MyEasySync Free For PC 📂

MyEasySync Free For PC 📂

myEasySync is a small software used to line up two folders.
At the startup, users must select if they want to backup, synchronize or restore two folders chosen by themselves.
The settings will be saved in a shortcut on your desktop, so you can easily perform certain backup tasks. WARNING: myEasySync has a function that deletes all files that exist in the target folder but not in the source folder.
These files are not moved to the trashcan and cannot easily be restored. Please read the manual, make sure you understand all functions, and consider trying the program on some unimportant files before you use it to backup your data







MyEasySync Crack + X64 2022

useful tool to synchronize folders (if you’ve got the knowledge for doing so)

“The first step to get rid of any problem is to know what the problem is.”
As I recently faced a problem with my newly installed XP, and I couldn’t find any possible software to resolve my problem, I decided to use the myEasySync tool that can perform the following functions:

Establish the connection
(Clipboard is supported as a “source” folder)

Set the target folder

The target folder can be a folder on my computer, FTP Server, a network share, and the clipboard.

If you have an FTP Server on your computer or networked environment, you may want to backup your computer’s content to an FTP server or a file server.
myEasySync can do this for you, even when you can’t access the server directly.
As I can’t access my C:\Music folder from my mobile computer or when I’m on another network at the moment, I decided to backup this folder to my networked office folder.

Here’s how myEasySync did it:

Select “This computer” as a “source” folder

Select my networked office folder as a “target” folder.

Also, select if the copy is performed as “current” mode or “backup” mode.

The myEasySync copies the files from the source folder to the target folder. Once the process is finished, a shortcut will be created on your desktop.

WARNING: myEasySync has a function that deletes all files that exist in the target folder but not in the source folder.
These files are not moved to the trashcan and cannot easily be restored. Please read the manual, make sure you understand all functions, and consider trying the program on some unimportant files before you use it to backup your data

In addition to synchronizing files, myEasySync can also backup your entire computer to the target folder.

In “backup” mode, it will search for all items on your computer (mainly found files and folders).
Once it finds all the items, it will copy them to your target folder.
At the startup, you can select if your entire computer should be copied or only some of its contents.

There’s a “test copy” button on the window that allows you to test all the items that have been copied.
It is expected that the size

MyEasySync Crack [Win/Mac]

myEasySync, a software designed to assist in synchronizing files and folders, is an easy alternative to other synchronization software such as Cohesync, MediaPortal, Duplicati and Windows Synchronization.
myEasySync line up two folders, and it is free!
Support Features:
A shortcut icon is placed on the desktop by default, so you can do sync with the target folder without opening the program.
It’s a safe file backup/restore tool, with a backup/restore copy function and a backup function that adds items in a folder to a chosen backup folder.
The program will reorder the items in the source folder according to the target folder, after comparing the filenames.
The software will align the folders, so it will be much easier to restore files and folders lost by a hard drive crash, or to download items that have been moved from one account to another account.
In addition to the above features, myEasySync also includes the following features:
– Drag/Drop operations: You can drag and drop the files and folders into the program window and rearrange them as you want.
– Undo operations: You can undo the operations you do to the files and folders.
– Move and copy operations: You can move and copy the files and folders from one folder to the other with different folders.
– Built-in scheduler: automatically synchronize your folders with the target folder.
– New folder management: create any number of new folders, and organize their files and folders.
– Compatible with many applications: The program can be executed after the installation.
– So easy to use that even your kids can do it.

