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But this concept of collecting representative fractions of the original material is, it is clear that the amount of material lost has an effect on the quality of the measurement. In cases where no reduction of the original material is needed, a technique was developed which uses directThese staff have worked incredibly hard in an incredible time frame but, with that come the risks of not being released early enough, both to players and clubs.

It’s the club’s decision on the timing of the release of the coaches, we will only announce when it is the time to do so.

Today we have released the following staff:

Renato Novellino — Asst Coach

Juan Pablo Bruni — Asst Coach

Cheng Lei — Asst Coach

José Villegas — Asst Coach

Gabriel Cortez — Asst Coach

Michael Hoop — Asst Coach

Paul Parker — Fitness Coach

Sean Slatton — Nutritionist/Technician

Paul Whittington — Strength and Conditioning Coach

Renato Novellino

It’s been the best decision for the club, my family and I. I want to thank the club for giving me this opportunity and my wife Michelle who’s helped me make this important decision.

I want to thank the players I have worked with. From the day I took over the role at SISU I have had an amazing squad who have been the best group of players to work with in my coaching career. It’s been a pleasure to lead them week in week out and I wish them the best of luck for the rest of their careers.

The next chapter is now ahead of me and I’m excited to discover a new club and a new challenge!

Juan Pablo Bruni

It is with great sadness that I have informed the members and fans of San Jose Earthquakes that I will not be returning to the club as an assistant coach.

This decision came after a difficult few days. The events that have been unfolding at the club in recent days have been very difficult to deal with personally for me, but I took the decision to be by my wife’s side and support her in this time.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at San Jose Earthquakes. I have had the opportunity to work with such fantastic players and staff and feel I have taken a lot away from this club. I want to thank everyone at San Jose Earthqu

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