Sebastian Bleisch Blumenbengel Extra Quality

Sebastian Bleisch Blumenbengel Extra Quality

Sebastian Bleisch Blumenbengel Extra Quality

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Sebastian Bleisch Blumenbengel

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Sebastian was born in Bremen and got his higher education in Hamburg. He began to work as a freelance writer, but soon realized that his true interest is in the cinema. He started to write movie reviews and became «fanzine editor» at the Cult Film Journal, an in-depth magazine about cult classics.
In 1994, he founded a site for cult, but also regular movies. He soon moved to Berlin and started to write and edit for a number of high-profile publications such as «Cult-Newspaper» and «Cult Watch». He also initiated and edited the regular «Cult-Fan-Club», a page for all fans of the «cult».
He wrote his first novel «Die drei Leben des Jens Sörensen» in 1995. He became its editor, and since then he has had many successes.
His big success was the German version of James Ellroy’s «Cops» (1997). He wrote 4 episodes, called «Berliner Lieblingsbekannte» or «Die drei Reichen».
He also wrote «Der Seelenrufer» (1998), a novel which is being made into a movie by the same name. Unfortunately, the film will not be very good.
He co-founded the online magazine «» in 1999 which focuses on cult movies and literature from around the world. The site is constantly updated with new videos, articles and interviews. It is quite successful, but the focus on movies is getting ever stronger.
He has been a member of the E.V. Advisory Board of the International Youth Academy in Munich since 1999 and also serves as Cultural Counsellor for Museum Ernsting in Hamburg.
From 2002 to 2007 he was a member of the supervisory board of the German association of cinema workers in Berlin.
He is often invited at festivals, conventions and film schools across the world.
In 2002 he created the German «International Detective Society», a group of detectives with a common interest in detective movies. They regularly attend conferences and conventions. He wrote a book about the group with the title «Der zarte Schatten» (The thin shadow).
He has also many other activities. He makes appearances on radio and TV, and did a couple of interviews. In 2004 he created a «Sebastian Bleisch Award» to promote cult movies. This award is divided into 2 categories