What is new in this release:

– three new languages: English, Français and Italiano
– ability to change the display language (also in Install mode)
– extract/move ZIP archive
– compatibility with the new 4.x structure
– new shortcut icon on the desktop
– added option to skip files in the recipient folder
– lock taskbar when restore is in progress
– added GUI in the installer GUI

What is new in version 8.0.0-a:

– added support for custom folder selection and renaming
– added the possibility to execute the program during the backup
– added the possibility to undo changes in the initial source folder
– added support for a friendly icon on the desktop
– added


myEasySync can be used for backing up files, folders or partitions; synchronizing folders, different partitions, or folders; and restoring files to any folder.
It has several options for the user and lets him choose:
– either synchronize or backup files and folders
– select the target folders and the source folders
– set the backup and synchronize rules
– set the restore mode.
It has also a cache option to record the user’s last folders list.
Key features:
– read and backup full, empty or protected partitions
– create the shortcut to the backup or restore/synchronize folder
– select the files to backup
– enable or disable the cache
– select the different options for the backup/restore process
– select the language for menu and message
– backup, synchronize, restore in debug mode
– path to the database or the file
– password protection for the database
– protection for the database/file with the strong password
– protection for the file with the strong password
– possible changes of the starting point and the number of files
– possible changes of the search pattern
myEasySync Comments and Feedback
myEasySync is a freeware application that you may redistribute freely. You may modify it to add features or fix bugs.
I would appreciate to know if you use myEasySync and if you like it.
myEasySync Setup Wizard 1-2-3
To install myEasySync from an archive, follow these steps:
1. Run MyEasySyncSetup.exe (Unpack and run the setup for MyEasySync)
2. Run myEasySyncSetup.exe /Repair (Run the myEasySync Setup Wizard)
3. Run myEasySyncSetup.exe /Upgrade (Run the myEasySync Setup Wizard)
To install the Offline version of MyEasySync, follow these steps:
1. Run MyEasySync.exe (Run myEasySync as an installable shortcut)
2. MyEasySyncMenu.ico and MyEasySync.exe (Run MyEasySync)
Notes for version 1.1:

* Updated for Win9x

* Fixed ZIP search index bug

* Fixed bugs

* Updated Russian translation

* Moved russian strings to resource.dll (Pre-compiled binary)

* Moved Russian translation to resx.dll (Pre-compiled binary)

* Moved

What’s New In?

myEasySync is small and useful software to synchronize two folders.
It allows you to sync in any folder at any time, and you can add several options to customize your backup/synchronization process.
As these are saved at the startup, you can easily perform certain tasks such as recovery. It also includes an option to install a desktop shortcut.
You can specify how to backup/restore/synchronize the folders, display an icon on the desktop and manage the version of the software.

This is an advanced app to control specific apps from a remote system. It supports any program, except games.
To utilize the app, you must know the application’s IP address.
The app contains several optional functions to protect from unauthorized access to your data and to add additional security to your machines.
To use the app, simple use the remote_app_control applet from the Notification Area.
Open the app, and the app list will appear.
Select one of the application, then press the app list’s button.
When all applications are listed, press CTRL+A to add applications.
To stop the apps, or to start them, press the app list’s button.
To stop or start an application, select the desired option from the menu.
To move the cursor, press CTRL+L.
To clear the table, press CTRL+R.
To add a new remote system, open the remote_app_control applet from the Notification Area, and press the “+” button.
You can then add a new remote system.
To add a program to the list, type in the name of the program, and press OK.
Then press the OK button.

MyBackup is a software that allows you to backup your data to the network.
The files can be backed up from a single computer, but this is not the purpose of MyBackup.
MyBackup takes care of all the copying of the data to the network, and you only need to see it appear in the network.
Do not forget to backup the data from each computer.
MyBackup Description:
MyBackup is a software that allows you to back up your data to the network.
It takes care of the copying of the data and you only need to see it appear on the network.
This is not really intended as a backup software.

This is an advanced alternative to Remote Desktop.

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 7
CPU: Dual core
HDD: 100MB
DirectX: 9.0c
Video: Intel HD Graphics or equivalent
Networking: Broadband internet connection
Updated Build: New build has been released! This is the first version of the mod that is updated on the official website, so I’ve included it as a warning for those who want to download the most recent version.
Version: 0.

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