Ls Land Anya Forbidden Fruit 📢

Ls Land Anya Forbidden Fruit 📢

Ls Land Anya Forbidden Fruit 📢


Ls Land Anya Forbidden Fruit

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-Robert Forrest

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. -Albert Einstein

In 2007, I took a trip to the 2011 Sakai Spiritual Festival in Japan. During my travels there, I created some postcards with photos taken during the festival. I placed a copy of each one in a box and returned them to the festival in a box one by one. Over the next few months, I randomly picked one out of the box and read one postcard from the box. Each month, I read one more postcard from the box.

Time goes by. Soon enough, the next month is coming, and I pick up a postcard. Only then do I read through all the postcards and find out what it is all about. Yet, the reality is, I never really found out what that point was. Instead, I learned to use these postcards as a way of summing up the past months, and draw some conclusions about my life.

Conclusion One

In May, I was given a very important assignment: to attend a school I hadn’t considered. It was a school with about a million students and only one teacher, a rather elderly woman.

I sent her a letter explaining my situation, that I had no money, a tiny apartment and a newborn baby. I also told her that I had no friends in Osaka, just colleagues and my family. If she found me a job, I would take it, but I asked her to make sure that I was physically and mentally fit for the position.

She understood my situation and said that she would do all she could to find me something, but that she didn’t know if I would be able to start immediately. She did, however, say that I could get a job in the kitchen. As I learnt later, she had seen my CV in the HR Department, where she was employed at the time.

The course worked out, so I started working there as a food-preparation worker. I worked there for a month, and then transferred

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