MoneyGuru Crack Free License Key

MoneyGuru Crack Free License Key

There's at least one day of the month you're joyfully looking forward to, and that is the day your paycheck arrives. However, you might end up with an empty wallet in short time if you don't properly manage your funds. This is where applications like moneyGuru come in handy, putting a simple environment at your disposal to keep track of incomes and expenses.
Polished interface makes accommodation easy
Stored in a simple interface, functions you get to work with and areas you manage are spread across several tabs you can close and open again at any given moment. Each one fills the workspace with different details, organized in a table, with several info fields that can be toggled, such as description, payee, time related info, and more.
You can enable visual feedback for most of the areas under a couple forms. Be them pie charts or graphs, these put all available details in polished graphical representations so you get an idea of how money comes and goes.
File support and adding accounts
It might take a little while to get the hang of the creation process. However, there's an example file you can load at the press of a button to help you out. Using the created samples, you can later simply edit given fields for an easier approach on fund management.
If you already happen to have data somewhere inside a file, chances are you can put it to good use if it's found under formats like OFX, QFX, QIF, CSV or TXT. Export benefits from the same number of formats, with options to save all data or your selection of fields.
A periodical income is best created in the scheduler tab. This brings up a new window that lets you specify recurrence rate, end date, description, payee, check, transfer, and any additional notes you want to add. You're then free to create accounts and transactions by simply filling in corresponding details, but pay attention to the increase and decrease column headers, because they are responsible for calculus.
A few last words
All things considered, we can safely state that moneyGuru comes with good intentions and can help you manage your funds a little better. Even if polished on the visual side of things, it feels a little rough around the edges most of the times, with multiple tabs creating confusion and no options to set color differentiation between incomes and expenses. If nothing else is at hand, this application proves worthy in the end.



MoneyGuru Crack Free

moneyGuru is a simple yet functional application that lets you keep an eye on your finances, create checkbook, saving, and budget accounts, and add up to 6 accounts to be managed from anywhere. All this while not hampering your workflow.
Key features:
+ Set up 6 checkbook accounts
+ Create savings accounts
+ Create checkbook, savings, and budget accounts
+ Separate checkbook accounts into transaction and item accounts
+ Recurring transaction checks
+ Export transactions and accounts to QIF, OFX, TXT, CSV, and QFX files
+ Supports a periodical time interval for recurring transaction checks
+ Set up recurring payment cycles
+ Choose your color scheme for account types, i.e., regular checkbook, savings, or budget
+ Mark bank fees, ATM fees, and transaction fees in transactions
+ Set up transaction items, such as tax, ATM, etc.
+ Keep track of 3 categories per checkbook account
+ Manage bank accounts, debit, credit, and prepaid card accounts
+ Setup deposits, transfers, and payees of an account
+ Create new transactions
+ Use 7 different currencies
This app has been tested to be free from malware, viruses, and trojan, and the good word is that it does not collect any personal or financial information.
What’s New
+ bug fix for the backup feature
An up-to-date version of the Android operating system
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Similar to the Apay app, which we’ve previously reviewed on this blog, Apay Pro is an app which allows users to make online payments using credit and debit cards, various methods, and more.
With this app, you can access online or offline payment methods on your mobile device, through your registered credit card and/or debit card.
You can view all your transactions and manage them through the easy-to-use graphical interface.
Once you have a card registered, you can view all your transactions which will be displayed in a detailed and clear manner.
You can also print your transaction list, and send a copy of it through the mail to anyone, including your bank.
Apart from the main application, Apay Pro offers additional features such as the ability to:
• Manage multiple cards and accounts
• Receive payment notifications
• View credit card details for online or offline transactions
• Use your contacts to send messages to recipients who accept them
• Submit queries to your bank

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KeyMacro can do more than just record macro patterns. It can also convert keyboard-macro-commands into almost any other input method, including brain-wave triggers or voice activation.
KeyMacro is a highly customizable utility for recording keyboard macros, and is designed to be completely independent of any computer operating system. Unlike similar applications, the development team has decided to limit KeyMacro to “input events” only, and have focused on improving the available input methods instead of adding new features.
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KeyMacro has the ability to react to its own keyboard input:
KeyMacro automatically assigns itself as the “main” application for keyboard input. This means that any commands entered by the user will be forwarded to KeyMacro, even when other programs are active.
KeyMacro is designed to be a fully functional, flexible, stable, and easy-to-use utility that can be used in any context. The main intention is to provide a comfortable interface to record and playback keyboard macros.
KeyMacro includes a single, simple application window. There are no windows, menus, drop-down lists, etc. It only has one big area which contains everything that the user is allowed to do.
Since KeyMacro is completely free, it is designed to be as flexible and as useful as possible. This is why KeyMacro includes a large set of features, such as:
KeyMacro can record a macro by automatically pressing all available keyboard input methods (including mouse events) during the specified time span.
KeyMacro allows users to create a single macro for the entire computer

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What’s New in the MoneyGuru?





Best app for managing your money on the go


By Jujubi

This app helps me keep track of all my money and makes sure I know when I need to pay bills and when I have more money available to spend.
It also has great features for filtering your expenses and comparing it to your income.
If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your money on the go, then you should definitely check this out!


Simple and easy to use, and it looks great


I wish it had a way to enter data manually.

V. Nice!


By Dunezi

This app was very nice and easy to use. I’d suggest that it have a little more information about expenses and whether you’ve paid for them or not.

Great Money Management app, with a few niggling issues


By xcase923

This app has a very simple and clean look. I can’t say how impressed I am with the concept. It’s very easy to use. I had a little trouble figuring out the cost per day when I installed it. It would display three options (30, 60, or 90) and then when you clicked it would say, “The cost per day is $_____________.” It was so small I almost missed it. After searching online to find out how to get it to display per day I figured it out and that was how I was able to find out that it’s $15 per day.
I had some difficulty in the beginning trying to figure out how to enter transactions, but it became much easier after some experimentation. It works best if you enter all of your transactions in the first two weeks of the month. It also recommends that you enter three transactions for each bank account. It doesn’t like to do it all at once. If you have a single transaction it will tell you it doesn’t know how to add that one yet. It should allow the user to enter the transaction manually, and not keep asking for more every time.
I also had difficulty setting up recurring bills, and it was a process. I have an electric company, a phone company, and a water company. I had to manually set each of those up separately. I would suggest that this would make it easier if there was a tab for recurring bills.
I would also like to be able to select what is displayed in the category headers. In the “Income” tab, it shows how much money you have coming in every day. It shows how much you spent every day, but it also shows how much was spent on rent, bills, and other living expenses. I would like to see just the

System Requirements For MoneyGuru:

Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Mac OS X 10.5 or later; 4 GB free disk space; broadband Internet connection; broadband router or firewall.
The hardware requirements listed are for the minimum hardware requirements. A compatible PC is preferred but not necessary.
PC Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 or later (32-bit or 64-bit);

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