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In 1989, AutoCAD was ported to the Macintosh with the release of AutoCAD LT, and in 2000 it was ported to Windows PCs with the release of AutoCAD 2000. In 2002, the software became available for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

AutoCAD is available in both a stand-alone model and as part of a suite of programs called AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD WS. It is also part of the ArchiCAD Professional package, which contains AutoCAD along with other CAD software programs such as AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD Mechanical.

Although AutoCAD is primarily used for architectural design, it is also used in other fields, including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, construction, urban planning, landscaping, and interior design.

In 2010, 2,600,000 new licenses were sold. As of 2013, the most popular license is a perpetual license that is used for continuous in-house project use. The perpetual license costs $3,200 USD. The most popular features used in the software are DWG and DXF files, and the ability to draw and edit paths.

Software architecture

AutoCAD as a CAD software application

AutoCAD is designed as a “mostly graphical” CAD application. The majority of the user interface is via the mouse and menus, with the drawing being drawn using a mouse or stylus. Ancillary tasks such as window management and Undo are also available via the mouse. A keyboard is used primarily for editing, with some functions available via the keyboard also being accessible via a mouse. However, in 2011, Autodesk introduced a new program called AutoCAD LT, that allowed the creation of drawings and drawings with unlimited dimensions using the keyboard.

The GUI displays two windows. The upper window shows various menus, while the lower window displays a 3D view of the drawing. The lower window can be moved from left to right or right to left as the designer moves the viewport or window around the drawing. While the drawing is being edited, it can be viewed from top, front, left, right, or bottom. While the drawing is being viewed, it can be rotated or moved as the designer desires.

The user interface can also be customized by changing the user interface settings and by using the toolbar and ribbon. An “add-on” called QuickCAD, developed by Adroit Software, can be used to customize the

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User-created add-ons to provide additional functionality.

Developer tools
Autodesk ReCap tool is a web-based recording tool for building video presentations. Autodesk MapGuide is a suite of software and services for GIS (Geographic Information Systems) developers. Autodesk MapBuilder is a library of ready-to-use map building tools. Autodesk MapIO is a server component of Autodesk MapBuilder and can be used to display and publish data to online services. Autodesk MapSelect is an online mapping service. Autodesk LiveCycle Media Services is a media server, which can serve dynamic web content and can be used as a building block for a variety of applications.

Autodesk can deliver many other kinds of content and services, through AutoCAD. For example, Autodesk MapBuilder lets users create city maps, in the style of the World Gazetteer and Autocad MapBuilder. Autodesk AutoModeler is a tool for converting 2D drawings into 3D models. In June 2007, Autodesk released a 3D web browser called Web 3D Builder, in partnership with Cisco Systems. The tool is available for PC and Mac.

By the end of 2007, Autodesk had more than 100 million registered users, making it the world’s largest software company.

User groups
An Autodesk user group is a group of people using Autodesk products and/or sharing information. Autodesk groups are most commonly used to share information, ideas, tips and tricks, and sometimes get together for local team meetings and collaborative work.

By January 2018, Autodesk had more than 5 million registered members on its group’s website.

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What’s New in the?

Markup Import and Markup Assist automatically moves an object from one drawing to another. Import new objects from other drawings, access drawings on another site, or paste existing CAD objects into your document. Incorporate edits, animations, and other changes directly into your drawings. (video: 1:30 min.)

Use AutoCAD Markup Assist to:

Automatically capture, import, and incorporate feedback into your drawings. Quickly incorporate changes made to the drawing with a simple click.

Automatically move or copy an existing object or object properties from one drawing to another.

Automatically control objects and other items in a design by configuring profiles, groups, constraints, and editing rules.

Import or update CAD model objects and materials directly from other CAD or parametric model formats.

Add custom formatting to text objects.

Create and customize parametric surfaces, arcs, and ellipses.

Create and manipulate profiles and constraints.

View detailed drawing information such as drawing number, notes, and block properties.

Incorporate feedback from printed paper or PDFs and add changes to your drawings automatically.

Edit, view, and share annotations directly from AutoCAD.

Automatically perform common design tasks.

Extend your drawings to include other formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

Use WinDIA to view and edit 3D object information.

Communicate with other designers using the new Smart-CAD document exchange format.

Add and manage site-specific drawing properties and workflows for faster viewing and editing of specific drawings.

Work with third-party applications using the new AutoCAD API.

Project Creation and File Sharing:

Easily share and collaborate with others by sending and viewing project files. Project files are a collection of drawings and project objects that users share and collaborate on, whether they are sharing a project for CAD or WebCAD. (video: 1:31 min.)

Save, view, and edit project files in a single unified project view.

Use drag-and-drop or pinboard to quickly move items between folders, or create custom folders.

Use single, mutable views or in-place multi-view updates to group, sort, filter, or focus on a specific set of drawings.

Use the

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 8 or higher (8.1 or 10 recommended)
Processor: 1GHz dual-core
RAM: 512MB
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Disk Space: 2GB
HDD space: 1GB
Processor: 2GHz dual-core

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