
[Up/Down] – Previous/Next shot
[Left/Right] – Left/right joystick

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