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Geoblock is an open source software developed by the Bulgarian Company Geopolls Telemetry Systems (GTS). It was initially released under the GNU Public License 2.0 on September 15, 2010. It is a client-server solution. One server serves clients and the other one is in charge of collecting data from clients, formatting and distributing them. Both kinds of server use MySQL or PostgreSQL as data bases.
The server library has specific functions for the Android platform. The library was developed using Java (1.6.0) and Android technology (1.5).
Geoblock is optimized to use both smartphones and tablets, with support for resolutions of up to 1024×768. The application also has no limits and works on all Android versions starting from 2.1 “Eclair”.The frontend server is written in pure Java programming language, uses JDBC and objects/beans to communicate with the database.
Mobile users can use a list of supported drills, as well as a drill editor with customization options. Geoblock Web also contains a drill editor, allowing users to personalize the drill holes created in mobile app.
With the use of the drill editor, users can:
* Enter drill hole geometries,
* Insert, rename, delete and move drill holes;
* Generate a lot of drilling data-sets;
* Generate a drill catalog with drill holes and drill sample traces;
* Generate drilling intervals;
* Merge drilling intervals from drills made from different surfaces and types,
* Find drill holes on maps;
* Find drilling patterns;
* Generate internal and external tables.
Elements Users can Add:
* Drill holes,
* Drill set,
* Drill intervals,
* Drill sets and intervals,
* Drill catalogs.
Elements Users can Modify:
* Drill holes and drill sets,
* Drill intervals,
* Drill catalogs.
Elements Users can Remove:
* Drill holes.
Basic Features:
* Rapid development and support in any programming language;
* Android, iPhone and Web support;
* Many geometrical constructs,
* Algorithms of geo-processing;
* Data types
Main Website:
Facebook page:
Twitter page:
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Geoblock is an integrated software for 2D/3D modeling, data analysis and visualization of spatial datasets. The program can be used in Earth sciences particularly in such fields as survey, geology and mining modeling, ore reserve estimations and prediction of mineral liberation under grinding and mineral processing operations.
Data types: points, polygons, tracts and grids.
Data Representation:
By rendering point objects on topographic surfaces (e.g. USGS Map), You can model heterogeneous surface of nature without gridded data.
The Point can be transformed, resized, replaced and deleted. You can select several points and perform operations with them in a single dialog window. These dialogs are similar to another features, but they have specially customizable elements like color scales, coordinate offset, size, shape and special markers.
Polygons object represent objects and areas in the world defined by edges. In this model, polygons are effectively large patches of uniform value surrounded by air on all sides. You can specify the color for each polygon, and the color of each polygon can be different. Polygons may represent: Mountain, valley, depressions, hills, plateaus, beaches, lakes, rivers, ditches, boundaries, forests, swamps, bogs, landfills, gravel pits, obstacles, mining areas, orebodies, ore types, and lots of other things.
TIN (Triangulated Irregular Network)
Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) is a triangulated surface from which the altitude of each point can be computed.
One of the major features of this surface is its ability to represent real terrain using an irregular network of triangles. Therefore, it allows accurate representation of topographic and relief features with little or no distortions of terrain even in the presence of small geographic or sample size errors. The TIN surface uses the least number of triangles required to represent any given terrain surface in its entirety. TIN surfaces can be converted to or from other surfaces like raster, meshes and grids.
Drillhole and Tracts
You can work on your points as part of a tract (regions that have all the points in them). You can select points and sort them. You can remove points and plot a direction grid on a selected tract.
You can also work with a group of points as a tract.
Drillhole data can be directly used as points in the graph. The points are colored

Geoblock 2021.2.7529 Activator (April-2022)

