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Slrr 2.4.0 Full Version Download |LINK| 🏴

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Slrr 2.4.0 Full Version Download

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What should I do to be able to download?


You are using Cloudflare. If I look at your access.log in the CF logs for Cloudflare, I see a single event in 2017:
ACL 2 2017/07/17 23:30:51 [error] 17407#0: *111 open() «/etc/resolv.conf» failed (22: Permission denied), client:, server:, request: «GET /download/Street%20Legal%20Racing%20Redline%20v2.4.0%20pcap%20file/ http/1.1»

I’m guessing you have somehow resolv.conf (and/or other files in the /download directory) changed permissions and that CF isn’t sharing this file in the Cloudflare VM, so you can’t download that file.
Now, you can wait for CF to restart the VM with the log and ask CF about this. Or you can ask you CDN to change the perms on this file in the Cloudflare-managed subdomain.

From the log you pasted it is clear that the offending file is /etc/resolv.conf. So CF will need to know the file permissions to fix this. Again, I’m guessing that a CDN can restart the VM with the log. If you can’t find a way to do that, then you can send an email to and ask them to do it.

Stéphane Payen

Stéphane Payen (born 6 May 1969) is a French politician representing La République En Marche! He was elected to the French National Assembly on 18 June 2017, representing the department of Somme.

See also
2017 French legislative election


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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘(‘, expecting ‘)’ in F:\xampp\htdocs\s\class\student.php

I’m trying to make a class in PHP that has an overview of all student data. But the error I get is

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘(‘, expecting ‘)’ in F:\xampp\htdocs\s\class\student.php on line 4

This is the code I have to get the error.
class Student{



function getID(){

function getName(){

function getHomeAddress(){

function getTelephoneNum(){

function getEmail(){

function getAddress(){

function getRegisterationDate(){

function getClassMark(){



You don’t need to assign variables like $this->Id;
function getId(){


What type of joint is this?

I think this is an elbow joint, but my brother says it’s something else. He says it’s a ball and socket but it doesn’t look like that. What is this?


What you are looking at is a knee cap joint (something usually called a meniscus joint) with an area where there are two small depressions that would be the ‘ball’ part of a ball and socket. If your brother