In version 2, Geoblock has already had in-depth upgrades. This includes the following:
Complete geometry interaction is supported on 3D models. The graphics of the elements of mesh are now adjustable. The parameters of the elements are now parametric.
3D rendering (displaying models) is now more interactive. 3D models are now adjustable
The 2D/3D modeling of the topology data is now improved. The contents of all the topologies are now adjustable.
The transformation of the meshes between the topology and geographic coordinate systems is now implemented.
Simplification of functions in the creation and processing of meshes.
Topology simplification (nesting) now generates the same topology as the input, and the coordinates can be modeled with it.
Multiresolution grid generation for the creation of meshes.
Import and export of different projections.
Import of DEM formats
Geoblock manual and examples.
GNU General Public License.
More information:

Eucalyptus Community Edition Version 3.1.5 is intended for use with Amazon
EC2. To use this version of the Eucalyptus Community Edition, you will need a
virtual machine or container-based instance in the AWS cloud.
Eucalyptus Community Edition supports Amazon EBS-backed storage volumes. To
attach an EBS-backed storage volume to a running Eucalyptus Amazon EC2
instances, use the provisioning API, the launch_ebs_volume script, or launch a
new instance using the script. Note that for Amazon Linux AMIs, a
different API or launch scripts must be used to attach EBS volumes. See the
Launch EBS Volume page on the Eucalyptus GitHub
If you just want to use a running volume as a persistent data store, use the
launch scripts. The launch scripts provide a generic interface to Amazon EC2
volumes that includes raw files and NFS volumes. The scripts prompt you for
the following details:
You can specify a non-volatile storage device, partition, or mount point on an
EC2 instance for the EBS volume to use as its root.
You can specify a user name and password for the volume.
Amazon EC2 instance roles can be launched with the script

What’s New in the?

Geoblock is a universal geoscientific modeling and data visualization software. It is mainly intended for the following fields:
1. Survey and Topology
2. Geological Evolution and Mining
3. Mining Computer Modeling and Operating Processes
Geoblock uses data manipulations along the three principal axes and processes topology data, allowing users to perform multi-dimensional operations and find solutions. This software is so flexible that users of any level of experience and knowledge can use it with minimal training.
Geoblock Functions:
1. 2D and 3D Grids and Meshes creation
2. 2D/3D Drill-hole data creation
3. Data transformation
4. Data exploratory analysis
5. Analysis of statistical data
6. Drillhole data visualization
7. Grading intervals analysis
8. Drillhole mining statistical data analysis
9. Mining Operations Analysis
10. Open Pit Computation
11. Drilling Deposition Curve
12. Pit and Shaft Design
13. Open pit elevation design
14. End-zone Design and Construction
15. Cooling system design and construction
16. Mine Design
17. Field and Laboratory Design
18. Geometric modeling of static and dynamic processes
19. Visualization of individual and aggregated drilling trajectories
20. Import of polygonal data and visualization of these models
21. Import of relational database data and visualization of these models
22. Analysis of data
23. Import of CAD and DXF data and visualization of these models
24. Analysis of data
25. 3D and 2D TIN model visualization
26. 3D and 2D DEM and SUR model visualization
27. 3D and 2D MB data visualization
28. 3D and 2D LPS data visualization
29. Importation of point, line, plane and sphere surfaces
30. Gridding
31. Exploration of UML model
32. Construction of grids
33. 3D visualization of grids
34. Gridding of databases
35. Solving of linear and polynomial equations
36. Surface fitting
37. Globalization
38. 3D model normalization
39. Surface calculation of a spherical model
40. Surface computation of a Cylindrical model
41. Surface computation of a General model
42. Importation of spherical, triangular and rectangular meshes
43. 3D visualization of meshes
44. Meshes analysis
45. Drilling trajectory analysis

System Requirements For Geoblock:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 4GB RAM
Storage: 2GB available space
DirectX: Version 9.0
Additional Notes:
It is recommended that you use a headset to experience the game.
Note: The user interface for the game is designed for use with a mouse and keyboard.
What is the Free Version?
The free version of the game does not include any content, including features, video, and additional

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